Using Klarna, you can shop at many online retailers and pay in four installments for short-term financing. For those of you already with a Chime account, having it linked to Klarna will be great. But the question is does Klarna accept Chime? You will receive the following error message if you attempt to use your Chime Visa debit card with Klarna saying “Please use a different card; we don’t support your bank’s card yet. We are constantly working to increase coverage.”

Therefore, it is certain that the Chime debit card is not compatible with Klarna. But there might be a way through the Chime credit builder. You may wish to give it a try after reading this article.

Why Don’t Chime Cards Work with Klarna

Many users have been reporting multiple issues when attempting to integrate Klarna with Chime. Klarna hasn’t given a definitive reason why it doesn’t accept Chime. From replies to a Twitter thread about the same issue, it’s clear Klarna made this decision. Due to Chime’s online-only nature and absence of physical presence, Klarna does not accept this financial institution. Besides, Klarna works with major banks. On the other hand, Chime is not even a bank.

Rather Klarna accepts the credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Additionally, you can’t use any prepaid cards with Klarna because they don’t reload and Klarna won’t get the payment. Furthermore, some major banks don’t allow Buy Now Pay Later names like Klarna and AfterPay. Capital One is one of them that doesn’t support Klarna.

Differences Between Klarna and Chime

Both Chime and Klarna offer online financial services similar to those offered by banks. It is important to note that neither of those options is owned or controlled by a financial institution. Although Chime and Klarna use similar technologies they use different purposes. Whatever the differences are, it is safe and secure to buy items online using either of these options. Here’s the key difference between Klarna and Chime apps.

  • Klarna allows consumers to purchase items now and pay for those later
  • Your paycheck will be available two days earlier through Chime
  • Klarna cannot work with a negative credit score
  • There is an interest rate associated with Chime credit cards
  • There are only a few banks that Klarna works with
  • You can open a checking and savings account with Chime

How Can I Add Chime Credit Builder Card in Klarna

There is an indirect way to use Klarna with Chime, even though it does not accept Chime directly. There’s a chance you can use Klarna if you have a Chime Credit Builder Card, which is a secured credit card. It would be better if you had an external bank account other than Chime. It will act as a bridge between Klarna and Chime. Although it’s not foolproof, a lot of users have had success using Chime Credit Builder cards with Klarna. As a result, there are two steps involved:

Link your external bank account to Chime and Transfer Funds

Your first step should be to link your external bank account to Chime and initiate the transfer of funds to Klarna. The most convenient part is you can transfer money from your Chime account to your external bank account very easily with Chime. Therefore, you will need to:

  • Open the Chime app and log in.
  • You will need to select “Move Money.”
  • Select the “Transfers” option.
  • Enter the login credentials for your external account when prompted.

Link your bank to Klarna

Your next step will be to link your bank account with Klarna once the funds have been credited to your account. Here are the steps to take:

  • Launch the Klarna application.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  • Choose “Payment methods.”
  • Connect your bank account to Klarna by tapping “Connect a bank account”.

 It’s that simple! There is now a way for you to use Klarna with Chime.

Are There Any Financial Services Klarna Accepts Instead of Chime

Despite being a popular retailer, Klarna does not accept Chime debit or credit cards. You can make payments using other methods. You can use Google Pay or Worldremit instead of Chime since Klarna doesn’t support Chime. There are some more physical banks you can use with Klarna, like Citi and Barclays. There are a number of banks that Klarna supports. Although, they recommend using PayNow direct bank with almost all current accounts that have an online capability. A wizard payment option is also available for searching for your bank.

PayNow is only available for current accounts with Klarna. The use of investment, financial, or savings accounts is not permitted.

Since the Chime card won’t work with Klarna make sure you know what your other options are. According to the platform, there are some popular payment options Klarna currently accepts.

Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay with your Klarna account, you can make payments in the app. Apple Pay and the digital banking app Chime, which is supported by the buy now pay later service, are the most similar. The Apple Pay service is not suitable for everyone. It would be advisable for you to consider other alternatives.

Credit cards or debit cards (except for prepaid cards)

You can use any card that holds money, as long as it’s not a prepaid card. Except for Chime cards, you will not find any other card that is not supported.

The majority of Capital One cards will not work if you use a buy-now-pay-later product. As long as it is not a Capital One or prepaid card, you should be able to use any credit card to make Klarna payments.

Which Cards Does Klarna Not Accept

As of right now, Klarna accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. But there are some exceptions too like the Chime.

  • Cardholders who wish to create a One-time card are not permitted to use AMEX cards.
  • You can’t use Capital One credit cards for Klarna, but you can use Capital One debit cards
  • Klarna does not accept prepaid cards

Likewise, Klarna doesn’t accept prepaid cards, but there’s an Apple Pay workaround that gives you access to prepaid cards like Cash App, Venmo, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Klarna have a plan to accept Chime in the future? 

While the restriction does not predict the future, given the nature of users’ errors, it appears to be temporary. Klarna’s website does not mention declining Chime cards. Thus, future Chime card users may benefit from this restriction.

Is Klarna able to accept prepaid cards?

Klarna does not support prepaid cards. As mentioned, you can only use debit or credit cards issued by American Express, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

What type of purchases does Klarna work on?

You can use Klarna for both online and in-store purchases. Generally, you can use Klarna at any of its partner stores or anywhere that accepts Visa. You can even use Klarna for online shopping on Amazon.

Does Klarna affect my credit?

Taking out a short-term loan to finance a purchase can have a significant impact on your credit score. Klarna will conduct a soft credit check on you when you apply for Pay in 4. Your credit score won’t be affected by soft credit pulls. You won’t see them on your credit reports.