The buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) trend has caught on among online shoppers. With the Sezzle virtual card, you can loan for your essential goods both in stores and online purchases. The Sezzle Virtual Card has ample benefits, which you can add to your Apple Pay or Google Pay apps and use for in-store purchases. But you cannot enjoy the pay bills services using your Sezzle account. Always remember your options to use Sezzle. Here’s what you need to know about Sezzle.

Can you use Sezzle to pay bills?

No, you can’t use Sezzle to pay bills. You can only use it to buy products from listed stores. You can choose the direct pay with Sezzle option or use your Sezzle virtual card to pay on an online store. For offline stores (brick-and-mortar), you’ll have to link your virtual card with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can I pay my phone bill with Sezzle?

No, you cannot use Sezzle to pay your phone bill. Sezzle can only be used to purchase items from online or offline stores.

Can I use Sezzle to pay my credit card bill?

You can’t use Sezzle to pay your credit card bill. Sezzle never has any bill payment features. 

Can you use Sezzle for flights?

You can’t use Sezzle to pay for flights right now. If you want to split your flight tickets, you’ve got other options. You can pay through Alternative Airlines using Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm, Quadpay, Zip, etc. Sadly, Alternative Airlines doesn’t have any of these options.

Where can I use Sezzle?

Sezzle works with thousands of online and offline stores. Sezzle works in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online.

Here’s how you can view the list of retailers that work with Sezzle:

  • Open the Sezzle app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the “Sezzle Card” tab.
  • You’ll find the list of retailers who accept Sezzle Virtual Cards here.

There are more than 29,000 online shops that sell Sezzle. If you apply for a Sezzle Virtual Card, you can use Sezzle card virtually anywhere Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted. Participating retailers include:

  • GameStop
  • Goodie Co
  • Lou Lou & Company
  • Jamie Kay
  • SoftMoc

The retailers listed there are the only ones accepting our virtual card right now. More and more retailers will be added to this list as time goes on. 

How to Use Sezzle Online?

Sezzle is like a credit card, but you can use it online also. Once your shopping cart is complete, then follow these steps:

  • Choose Sezzle as your payment option
  • Open your Sezzle account or create a new one with your bank info
  • Enter your Sezzle payment information
  • Make your first payment (Sezzle will schedule the next installments)

Sezzle will run a soft credit check and let you know if you’re approved. You’ll make your first payment at the point of purchase, which is 25% of the total purchase amount. It will charge the following three fees to your payment method over six weeks. 

How to Use Sezzle in Stores?

If you want to use Sezzle in stores (brick and mortar), you’ll need a Sezzle virtual card. You will have to link the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and then use that one to pay. 

Your Sezzle Virtual Card works with Google Pay or Apple Pay in-store. Use one of these apps:

  • Connect to Sezzle through the Sezzle app or your mobile web browser
  • Go to the Sezzle Card option
  • Tap on the Use Your Sezzle Virtual Card
  • Copy payment information such as card number and CVV
  • Open Google Pay or Apple Pay from your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Add to Wallet and subsequently add your Sezzle card details

If you want to pay in-store with your Sezzle Virtual Card, scan the QR code at any participating store and select your Virtual Card. But keep in mind that Apple Pay and Google Pay don’t work everywhere. Although Sezzle works with thousands of retailers, many stores still don’t work it. Walmart is one of them.

How Do I Pay Sezzle?

Sezzle collects installment payments via debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts. It also accepts prepaid debit cards, but only if you’re paying off an installment.

After your initial payment, Sezzle takes out payments every two weeks, so make sure you have enough credit on your Sezzle credit card or money in your bank account to cover each payment. If you don’t make a payment, Sezzle will reschedule it for 48 hours later with a late fee. Making the payment before the 48-hour window ends won’t cost you anything. Sezzle may block you from making new purchases during the second payment attempt, and you’ll still be responsible for paying what you owe. 

Additionally, the company may report late payments to the credit bureaus and try to collect the debt in other ways.