It is common for everyone to have a preferred grocery store. Compared to other grocery stores, Kroger is preferred by many people. Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. The company operates over 2,700 grocery stores in 38 states, so there’s likely to be one in your area. Kroger offers a wide range of products and services, including groceries, alcohol, clothing, pharmacy services, home goods, and Kroger gas stations. Besides groceries and pharmacy services, Kroger also offers to check cashing, bill payments, stamps in a book, card cashing, money orders, EBT, and Western Union. 

It is a common question that people have, does Kroger cash a personal check? This guide aims to explain Kroger’s check cashing policy and answer the question: does Kroger cash personal checks? 

Is it possible cash personal checks at Kroger store

No, unfortunately, Kroger doesn’t cash personal checks. Regarding cashing personal checks, Kroger isn’t the right place. It would be better to go to a separate location to cash a check. Therefore, it isn’t very pleasant to learn that Kroger stores don’t cash personal checks. Furthermore, it is possible to cash other types of checks, such as payroll, business, income tax refund, and insurance settlements. This service costs $3.50 for checks less than $2,000 and $6.00 for checks between $2,000 and $5,000, but it’s better than having to go to a separate location. No worries if there isn’t a Kroger nearby, there are plenty of other supermarkets across the country.

Will Kroger accept a personal check for payment

You can use your personal check to make in-store purchases at Kroger. In any case, personal checks are not accepted as payment for grocery pick-up or delivery orders. In order to shop at Kroger, you will need a state-issued I.D. from the state in which you live. You can also use a driver’s license or a photo I.D.

Where is it possible to accept a personal check

In the event that your bank or credit union isn’t able to cash your check, there are a few other options available. Many grocery stores offer check-cashing services for a modest fee. If you live in an area with check-cashing stores, you can also look there. Typically, these stores charge higher fees than banks or credit unions.

You can ask a friend or family member to cash the check for you if you do not want to cash it yourself. There are also some apps that allow you to cash personal checks electronically. These apps usually charge a flat fee or a percentage. A personal check can be cashed in a variety of ways if you are unable to do so at a bank or credit union. The following places in the United States allow you to cash a personal check:

  • Food Lion
  • Giant Eagle
  • Publix
  • Wegmans
  • Walmart
  • H-E-B
  • Market Basket
  • Schnucks 

Why does Kroger not accept personal checks

It is not Kroger’s policy to cash personal checks because such checks carry a higher risk. The absence of a financial institution’s backing makes personal checks more likely to bounce. It is also possible to fraud a personal check in some cases.

As part of its check-cashing policy, Kroger does not cash personal checks in order to protect both the customer and the company. Imagine you can’t cash a personal check because you don’t have any other options. If this occurs, you might be able to cash the check at the issuing bank.

Kroger’s check cashing policy

Aside from card cashing, Kroger’s in-store offers payment services, money orders, and money transfer services through Western Union and Ria as well. It is best to visit the store during business hours if you want to cash your checks efficiently.

Throughout the company’s operations, it uses Certegy for all forms of checks. During the check-checking process, this well-known check-processing company uses risk management tools to decide whether to approve a check for cash. In addition to verifying identity, it is also taking into account a check’s history of bad checks and whether it is fraudulent. Most users receive their money immediately. Once the check meets all the requirements, it only takes a few minutes to process. Occasionally, additional verification is required, which can take up to 24 hours.

What Checks Can You not Cash at Kroger

Kroger’s check cashing policy doesn’t cash these types of checks, including:

  • A personal check : Any type of check except one related to your business or government benefits is classified as a personal check. In addition, it includes cashier’s checks, money orders, third-party checks, and so on.
  • The starter check : A starter check looks similar to a regular check and is accompanied by a routing number. This information does not include personal information like your name and address. Moreover, it probably has a printed low check number, indicating that the account is new. It is not possible to cash starter checks at Kroger.
  • The cashier’s check : Typically, a check is issued by a bank or credit union and paid from the bank’s funds. The payee is the only person who can cash the check, and it settles much faster than a personal check. In the case of cashier’s checks, Kroger does not cash them.
  • Checks exceeding $5000 : If your check is over $5000, Kroger will not cash it. To cash large checks, you’ll need to take them to a nearby 24-hour check-cashing store or a bank that cashed large checks.
  • Postdated Checks : A postdated check is one that has a future date on it. Postdated checks are not accepted at Kroger.
  • A handwritten check : It is very common for grocery stores not to accept handwritten checks because of fraud concerns.

Which types of checks do Kroger cash

There are some checks you can cash in at Kroger, but not all of them. However, you can cash quite a few different types of checks. You can cash any of these checks at over 2000 shops across the country every day for low fees. Those checks are:

  • Government checks: Generally, a government check, or one that comes from a government-funded program such as welfare, social security, or disability.
  • Payroll checks: If your company sends you a paycheck in the mail for you to cash or deposit, you can cash it at Kroger.
  • Insurance settlement checks: Are you familiar with an insurance claim? In this case, you can cash your settlement check and have the money in your hands immediately at Kroger. 
  • Printed business checks: A variety of printed checks, for example, tax rebate checks or refunds, can be cashed at Kroger.

Requirements for Kroger check to cash

There are certain requirements Kroger sets when it comes to check to cash. The most important thing to note is that Kroger stores do not require you to have a bank account to cash checks.

There are only a few things you need to use this service:

  • A valid form of current I.D.
  • The Social Security Number
  • ITIN – Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

It is important to have an I.D., and other numbers are not always required. You don’t need the other one if you know your Social Security Number, and that’s usually good enough. 

  • The types of I.D. that Kroger accepts: 
  • Driver’s license in the U.S.
  • A photo I.D. issued by a U.S. state
  • Passport of the United States
  • A military identification card
  • Matricula Consular ID
  • Resident alien I.D.

This is why it is essential to keep all your forms of identification current. As a result, don’t expect access to checks or cash if your passport is out-of-date.

How to Cash Checks at Kroger

Would you like to know how to cash a check at Kroger? There is no need to worry anymore since the process is simple and faster. Here’s what you need to do:

  • You can visit one of Kroger’s stores
  • To obtain check-cashing services, ask for the check-cashing agents
  • Check whether the branch accepts your type of check
  • Fill out the check cashing request form and attach your original documents, including your check, if it is acceptable.
  • Check-cashing can begin after the agent verifies your details, and if they are accurate, the process can continue.
  • To begin, proceed to the PIN pad screen and request the amount you would like ($20, $40, $60, etc.).
  • After finishing, sign the customer’s logbook to facilitate identification and assistance.

How Much Does Kroger Charge For A Check Cashing

You can cash checks at Kroger for a reasonable fee. The company charges $3.50 for checks below $2000 and $6.00 for checks over $2.000.01 and $5,000. When cashing a check at Kroger, you may incur a $0.50 fee if you have a Kroger shopper’s card. Additionally, you may have to pay local or state taxes.

When are Kroger check cashing hours

By 8 am, Kroger begins checking cash and stops by 9 pm. In some cases, grocery stores have shorter hours on holidays, depending on where they are located. Any day of the week, you can cash a check at Kroger’s money services desk. To find out more about Kroger check cashing hours, please visit their website or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).