A Person with a car knows best the importance of maintenance, repairments and priorly the most important factor, the warranty of the car. Someone who buys a new car get the manufacturer warranty from the car company. This is a limited time warranty and in most cases they provide it for three years. So, you may rest assured for three years. Do you think that after these three years your peace of mind will be gone? Not necessarily. You can get an extended warranty from some reliable companies. Such a company is Credit Acceptance. They offers Extended Warranty with a protection plan , namely Superior Protection plan.

Before Knowing about the Superior Protection Plan, let’s know about Credit Acceptance and their policies.

Credit Acceptance and Their Policy

Credit Acceptance Corporation is well known for its auto financing services. The company provides loans to consumers who have poor or no credit to purchase a vehicle.

Credit Acceptance offers unique financing model known as the ‘Portfolio Program’. The company , with its auto dealerships, works to provide loans to those who are typically not qualified for traditional financing. In the process, dealers refer their consumers to Credit Acceptance and the company evaluates the credit worthiness of the consumers to determine the terms of the loan. The dealerships then sell the vehicle to the customers and receives payment from Credit Acceptance. The main advantage of this Portfolio Program is that it allows consumers with poor or no credit to get financing for a vehicle that they highly deserve.

From the above discussion, you may have a clear vision about Credit Acceptance and their Policy. Now, let’s know about their services. To satisfy their consumers, Credit Acceptance offers  a program called Superior Protection Plan. Under this plan  the consumers mainly get warranty of their vehicles(Both Parts and Services). Let’s know about these details.

Warranties Provided By Credit Acceptance

An Auto warranty may be of various types, including, factory warranties, extended warranties, power train warranties and bumper to bumper warranties. Here, factory warranties cover the warranties provided by the car manufacturer company and you only get that when purchased  a new car. In general , factory warranty is provided for a period of three years. After that period you have to purchase extended warranty. For an extended warranty you can purchase Bumper to Bumper Warranty. It lasts for somehow three years or a mileage limit of 36000 miles. Or you can buy the power train warranty that lasts for five years or in a mileage limit of 60000 miles.

You purchase a plan and drive peacefully, I mean in a total peaceful mind, with superior protection plan. With this plan a journey is a fantastic exploration and not a hassle at all. If anything happened in a drive(except accident), you do not need to worry about it. You will get all the support with Superior Protection Plan. All support, like, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanic, Road side Assistance, Lockout Assistance, Rental car Support,  Towing facility, etc, will be in your hands.

A Bumper To Bumper Warranty covers most of the vehicle’s system and components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, electrical system and more. It also covers Assistance Programs, like Roadside Assistance, Rental car Reimbursement and Trip Interruption Protection. But also remember it does not cover certain wear and tear items, such as tires and brakes.

A power train warranty covers almost all the components and systems, including engine, transmission, and drive train components , such as the drive shaft, differential, and axle. The coverage also includes: Roadside Assistance, Towing services, Trip Interruption Protection, etc. The warranty is valid for manufacturing faults only, any other claim generated from accidents or improper maintenance will be invalid. Any kind of modification of components are also considered as excluded from warranty.

Let’s know the Advantages of Credit Acceptance’s Superior Protection Plan

Covers Full Repair Cost (Components and Laboure)

Credit Acceptance assures its clients that if their cars or vehicles break down on the road , they will take the responsibility to fix the problem(By repairing or changing Components) within Warranty Agreement and also pay for the ASE Certified mechanic (labour). Warranty Void Only if the car is broke down through accident or for improper maintenance.

A Highly Customizable Plan

You can customize the plans as you prefer and choose Bumper to Bumper or Power train warranty. You can also customize taking their service, such as you can purchase one or more of these benefits, like Trip Interruption Protection, Lockout Assistance,  Roadside Assistance, Towing Assistance etc.

Easy and Flexible Payment Terms

Credit Acceptance offers for their customers an easy and flexible payment option. The company believes that the financial conditions may vary  customer to customer. So they provide such payment plans that are tailored to meet individual’s needs.

Road Side Assistance

If you start a trip and on the way your car breaks down and you find no auto repair center or no car mechanic nearby , then it is a great trouble and hassle for you. But if you purchase plans from Credit Acceptance, you can easily get rid of this trouble. A team of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified mechanic will reach you to help fixing the problem. This service is termed as Road side Assistance. Roadside Assistance serves you if you have lockout problem, your car runs out of gas or your car needs to tow to a nearby garage.

Unlimited Number of Claims

You can claim for their service whenever you face trouble with your vehicle within the warranty period. There is no limit for the claim.

Trip Interruption Protection

Credit Acceptance provides their consumers trip interruption protection services. This kind of insurance covers the unexpected costs that may arise when a trip is disrupted  or cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. This protection plan helps you to minimize the financial impact of a trip Interruption and provides you peace of mind while you are travelling.

Trip Interruption Protection typically covers the costs involving in a trip cancellation or delay. If you cancel your trip for any vital reason, then the service helps you cover the non refundable costs of the trip such as flights, hotels and other expenses. Before Choosing such plan, it is good to try to know which facilities are included and which are not with the plan.

Lock out Assistance Program

If you are locked out of your car and cannot get in , then isn’t it a very frustrating and stressful situation? To be saved from this hassle, you can insure with Credit Acceptance or purchase their Road side Assistance Plan to get their Lockout Service. An expert assistant can help you unlock the door without damaging the car or its lock mechanism. He may also make duplicate keys for you if you lost your original keys. So, do not panic if your car is locked, Credit Acceptance gives you a perfect solution.

Rental Car Provided

Credit Acceptance does not directly provide Rental Car Service for its clients, but they serve them with many other Rental Car Companies. A customer needs a car when his/her trip is interrupted by bad weather or any other reasons. He/she needs a car as an alternative for transportation, say return to his/her own home from Airport. Credit Acceptance is happy to serve its customers by arranging cars for them.

Arrangement for car Towing

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of the Superior Protection Plan is the Roadside Assistance Plan. This Plan includes Tow Service. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, the tow service helps to take the car to the nearest repair facility or dealer. Do not forget to read about the Tow facility from Credit Acceptance Superior Protection Plan’s Terms and Conditions. There can be limit of miles that you can tow with their service or there can be specific number of tow services that you can use per year.

Credit Acceptance’s Superior Protection Plan is very helpful to its customers. We can say this plan as a full and perfect customer friendly plan. If you start a journey or even plan to go somewhere, then the plan gives you mental peace and satisfaction and your journey will be obviously a happy and enjoyable one.