ecoATM provides automated kiosks that enable Americans to sell used electronics. It offers residents the opportunity to recycle their used electronic devices such as phones and other small gadgets. In other words, you can refer to them as machines that purchase other machines. Now, are you curious to know whether ecoATM accepts Galaxy Watches? Yes, you recycle your old watch at their kiosks. A wide range of retail and grocery stores in the country have ecoATM kiosks. Several options are available for you to sell your old gadget for cash. You can find the right company for you by doing some research.

ecoATM places a high priority on environmental sustainability and public health. Moreover, it demonstrates its dedication to serving the environmentally conscious public. You will receive a price quote from an ecoATM kiosk before completing a transaction. No matter if you want to sell or recycle your old Galaxy, this is a complete guide on how to do so. 

How Does ecoATM Determine the Value of the Device

When you sell your devices at ecoATM kiosks, you have to take a few factors into account. In addition to providing a convenient selling process, we want to make sure you’re clear about how it evaluates them. So, you can sell with confidence and have an excellent experience! In just under ten minutes, the kiosk gives you a cash offer for your used device thanks to a team of dedicated experts and machine learning technology. When a device is plugged into the kiosk, the AI checks the following factors:

  • the power status
  • The brand or manufacturer’s reputation
  • The model of the device?
  • Device’s storage size and configuration
  • Is it locked to a specific carrier?
  • Are your device’s location services off? 
  • Does the LCD have bad pixelation or water damage?
  • Is the screen cracked or blemished?

The ecoATM kiosks use both human experts and machine learning to determine the condition of your device’s screen. Among the various factors listed above, the physical condition is one of the most important ones that affect the value of your device. 

The system uses the ecoATM kiosks to highlight cosmetic flaws in devices that can’t be seen by the naked eye. There are many knicks and scratches on the devices, which is something the kiosks do on every device they inspect. 

Sunspots, wear from cases, discolorations, and other cosmetic issues will affect a device’s value. It’s also important to take the screen protector off before selling – cracks and scratches will show up on the screen.

There’s more to assessing your device’s value than its condition and functionality. 

  • Device depreciation: Device depreciation refers to how much value a device loses over time and impacts the value of your used device. Depreciation is often used to determine the value of a vehicle, and it can also be used to determine the value of devices. The top factors that contribute to device depreciation are as follows: 
  • Duration of use: Generally, watches lose most of their value within their first year, so the older they get, the less value they have.
  • Brand: The leading smartwatch brands are at the top for a reason. They make quality devices that last.
  • Mileage: Devices, like cars, are subjected to daily wear and tear. Mileage refers to the number of hours a watch has been used and the condition of its battery.
  • Condition: The condition of a device determines its price, as mentioned in the previous section. devices with more damage are worth less.

Devices and devices drop in price when a new model comes on the market. This reduction in the value of older models allows room for newer models to be introduced. Thus, the value of any existing products from previous releases decreases as soon as the updated products are available. 

The kiosk will provide you with a cash offer once each of these areas has been assessed. While some areas are more easily detected than others, appearance, and cosmetic condition play a very important role in determining the value of your device.

What Identification Cards are Needed to Sell Galaxy Watches at ecoATM

There may be different ID cards required for selling Galaxy watches at ecoATMs depending on the location’s policies, as well as local laws and regulations. Generally, the following identification cards are required to sell Galaxy watches at ecoATM: 

  1. A valid driver’s license that includes the person’s name, photo, date of birth, and address. 
  2. A state-issued ID card with the person’s name, photo, date of birth, and address.
  3. A passport that includes the person’s name, photo, date of birth, and address.
  4. A tribal ID that includes the person’s name, photo, date of birth, and address.

Also provide proof of ownership, such as a receipt or a bill of sale, along with a government-issued ID. You might need to give your name, address, and device number depending on the ecoATM. Make sure the identification cards are valid and not expired. And, you should always check with the ecoATM location you plan to sell to beforehand to make sure they accept Galaxy watches.

Ways to Sell a Galaxy Watches at ecoATM

You can trade your Galaxy Watch at any ecoATM kiosk across the country. But make sure it’s in good condition because the machine uses Artificial Intelligence and a camera. In general, a damaged or cracked Galaxy watch will give you less cash than one in good shape. However, it’s better than keeping it at home idle. 

To put your Galaxy Watch on the ecoATM kiosk, just go to the ecoATM official website or app. If you already have an ecoATM kiosk, here’s how to do it.

  • Upon presenting your Galaxy Watch to the ecoATM kiosk, it will ask you to provide some information about it. Please note that these questions will require your personal information, such as government-issued identification.
  • In response to providing details about the Galaxy Watch, the ecoATM will generate a QR code sticker. Upon receiving the QR code sticker, attach it to the Galaxy Watch before inserting it into the kiosk for processing.
  • It’ll check your Galaxy Watch both visually and electronically using Artificial Intelligence. Depending on the analysis the kiosk gets, the ecoATM will offer you a deal. The real-time market value of the Galaxy watch’s model will also have an impact on the offer. If you sell a fourth-generation Galaxy Watch, you’ll make more money than if you sell a first-generation Galaxy Watch. Remember that, if you keep your old device in good shape, it will have a higher market value and be worth more to ecoATM.
  • The process involves scanning government-issued documents, like a license or ID card, and taking your fingerprints. The ecoATM will verify your authenticity using the information in its database. 
  • After this, you will have to smile at the live video streaming from the ecoATM camera to a remote attendant within the ecoATM’s office. As soon as they have scanned the ID or license, they will compare the information details captured on the video with the information you provided.
  • As soon as your identity is verified, we’ll generate an offer and send it to you. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the offer made to you. Rejecting the offer will mean returning your Galaxy watch. However, accepting it will process your transaction immediately and you will get the cash before completion.

This process may seem lengthy, but it will only take 3-5 minutes to complete. 

Types of Devices ecoATM Take

ecoATM buys very few old devices compared to other companies. Additionally, ecoATM only accepts small gadgets, such as mobile devices, MP3 players, watches, and tablets. In addition, you can sell your Galaxy Watch at the ecoATM and receive instant cash. This may be unwelcome if you wish to sell other large electronic devices such as large laptops. However, here is a list of devices that ecoATM accepts: 

  • Smartphones: iPhone, Androids, Windows devices 
  • Smartwatches: Apple Watch. Galaxy Watch
  • Tablets: iPads, Android tablets, Kindle Fire tablets 
  • MP3 players: iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod Shuffle
  • Laptops: MacBooks, Chromebooks, Windows laptops 
  • Gaming consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 

There are also ecoATM kiosks located across the country where you can sell devices and tablets in addition to Galaxy Watches. ecoATM, however, is not able to buy all types of devices. For example, blacklisted and locked devices cannot be sold. ecoATM accepts broken devices, whether damaged by water or cracked. It is essential to note that the valuation will only yield a small amount of cash.

Alternatives to ecoATM for Selling Galaxy Watches

When you decide to sell your old watch, you should attempt to obtain a fair price. To make sure you receive the best price, you should search for several online sites. Get quotes from a few different locations and choose the one that provides the highest payout. Comparing ecoATMs, some common names include Decluttr, Best Buy BuyBackWorld, ItsWorthMore, and Gazelle.

Typically, ecoATM offers lower prices than its competitors. Check out other options if you have some time to wait and your watch is in fairly good condition. Consider getting quotes from Decluttr, BuyBackWorld, NextWorth, Gazelle, and more before deciding. You can also trade in your Samsung Galaxy watch through Samsung’s program. The trade-in rates on Samsung are fairly good when compared to other sites. 

Since ecoATMs offer instant cash back at the kiosk, they are one of the fastest payment methods. Further, ecoATM offers to recycle damaged or unusable watches, as well as some cash in return. 

Tips to Maximize the Value of a Galaxy Watches at ecoATM

It is necessary to prepare a device before selling it at an ecoATM kiosk. This will assist in ensuring that the selling process is smooth and that the seller receives the most favorable price. 

Below are some tips for maximizing the value of Galaxy Watches at ecoATMs.

Get a price quote

It is a good idea to compare ecoATM prices first if you wish to get the maximum amount for your used watch. If you have received an estimate from ecoATM, you should compare it with other offers available online. It may attract you to check out online secondary markets such as Swappa, BuyBackWorld, and Decluttr. This will enable you to find out what your watch is worth. Using this method, you will be able to determine whether ecoATM is worth your time.


On its website, ecoATM does not specify a condition guide but does state that it assesses conditions in light of factors such as age and damage. On the ecoATM website, you can obtain an estimate by answering three questions regarding the condition of your device: 

Does the device power on? What is the status of the screen? Does it light up? Do you see any cracks? Before you sell your watch, you should assess its condition to determine whether the offer is fair. 

Ensure that your appearance is correct

Although we don’t like our driving license photos, they are a good way to verify our identity. It’s a good idea to avoid looking drastically different from the photo on your ID card since an ecoATM staff member will check it. The use of counterfeit IDs has been reported by some users, though this is a rare occurrence.

Proper Way 

When considering selling your Galaxy watch via ecoATM, make sure you follow proper and authentic steps to ensure you get the most for your watch, avoid identity fraud, and for a smooth transaction.

The model 

It is also important to consider the model of the device. It is programmed so that the kiosks can recognize a wide range of models from a wide range of manufacturers. Generally, a newer model will be more expensive than an older model.

Advantages of Selling a Device at ecoATM

EcoATM for Galaxy Watches or other electronic devices has several advantages over other channels. Choosing ecoATM as your method of selling your Galaxy Watch will benefit you in the following ways:

Easy, fast, and simple

One of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to sell is through ecoATM. It is simply a matter of finding and visiting an ecoATM kiosk near you and inserting your device into it. Before completing the transaction, you’ll need to provide information about yourself and the device. After that, the machine will generate an instant offer that you can accept and get cash right away. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete the selling process, and once you accept the offer, you will receive your cash immediately. What better way to sell your old Galaxy Watch than through ecoATM kiosks? Visit one and enjoy such an experience that’s rare on other sites.

Secure & safe

You probably have your personal information on second-hand devices. Thankfully, the ecoATM erases all information associated with the device before reselling it. The ecoATM system secures your information and ensures that the data remains confidential. The use of this method ensures the security of the transaction.

ecoATM kiosk is easy to find near you

Through ecoATM’s website or app, you can find all kiosk points. These make it easy to access thousands of kiosks with just a few clicks. You can find an ecoATM kiosk near you by searching “”. After you enter your ZIP code, the system will find an ecoATM kiosk near you. Visit them at a time that works for you to sell your Galaxy Watch.

Several environmental benefits

According to research, humanity disposes of a lot of old electronic devices badly. There are a lot of negative effects on the environment because of this. Its main objective is to recycle old electronics responsibly. In other words, by selling your Galaxy Watch at the ecoATM kiosk, you will contribute to e-waste removal from the ecosystem.

Competitive offers

In comparison to other companies that buy old stuff, ecoATM offers competitive prices. You’ll get a fair price for your old and idle Apple Watch when you sell it to ecoATM. You can compare ecoATM’s price with other companies that buy Galaxy watches, and you’ll see which is the fairest.


How to Find an ecoATM kiosk near me?

You can find a location in your area by searching online or in your local area. Now you can locate an ecoATM kiosk near you using the kiosk locator provided by most major retailers. For the list of ecoATM kiosks in your area, enter your zip code, city, or state. You can begin the process as soon as you have found a location. 

How long does it take to sell Galaxy Watches to an ecoATM?

If you have an ecoATM kiosk, you’ll be able to sell a device in about three to five minutes. Once your Venmo or PayPal account is active, you’ll see the payment within 2 hours. New payments may take 24 hours to show up. If you don’t verify or activate your account, payments may show up as “pending.”

Does ecoATM Pay Instantly?

Yes, ecoATM makes instant payments for devices accepted by kiosks. Upon acceptance of the device, the seller may choose to accept cash or gift cards as payment. It is important to note that the price paid for a device depends on several factors. The price of an item in good condition is likely to be higher than the price of an item that is damaged.

Is it safe to sell my Electronics at ecoATM?

Before selling your Galaxy Watch, back it up with any important data or files. It’s easy to wipe all your data from your device and restore it to its original settings with a factory reset. EcoATM also takes steps to ensure its customers’ data is safe.

Can I sell a broken Galaxy Watch at ecoATM?

It doesn’t matter if your Galaxy Watch has a cracked screen, water damage, is imperfect, or won’t charge, ecoATM will give you a price. Just be aware that you should not expect large sums of money.

Can ecoATM Tell If A Device Is Stolen?

You need an ID and fingerprint to use ecoATM, which uses the data to verify your identity. When you insert your watch into the ecoATM and your personal information doesn’t match, they’ll return it. The police will return your Galaxy Watch if someone tries to sell it and you’re verified as the owner. 

What should I do if I have issues with my EcoATM transaction or payout?

Contact ecoATM customer support team as soon as possible if you experience any issues with your transaction or payout. Please provide information about the problem, including the location and date, and time of the transaction. Keep any documentation related to your transaction handy when you contact customer service.