Perhaps you’ve heard about Direct Express cards or Direct Express emergency cash, and are interested in them. Direct Express allows millions of Americans to access government benefits quickly and efficiently. While Direct Express cards have many advantages, one downside is that replacements take up to ten days if they are lost or stolen. During that time, you may need emergency cash. Fortunately, Direct Express emergency cash helps you get through this difficult time.

Direct Express emergency cash advances might be the best choice for you if you’re beginning the application process. Having emergency cash in your Direct Express account gives you the ability to spend your money without a credit card. People and families can make ends meet while waiting for their Direct Express cards to arrive or be activated with this alternative access program. If you’re waiting for a new card to arrive, continue reading to learn how to access your funds. The following information will give you a better understanding of Walmart Direct Express Emergency Cash.

About Direct Express Card

To understand how a Direct Express emergency cash advance works, you must first understand what a Direct Express card does.

A Direct Express debit card is a prepaid debit card intended for federal benefit recipients who receive their benefits electronically. A financial institution called Comerica Bank issues the card on behalf of the United States Treasury Department. Treasury Department endorses the card as a discreet and safe alternative to paper checks. Instead of using money for purchases, debit cards provide the convenience and security of using electronic transactions to invest and access your hard-earned money. The card does not require a bank account to be registered. You don’t have to pass a credit check or maintain a minimum balance.

The Direct Express debit card is associated with a Direct Deposit account that receives federal benefits. You will receive your benefits payment on the due date and the money will be available as soon as it is received. To access funds on your card, you can do the following 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

  • Obtain cash at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or withdraw through a bank accepting the MasterCard.
  • With this card, you can make purchases at Mastercard-accepting businesses and get cash back if you wish. 
  • Online purchases are also possible with this card.

Use Direct Express Emergency Cash From Walmart

In comparison with other emergency lending programs, such as payday loans, Emergency Cash is a much safer alternative. While waiting for a new debit card or their existing debit card to arrive, Direct Express debit cardholders can use this service.

Losing your debit card or having it stolen can be annoying since you feel as if you have been cut off from your money. In addition, it provides customers with immediate access to their funds. While you search for your missing debit card or a replacement, you can withdraw money from your debit card through the Emergency Cash service. It’s easy to use Walmart’s emergency cash service because it provides a cash service in case of an emergency. In the United States, Walmart has nearly 5,000 stores. It is a good idea to get emergency cash from Walmart if you can’t find your Direct Express card or are waiting for a replacement. 

Get Emergency Cash Through Direct Express At Walmart

The MoneyGram network ranks second after Western Union as the world’s largest money transfer company. With the Direct Express mobile app, you can send money to your MoneyGram account. As most people have this installed on their mobile devices, accessing funds without a physical card is a quick and easy process. Once you receive the money transfer then visit any of the local Walmart stores near you. Your local Walmart is the most common location for MoneyGram facilities. You can access your money quickly and easily at nearly all Walmart stores with a MoneyGram center.

MoneyGram locations in the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico are available for pick up. MoneyGram centers are almost exclusively located in Walmart stores, making it easy to withdraw funds. Take your Direct Express card to your local Walmart Money Service or customer service desk and ask for Emergency Cash.

You can find Walmart locations near you by visiting ““. 

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Fees Are Associated with Emergency Cash Advances

It is to be expected that money transfers have fees associated with them. Fees will be around $12 if you withdraw the full amount of $1000. You will have to pay closer to $8.50 if you want to take out less than $500. In general, the lower the percentage of the fee, the more money you access. So, if you need more cash later, you may want to withdraw larger amounts so that you can avoid additional fees.

Benefit from Direct Express Emergency Cash

Other than those who are waiting for their new Direct Express card to arrive, emergency cash can be beneficial to others as well:

  • Those who have lost their Direct Express cards have canceled them and are waiting for a new one to arrive
  • Those whose cards have expired and are waiting for their new cards need cash immediately.
  • Cardholders who had their cards compromised and had to cancel and reissue them

What Exactly does Direct Express Emergency Cash Mean

You can get up to $1,000 from the Direct Express card account when you apply for Direct Express Emergency money. If you use the crisis money service through Direct Express, you will be charged $8.50 to $12.00 per deal. This will come in handy especially when you need your debit card but don’t have it with you. It is beneficial to those who have lost their cards, even if they are not really in their home states. At any MoneyGram location within the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico, you will be able to pick up your money. Walmart stores almost all have MoneyGram facilities, which makes it easy to withdraw money.

Is Direct Express Emergency Cash a Loan

You are not borrowing money from Direct Express if you need emergency cash. Whenever you get your replacement card, any emergency cash you withdraw will be gone from your account. There is no money beyond what you receive from your benefits. 

You cannot receive more money than you already have in your Direct Express account through emergency funds. Regardless of your need, you won’t receive additional payments on top of your government benefits.