Many people use financial services to handle transactions like money orders. It’s because convenience and accessibility are key factors when it comes to managing their finances. ShopRite stores sell money orders, in addition to food and household items. As a one-stop solution for various financial needs, ShopRite makes money orders available to enhance the shopping experience. There may be differences in the availability of money orders at different ShopRite’s, however. The following sections will go over how to buy money orders at ShopRite, including requirements, fees, and steps.

Steps to Buying a Money Orders from ShopRite

It’s just a matter of bringing cash or a debit card to pay for the money order at ShopRite. The process is as follows:

  1. It’s easy to buy a money order at your bank, post office, or any other authorized issuer like ShopRite. It is necessary to pay the issuer with both the money and a fee for the issuance of the money order.
  2. Make sure you fill out the recipient’s info on the money order form at ShopRite.
  3. Alternatively, you may deliver the money order in person or send it by mail. In order to withdraw money, the recipient should visit a bank, post office, or other cash-out location like ShopRite.
  4. It will be verified and processed by the bank or financial institution where the money order is deposited. You’ll get the money after it’s processed.

Unless you need 100% of the money in cash right away, you should probably deposit it into your bank account rather than cash it. That way, you will have access to the money later if you need it.

The General Policy of Money Order

Like cashing a check, cashing a money order is pretty easy. Sending and receiving money with money orders is easy and secure. Sellers can use them especially when the buyer is unknown or untrustworthy. You can get money orders at the customer service desk at any ShopRite store. You can pay with a debit card or cash when you fill out the money order with the help of the ShopRite customer service representative.

Fees of Money Orders at ShopRite

There is usually a fee when you cash a money order at ShopRite. You’ll usually have to pay a few bucks or a percentage of the total proceeds. These fees can add up, especially at check-cashing stores and convenience stores, where they charge more. Please find some details below:

Postal Money Orders

USPS money orders start at $1.25 for up to $500 and cost $1.25 for amounts over $500. In the case of money orders which are valued at more than $500, the fee increases to $1.75. You can buy up to $1,000 worth of postal money orders.

Bank Money Orders

The cost of a money order can vary if you purchase it from a bank or credit union. Depending on the bank, some may offer free money orders to account holders, whereas others may charge a fee ranging from $1 to $10. Money orders from banks may also have a different cost depending on how much they are for.

Retail stores

Walmart, Western Union or ShopRite retail stores sell offer money orders. It can cost anywhere between a dollar and a few dollars, depending on the store and the amount of the money order.

In case you get a lot of money orders per month, opening an account at a bank or credit union might be worth it, even if the maintenance fee is a bit high. Once you’re a customer, you can cash checks and money orders at your bank whenever you want.

Way to Cash Money Orders at Shoprite

There may be differences in the policies of different stores when it comes to cashing money orders. For accurate and current information regarding ShopRite’s policies and fees, it is best to contact the specific store you plan to visit or check their website. Here are the general steps you can follow if you wish to cash a money order at ShopRite:

Search for a ShopRite store 

Find a ShopRite grocery store from this URL “” which is offer money order cashing services. Inquire at the store’s customer service desk about their specific requirements for processing money orders.

Review the requirements

According to store policies, it may be necessary to provide certain documents and information. It is wise to clarify these requirements with the store you plan to visit.

Prepare the necessary documents

Most stores require you to provide an original money order along with a valid government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or state identification card.

Contact the ShopRite customer service department

You will need to go to the customer service desk in the ShopRite store and inform the staff that you would like to cash a money order, and they will assist you in the process.

Pay your fees

The fee amount for cashing a money order can vary from store to store, so it’s best to confirm the fee before you go.

Fill out the required information

Upon presentation of your original money order and identification documents, the ShopRite customer service representative may ask you for additional information.

Receive and verify cash

Upon verifying the authenticity of your money order, the ShopRite customer support representative will complete your request. Once everything is in order, the representative will issue you your cash equivalent money order.

Some Other Places Where Cash Money Orders

Banks, post offices, and some grocery stores and retail stores usually cash money orders. There’s a fee for cashing money orders at most banks. Any post office can cash money orders issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS). To cash the money order, the recipient needs a valid ID like a driver’s license or passport.

There are some grocery stores and retail stores like Walmart and Kroger that cash money orders for a fee. You may have to pay different fees depending on where you live and how much the money order is. There are also a lot of check-cashing stores that cash money orders.

Way to Find ShopRite Near Me That Sell Money Orders

Western Union’s agent locator “” will let you know if your local store sells money orders. If you want to search by agent name (the default is by address), type ShopRite, then filter for money orders under Western Union Services. If you don’t want to see agents who don’t sell money orders, uncheck all the filters except money orders. You’ll see results if any ShopRite stores sell money orders in your area.

Shoprite may also have a store-specific page on their website that outlines the services they offer at each store. You can also browse their online FAQ section.


What if I lose the money order?

It’s important to take immediate action if you lost a money order so you can try to recover it or don’t let someone else use it. When you report the loss, contact the issuer. The money order may be put on hold and a new one be issued. You’ll need to give them the money order number, the date of purchase, and the amount.

How do I pay for a money order?

A money order is a good way to pay bills or individuals. It’s a good alternative to cash because it’s trackable. Cash or debit cards are the only ways to pay for money orders. Check with the store near you to see what payment types they accept.  Also, it’s safe. You usually need a photo ID to cash money orders.