Most people use their EBT cards to redeem their food stamp benefits at authorized retail stores.Nearly 39 million people are receiving food stamps, mainly through EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer). 7-eleven is the most popular grocery store that also provides the EBT facility. EBT is almost similar to a regular debit card. So, like other debit cards, EBT is accepted in the retail stores where debit cards are accepted. In the United States, all of the 9500 7-eleven stores accept EBT as a payment method. You can purchase more than 100 products by using an EBT card at those 711 stores. In this article, we are going to discuss whether 711 accept EBT or not. You will find a detailed answer here. 

Does 711 accept EBT?

Sometimes you will get frustrated trying to find out whether 711 stores accept EBT or not. Don’t worry! 7-Eleven will help you because it accepts EBT cards. Though 7-eleven is available in every state, especially in every area, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a local 7-Eleven near you that accepts EBT. For decades, 7-Eleven has been a popular convenience store chain. There are around 10,000 locations in the United States alone. There is no doubt that EBT cardholders can purchase a vast number of products from 7-Eleven. Just select the eligible items you want to purchase and checkout from the available cash terminal. 

How do I use my EBT card at 711?

If you are a regular user of debit cards at stores, then you will find it easy to use an EBT card as well. After selecting your products from your SNAP program benefits, you will just need to swipe your EBT card through the machine at the cash register terminal of that shop. Always remember the 4-digit PIN as you will need to enter the number whenever swiping the card. 

Please take note that you cannot purchase products through the EBT card that are not permitted through the benefits program. Your EBT card has a specific list of products that you can buy with a subsidy. If you need that product that is not eligible to be bought through EBT, then you have to pay alternatively on your own. So, keep in mind two things before going to purchase food in-store. One is to make sure that your card has the required balance, and another is to know the list of the eligible items you want to buy. 

Another issue that might make you confused is that you will see that gas stations accept EBT cards. That doesn’t mean you can buy gas for your car with an EBT card. Instead, you can buy food and drink items from the store at the gas stations. So, don’t get confused with it, as SNAP doesn’t provide a subsidy for the gas filling.

What can I buy at 711 with EBT?

You cannot buy anything with your EBT card. You must know that the EBT card allows you to buy food items that are food stamp eligible only. Since the card is issued for SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), you can only buy eligible products mentioned by the program. Here is a list of the food products and drink items that you can buy using your EBT card:

  • Snacks, crackers, and chips such as potato chips, crackers, pretzels, etc.
  • Seeds, nuts, and plants such as cashews, peanut butter, etc.)
  • Frozen food items such as frozen meals 
  • Soft drinks and coffee, such as Dr. Pepper, Arizona Tea, Juice, etc.
  • Poultry and meat products 
  • Desert items such as ice cream, brownies, and cookies 
  • Candy 
  • Pizza with all available varieties, including uncooked pizza 
  • Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. 
  • Fruits and vegetables:
  • Bread, eggs, cereal, granola bars

EBT doesn’t allow you to purchase food supplements, liquor, tobacco, animals, vitamins, or cosmetics. And remember that the eligible product list varies depending on the state that gave you the EBT card for the SNAP benefit.

Note: There are certain areas where EBT is accepted at restaurants for people who are disabled or elderly. To know details, visit 

How to find 711 store near me?

As I mentioned earlier, all the 7-Eleven stores accept EBT cards. So, you can easily find one of the 7-Eleven stores near you. 711 has stores in all 50 states and finding one of them should not be too tough. Just visit to find local 7-Eleven stores near you. By entering the ZIP code or city and street address, you will see the list and locations of the nearby 7-Eleven stores. The locator has a customizing option where you can search by category. You can also search by entering a radius, and the locator should show you all the stores within that radius.

711 stores stay open from 7 AM to 11 PM and for all 7 days in a week. And if you go out of the country, then there is also good news for you. Luckily, many countries in North America and Asia have thousands of 711 stores. Combinedly, the number of the 711 stores touches around 70,000. 

If there is no 7-Eleven store available near you, then go to another store that accepts EBT. Many popular stores accept EBT cards. For example, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Costco, Target, Kroger and Subway accept EBT. Find any of them that are near you and purchase them with your EBT card. They will accept EBT cards to pay for your purchases. 

Benefits of using the EBT card at 711 stores

Although many retailers accept EBT cards, you will receive certain benefits when you use your EBT card at 711. Some of the benefits are below:

  • Usually, 7-Eleven stores are convenient and available in all 50 states. These stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (365 days per year). 
  • You can find a 7-Eleven store close to you thanks to its more than 10,000 stores across the country.
  • Along with food stamp eligible products, they have other product lines such as pharmaceuticals, gasoline, beverages, and many more. 
  • Either for individual stamps, rolls or coils, forever stamps, or first-class stamps, you can purchase them at 7-Eleven stores.
  • Usually, 7-Eleven sells stamps at the same price as USPS. 
  • Buying stamps at 7-Eleven stores are more convenient. 
  • 7-Eleven is a one-stop location.