If you are a federal benefits recipient through a Direct Express card and want to transfer that amount to a NetSpend card, then I have a piece of bad news for you. You cannot transfer money directly from your direct express card to a NetSpend card. The direct-express card doesn’t have the technological functionalities to facilitate the transfer process to another card. But don’t worry yet. There are other ways to transfer money from a Direct Express card to a NetSpend card. 

You will need your US bank account to perform this transfer process. It might be a time-consuming step, but you don’t have another way to transfer the funds. Hence, you will have to transfer the money from the Direct Express card to your bank account. You can call the customer service agent to proceed with the transfer process. Or you can do it on your own by logging in to the website with your bank account number and routing number. Then transfer the amount to your NetSpend card from the bank account. In that case, you will have to link your bank account to your NetSpend card account. There are also other options to transfer your funds. One is the ATM withdrawal through your Direct Express debit card, another is the money order. Both ways should be convenient for you as you will find an ATM anywhere you live. I am going to explain everything about the Direct Express money transfer to a Netspend card  further. 

An alternative way to transfer money from my direct express card to a NetSpend card

I have already informed you that you are not able to transfer money directly from your Direct Express card to your NetSpend card. You have to follow the alternative ways to transfer. Here are the ways I am going to explain them to you.

Transfer money from Direct Express card to the bank account

Transferring money from the Direct Express card to a bank account is convenient. You may choose two ways of transferring money from the Direct Express Card to the bank account. Choose any of them to transfer money. 

  • By calling customer service : Call the customer support center at 888-741-1115 to proceed with the transfer. Usually, you will get this number on the back of your card. Any representative will try to solve the issue of transferring money from a Direct Express card to a bank account. 
  • Website of Direct Express : You can also take advantage of the website of Direct Express to transfer money from Direct Express. You must input your account number and the bank’s routing number. 

Transfer money from your bank account to the NetSpend card

Most banks allow external transfers to other accounts or prepaid cards. So, you can transfer money from any US bank to your NetSpend card. You will have to link your bank account to your NetSpend card to transfer the money that you just transferred from your Direct Express card. The process is called “bank transfer.” You can proceed with the linking process by logging in to your NetSpend card. Let me show you the steps briefly:

  • Step 1 : First and foremost, you will need to collect the account and routing number of your NetSpend card for the account linking process. You can get the account and routing number from your NetSpend account. 
  • Step 2: Now you will add the NetSpend card to the bank account that you are going to use as a medium in the fund transfer process. Just login to your account at the bank and you will find the option that refers to setting up an external account.  
  • Step 3: Once your linking process is done, then you can start the transfer process. But before that, your bank will verify your NetSpend account. In this process, your bank will send two small deposits to your NetSpend account and will ensure the deposit is ok and the NetSpend card is set up properly. 
  • Step 4: If the setup process is done properly, then you are ready to transfer your money from your bank account to your NetSpend card. Then log in to your bank account on the website and follow the instructions on the transfer process. Select the amount and enter the NetSpend card information that you want to transfer the money.

Transfers other than bank transfer

If you are looking to transfer money to your Netspend card from Direct Express card, then you have two main options. Either you contact any representative or via the website. But if you want to transfer somewhere other than the bank, then you may apply in two ways. 

  • Through the ATM : Go to your nearest ATM and withdraw the amount from Direct Express Card. Then go to the bank and deposit it associate bank account of your Netspend Card . You may deposit whenever you need. 
  • Through the Money Order : You can transfer money through a money order. Purchasing products from convenience stores and post offices can be a good option other than bank transfers so that you can easily deposit money into the other account. 

Fee for a Direct Express card

There are many services that Direct Express offers for free, but still, the optional services require fees. The fee varies according to the transaction type. Such as, Direct Express doesn’t charge any fee during the sign-up for the debit card as the application process is free. On the other hand, there are some fees for regular users of the card. However, I am hereby mentioning both the services you will get for free and with fees.  

First, let me name some of the free services associated with the Direct Express debit card. 

Direct Express card services without any cost

  • Purchase within the country
  • Cash-back with purchase
  • Automatic low balance notification
  • Automatic deposit notification
  • Web account access
  • ATM cash withdrawal in the US including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • ATM balance inquiry
  • ATM Denial
  • Customer service calls
  • Cash from Bank Tellers 
  • One card replacement per year.
  • Mobile application (for Apple and Android devices).  

Direct Express card services at an individual cost

  • ATM cash withdrawals in the US including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands—$.85 for every withdrawal (after using each free transaction).
  • Direct Express Cash Express-$.85 for each transaction
  • A monthly paper statement is mailed to the user– $.75 for each month
  • Fund transfer to a personal US bank account: $1.50 for each transfer
  • Card replacement-$4.00 after a free service each year
  • Expeditated delivery of replacement cards is $13.50 for every delivery 
  • ATM cash withdrawal outside of the US-$3.00 with 3% of the cash withdrawn
  • Buying at merchant locations outside of the US-3% of the amount

How do I avoid transaction fees while using my Direct Express® card? (How do I find a surcharge-free ATM?)

If you can use your Direct Express card wisely, then you have a chance to avoid transaction fees while using your Direct Express card. Here are some tricks that you can follow to avoid any transaction fees. 

  • By using ATMs that are surcharge-free networks, you will get one free withdrawal. In this way, you can easily reduce the number of fees. Surcharge-free ATMs are available everywhere, and you can locate them easily.
  • You may use your Direct Express card to purchase products at stores and retail locations. So that you can save the amount of money you withdraw from the ATM. 
  • There is a cashback offer available at many stores, especially in groceries. Use your PIN and get a cashback offer without any hassle.
  • There are so many banks or credit unions that have Mastercard acceptance marks where you can get cash from a teller. 
  • You may buy money orders at the post office in the USA through your Direct Express card to save on your transaction fees. 

Can I add a Direct Express card to the Cash App?

Yes, you can add your Direct Express card to the Cash app. Then you can transfer these funds if you want. Usually, cash accepts all types of major cards, including Visa and Mastercard. 

  1. First, open the Cash app on your phone. Then, log in to the Cash app.
  2. At the top of the page, you will find the My Cash option
  3. Then select Cash and Bitcoins from the menu, and a new page will open.
  4. Tap on ADD Bank in the section.
  5. Input the details of your Direct Express card details.
  6. Confirm that you have linked the Direct Express card with the Cash App.

Can I transfer money from a Direct Express card to Venmo?

First, you have to link the Direct Express prepaid card to Venmo, and then your money can be transferred easily. Usually, Venmo accepts all sorts of cards, either Visa cards and Master cards or credit cards. To transfer your money from the Direct Express card to Venmo follow the instructions below:

First, add your Direct Express account to your Venmo app. Then, follow the transfer instructions properly. 

  1. First, open the Venmo app, and tap on the Menu indicator (small straight lines). Here you will find the setting option and click on the payment methods from the drop-down. 
  2. Then you will find the target option after tapping on the payment methods. Tap Add a Bank or Card option and add your Direct deposit account as a payment destination.  
  3. then select the Card option. Here you will have to enter the required information about your direct Express Card details.
  4. After that, the Venmo app will ask you for a verification process according to Venmo’s verification method. 

Answers of few common question

Can recipients who have a Direct Express® card switch to a traditional checking or savings account and receive their payment by direct deposit?

If you want to switch to any savings account to receive your payment through direct deposit, then close your Direct Express card. To close your card, just call the customer service department (you will find the number on the back of the card). To avoid any delays in receiving the next benefit payment, you should enroll in direct deposit. To sign up for a direct deposit, contact any federal benefit agency or call 800-333-1795. 

Can I sign up for the Direct Express® card even if I have a bank account?

The Direct Express card is basically a card for those who receive federal benefits. It is open to anyone who has received any federal government benefits. If you have already received any federal benefits, then you can sign up for a Direct Express card easily. If the benefit recipient has a bank account, then you should sign up for the direct deposit. Call Treasury’s Go Direct at 800-333-1795 to ask for help regarding enrollment in direct deposit.

Can I transfer funds from my Direct Express® card to a bank or credit union account outside the United States?

It is not possible to transfer money from your Direct Express card to any bank or credit union that is outside of the USA. You are only able to transfer funds from one US bank account to another via Direct Express. But, there is an option to use your Direct Express card outside of the USA. 

Can I withdraw money from Direct Express without a card?

Direct Express is all about a debit card, there is no bank account or a checkbook. The only way to withdraw money is using the Direct Express card. It is not possible to withdraw money without a Direct Express card. Either you have to use an ATM or any bank or other financial institution that accepts Mastercard and allows you to get cash. 

Direct Express Debit Cards – All You Need to Know 

Benefits of Direct Express Card

Direct Express prepaid debit card can be a great option to manage your money. Just all you need is to use it correctly. You can enjoy many of the banking and financial features and services remotely through this debit card. Some ground-breaking features and benefits are:

  • Your money will be safe : Fortunately, when your money is into a Direct Express account the money will be FDIC- insured. You will get your money back even if the company collapses. You can claim your money if you see anything happens. 
  • Highly secured PIN : When you cash out of an ATM or plan to transfer money from your account to another account, you will need to provide a PIN. This PIN is the most private one you shouldn’t share it with anybody. Since the PIN is formed by the owner of the account, there is no chance for others to know it. If your card is stolen or lost you must contact customer service immediately to deactivate your card. 
  • Easy to use : You can use a Direct Express debit card in most places where Mastercard is accepted. A large number of ATMs accept this debit card. Even some store offers cashback offer while using Direct express card. If any store doesn’t accept or you need cash then ATM is a good option to get instant cash. 
  • Instant cash : Usually, the Government agency sends money to your account and you can withdraw within a few hours. You don’t need any traditional checks and to wait for a longer process. 

There are other benefits that I should mention:

  • You won’t feel any need for a traditional bank account since the Direct Express debit card has everything in it.
    • You can track your balance on your card online.
    • The direct Express sends an instant notification to the user whenever the government benefit or other funds are deposited into your account.
    • The customer service will replace the card promptly if you lose it somehow. 
    • There is no monthly cost if you keep the card idle. 
    • Finally, you won’t need to carry the cash around every time.

How does Direct Express Card work?

You will get your monthly payment without any hassle of cashing your check after signing up at the Direct Express. The great thing is, that the money will be deposited automatically to your Direct Express card. This card is similar to other Debit cards and it is accessible where another Debit card or Mastercard is accepted. Almost all types of product purchasing at stores is possible with this card. Even this card allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs. You may use this card either for purchasing products or withdrawing money from ATMs. So, this card can be used for multiple purposes. This card also can be accessed for many Federal payments. Also, you can do money orders at the Post office in the USA. 

Application for The Debit Card and Online Activation

You may apply for a Direct Express debit card by calling the enrollment center. There is a toll-free number 800-333- 1795, set your call time between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Call this number to talk with any representative and ask to enroll for this debit card and online application. 

Another way of application is online, visit  “godirect.gov/gpw/enrollment”  to start the enrollment process. Additionally, you can visit the main office to sign up for this debit card. After opening the account of federal benefits, you will be able to activate the card to use. You will get a helpline number on the back of the card. Call this number if you need any help regarding card activation. 

What type of federal payments can I receive on the Direct Express prepaid card account?

Actually, Direct Express is designed for receivers of federal benefits to getting their benefits electronically. Several federal payments accept Direct Express. Direct Express card account allows you to take advantage of these conductive benefits. 

  1. The U.S. Coast Guard
  2. Defense Finance and Accounting
    • DFAS Annuity pay. 
    • DFAS Military pay
    • DFAS former spouse pay
  3. Department of Labor
    • Energy
    • Long Shore and Harbor workers comp 
    • Federal Employee Workers comp
    • Black Lung
  4. Office of Personnel
    • Civil Service Retirement or Annuity
    • Civil Service Survivor or Annuity
  5. Railroad Retirement Board
    • Railroad Retirement Annuity
    • Railroad Retirement Sickness or unemployment
  6. Social Security
    • Social security retirement or survivor
    • Supplement Security Income
  7. U.S. Department of Treasury
  8. Veterans Affairs
    • Veterans Compensation and Pension
    • Veterans Education
    • Veterans Vocational Rehab and Employee
    • Veterans’ Health Administration
    • Compensated work therapy
    • Veterans Medical research 

Can Direct Express Help You Improve Your Credit Score?

We know that credit cards can improve your credit score especially when you have good spending habits. But, the Direct Express works like a debit card and does much the exact way. Though it’s convenient but not that helpful to improve your credit score. You wouldn’t get any line of credit. You only can use your pre-deposited money from your Direct Express account. This card’s function is completely different from credit cards, you will not be able to overdraft from the direct express account. To boost your credit score, apply for any credit card instead of the direct express card. 

Customer Support Service

You may take help from a representative to solve an issue. To get customer support call 1- 888-741-1115. No matter the issue, either for transferring money or getting a new Direct Express card, you may call this number. You can also use your online account for getting instant support. Whether to get a direct express card or you are facing any issue direct express customer service is always ready to help their customers.