If you are an android phone user, I am sure that you are familiar with Google play store. Actually you have taken all the apps you use on your mobile phone from that store. You can consider this store as the biggest platform to get all your apps for free or for payment. Most apps are actually free, but their premium versions and paid versions of some games are needed to be purchased. Google play store comes with an inbuilt wallet , that allows you to store an amount of money there, so that you can purchase premium apps and games. The money you have in this wallet is termed as ‘Google Play balance’ or ‘Google play credit’.

Want to Transfer Credits from Google Play Account? Let’s Know Some Reasons.

The Google play credit is some how limits your freedom to use the the money as you like. Say with this balance you can buy apps , games, music, movies from the play store only. You cannot by anything from anywhere else, because to buy something from some where except play store need cash money in hand and only you can get it when you can transfer your google play credits to any other account or bank account to make it cash. That is why it is a vital need to transfer credits from google play account to any other account.

Just consider this condition, Suppose you have more than one google accounts and forgetfully or mistakenly you add a good amount of money in google play account, rather than the other account. And it is a fact that you cannot directly transfer money from one google account to another. Now what should you do?

 Now consider this condition. You need some emergency money and you have a little amount in your hand. And you have a good amount in Google play account that is left unused and you have no plan to use it any longer to buy apps or games. Now isn’t it vital to withdraw the money from Google play account?

Not only you, many of android users take part in survey on the Google Opinion Reward Apps and earns free google play balance. Not only that they use Gift cards, Promo Codes etc to increase Google play credits. When a mention able amount is deposited, they want to withdraw it as cash and want to use the money for some other purposes.

Here, we only discuss three reasons or situations to transfer balance from google play account to another account. There are hundreds of reasons for withdrawal of balance from google play account.

Let’s Know How You Can Transfer Credits from Google Play Wallet

Transfer of balance from Google play wallet to other account is somehow tricky. Normally you cannot transfer your credits in Google play account to any other account. You have to depend on a third party app. But be careful to use a third party app. Some times they try to get your account information and use it to do fraudulent or forgery activities. So , carefully choose a trusted and reputable third party. With the help of third party app , you can transfer the credit to your bank account or other accounts using PayPal or Google Pay.

If You Wish to Transfer Google Play Credits from Your Child’s Account.

According to the Terms and Conditions of Google, a child under 13 years of age cannot legally operate his/her Google play account as his /her own account. So, if a boy or girl under thirteen wants to use Google play account, he/she can do so under a manager account.

Below  we discuss how you can transfer credits from a child’s Google play account to manager account. The process is simple and as follows:

Step:1: Open Google play store and go to settings.

Step:2: In the settings menu, look for account balance.

Step:3: Below the  account balance, you will see “Transfer Pay Balance’’ Option.

Step:4: Now, tap “Transfer Pay Balance” Option.

Step:5: A Form will appear. Fill out the provided Form and the balance will be transferred from your child’s account to your manager account.

Now you can take advantage from a third party app to transfer your credits from manager account to third party app and with the help of PayPal or Google Pay you can transfer the money to your bank account or any other account.

From the above discussion, we can summarize that transfer credits from Google Play  Wallet to any other account is not a big deal. You can easily do it with the help of a third party app. Always try to use a trusted and reputable third party app to avoid any fraudulent activity. Third party will charge an amount as processing fee. Be prepared to pay the amount and then enjoy the freedom to spend your money as you like.