Before we start discussing Woodforest National Bank accepting third-party checks, it is necessary to understand what third-party checks are. Checks made payable to someone other than the person to whom the check is made are referred to as third-party checks. A third-party check involves more than one party, including the issuer, the payee, and the person cashing the check. These checks are distinguished from two-party checks by the fact that they are cashed by a person who is not the person to whom the check is made out.

An individual can cash a third-party check without the other person’s involvement by first endorsing the check. It is necessary for the original payee to write his or her name on the back of the check, followed by the name of the new payee, and sign it. You can then take the check to the bank to be deposited or cashed. If you want to deposit third-party checks online, you can mobile deposit them. But you have to keep the check until the deposit clears. What about third-party checks? Does Woodforest National Bank accept Third-party Checks? Primarily the answer is yes. Here are the details. 

Types of Third-party Checks

There are several different types of third-party checks. In this section, we will discuss three of the most common types of third-party checks:

1. Personal checks

The most common type of check used by most people is a personal check. Payees receive a check signed by the account holder of the payer authorizing the transfer of funds from the payer’s bank account to the payee’s account. An instant check, or counter check, is a type of personal check that can be printed out and used immediately by a financial institution. It’s okay to use a check with an old address as long as the routing and account numbers on it are current.

2. Certified checks

A certified check also draws funds from the issuer’s checking account. In contrast to personal checks, financial institutions issue certified checks on the condition that the payee has sufficient funds available in their checking account to cover the issued check.

3. Cashier’s checks

Typically, a cashier’s check represents money that has been deposited into the issuer’s account by your bank or credit union. A bank or credit union issues the funds, which are backed instead by the issuer’s checking account. Rather than being owned by the issuer, the money belongs to the financial institution.

Requirements For Cashing A Third-party Check

Fraud and theft are more likely to occur when third-party checks are used. Due to this, most banks and credit unions do not accept third-party checks, and some do but with strict guidelines. 


It is important to properly endorse the third-party checks on the back with the signatures of both parties. You should deposit your check in front of a bank teller or associate whenever possible. Do not deposit your check through an ATM or mobile banking app, where it is likely to be rejected. In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to endorse a third-party check, there is a list of other locations that accept third-party checks.


You will need current, government-issued photo identification when cashing or depositing a third-party check. Banks have different verification requirements for the check’s payees. Depending on the bank, some may contact the original payee to verify the account holder’s identity, while others may waive the second-party verification requirement for established account holders. Several banks require the presence of both parties and the provision of in-person verification. If you want to cash a third-party check, it’s always a good idea to call your bank’s branch and ask what verification they need.

You’ll have the best chance of cashing a third-party check if you go to the bank or credit union that issued it.

Woodforest National Bank Accept Third-party Checks in Some Conditions

There are certain conditions under which Woodforest National Bank may cash third-party checks. As a condition, the bank may require any third-party endorsers to provide a guarantee or verification of their endorsement or to endorse in the presence of the bank’s staff. If you are a customer of Woodforest National Bank, you can deposit checks and cash them at one of its many branches located throughout Texas. In addition to check-cashing services, free ATM transactions, and low-cost wire transfers, Woodforest National Bank offers a variety of financial services.

Woodforest National Bank Check Cashing Policy

The Woodforest National Bank allows its customers to cash checks as long as they have the appropriate government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Checks of all types are acceptable, including personal checks, payroll checks, and checks from third parties.

Regarding account ownership and how it affects the check-cashing process, you will be pleased to know that Woodforest National Bank also offers check-cashing to customers without an account. Although, in this case, the fee would be slightly higher than the fee charged to the owners of the accounts.

Consider When Cashing A Third-party Check At Woodforest National Bank

The procedure varies depending on which bank and institution do such transactions with their customers, so there’s no one specific way to do this. You can’t cash them everywhere like you can cash a personal check. There might be a different check cashing process at banks than at credit unions. If you have questions regarding a bank, business, or company, it is always best to contact them directly. Let’s say you want to cash a third-party check at Woodforest National Bank. 

It is not difficult to cash a third-party check. In terms of third-party checks, the most challenging aspect is finding where to cash them and ensuring that the check is endorsed.

You should send a third-party check to your bank for deposit, or ask the company you are cashing from how they can help you deposit the funds into your account.

If you are the new recipient of the check, you will need a few things at the bank in order to cash the check. During the cashing process, you will need to present the third-party check in hand, a valid photo ID, and the account information for your bank account. If possible, you should visit the bank where you have an account.

An alternative is to go online if one prefers a more straightforward solution. For banking services, there are several instant online check-cashing options available.

Woodforest National Bank Check Cashing Fee

As a matter of fact, Woodforest’s check cashing services cost between $5 and $9 per check, varying from bank to bank.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that non-account holders will be charged on average $9 per check for non-owners of accounts. 

Woodforest National Bank Check Cashing Limit

It is important to note that the check cashing limits at Woodforest National Banks diverge from one bank to the next, with some banks accepting checks valued upwards of $10,000.

Difference Between Cashing A Third-party Check And Depositing A Third-party Check

When you deposit third-party checks, the funds are transferred to your checking account balance. An alternative is to deposit a third-party check in a savings account. You receive cash back when you cash a third-party check, as the funds do not enter your bank account. 

When should you deposit a check and when should you cash it? You should not have any difficulty cashing your check if you have an adequate amount of money in your checking account. You may want to consider depositing the check instead of cashing it. This is because you do not have sufficient funds in your bank account or are scheduled to receive automatic payments soon. 

Cash A Check Online With Woodforest National Bank

You can access your Woodforest National Bank accounts anytime, anywhere with the Woodforest Online Banking and Mobile Banking App. Here are the steps for cashing a check online with Woodforest National Bank.

  • In order to complete the deposit process, you must choose the appropriate bank account into which you wish to deposit your check.
  • Take a picture of your entire checkbook using the camera on your mobile device. Do not forget to take a picture of the entire back of your endorsed check, or else your deposit will be refused.
  • You may submit your deposit once you have double-checked that all of the information is accurate.

Benefits Of Using Woodforest National Bank Mobile/online Check Deposit

By offering online check deposits, Woodforest National Bank offers customers the convenience of depositing checks without having to visit the bank. The Woodforest Mobile Deposit service lets you deposit checks anywhere, at any time, from nearly any location. 

You must sign up for Woodforest National Bank Online Services first, and then have access to the Woodforest National Bank Mobile Banking app on your iPhone or Android device. Here are some of the benefits of using Woodforest Mobile Deposit: 

  • User-Friendly: You can deposit a check with Woodforest National Bank Mobile Deposit. Once your check is deposited, you will receive an email confirmation and another one once the bank confirms the deposit.
  • Ease of access: You can download the Woodforest National Bank Mobile app on your device for free from their respective app stores. You can download Woodforest National Bank Mobile Banking from the App Store by searching for it there.
  • It is flexible: You can deposit checks whenever and wherever you want with Woodforest National Bank Mobile Deposit. The Woodforest National Bank Mobile Deposit offers the convenience of being accessible around the clock as well as the ability to deposit checks at your convenience. The entrance is free of lines or queues. No deposit slips will be issued and bank visits aren’t necessary.

Using of Third-Party Checks for Various Purposes

People use third-party checks for a variety of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for using a third-party check are as follows:

  • Debt fulfillment: Suppose you owe money to a friend. If you have a check for the amount you owe your friend, you can sign it over to your friend.
  • Third-party cashing: You will sign a check over to your business partner so that he or she can cash the check for you.
  • Cash alternative: You want to give your partner money but don’t have any cash with you. Now if you have a check in your name, you can sign it over to your partner instead of giving him/her cash.

Other Banks That Cash Third-party Checks

You can cash a third-party check for free at a bank where you have an account. But cashing a third-party check at a bank where you don’t have an account may cost you a fee.

There are many banks that will cash third-party checks, but unless it is at your bank, you will need identification. Your bank may still require an ID, however. So, when visiting banks, be sure to have your ID on hand. Besides the Woodforest National Bank, several banks accept third-party checks, including:

  • Bank of America (sometimes requires identification)
  • Wells Fargo (requires Personal Info & Photo ID)
  • Chase Bank (require personal info and photo ID for all transactions over $100)
  • Citi
  • Capital One (requires personal info and photo ID)
  • Jupiter Bank (requires identification if not a current customer or depositor)
  • SunTrust Banking Center (requires identification if not a current customer)

Call the bank above in advance and ask if an ID is needed. Check cashing policies change all the time, so call to make sure you know what you need. Bank direct deposit times won’t apply if you cash a third-party check at a bank. Additionally, the money should be available right after the check is cashed since you’re cashing it at a bank. A credit union may also be able to cash a third-party check for you.

Discover Alternative Options For Cashing Third-Party Checks

There are many places where you can cash a third-party check just as you can cash a regular check. Nevertheless, you may not be able to cash third-party checks at some locations. There are Three categories of locations where third-party checks can be cashed. 

1. ATM

It is the policy of some institutions to only accept third-party checks in person. Some financial institutions, however, allow you to cash third-party checks through their ATMs. However, they only accept current account holders. Make sure the institution allows you to cash third-party checks at an ATM.

If you are attempting to cash a third-party check at an ATM, don’t make a guess. An ATM that does not accept third-party checks may keep your check if you attempt to cash it. This will result in you having to wait until the financial institution mails you a new check. So, don’t get caught up in this unnecessary hassle. 

2. Online banking

There is a possibility that you can cash third-party checks via your mobile device. Several banks and credit unions accept third-party checks through their online banking systems. You may even be able to cash third-party checks without having a bank account through some mobile applications.

When submitting the check on the app, you should hold the check until the institution confirms it has cleared. You can cash third-party checks using these mobile check-cashing services:

  • Chime
  • Cash App
  • Google Pay
  • Zelle

3. Check to cash at stores

You can cash a third-party check at a check cashing store or a currency exchange. It’s not available in every check-cashing store. These are a few that do it:

  • The Check Cashing Store
  • Check into Cash
  • Money Mart Source
  • Advanced Financial
  • ACE Cash Express

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Do I Need A Bank Account To Cash A Third-party Check?

Cashing third-party checks does not require a bank account. Non-account holders may cash checks at currency exchanges, credit unions, and through mobile apps. It is important to remember that cashing a check at a financial institution can be more convenient and faster.

Checking accounts have many advantages that outweigh any disadvantages. It is beneficial to have a bank account for many reasons, including the ability to cash checks. It may be a good idea to open a checking account to avoid any hassle. Alternatively, you may wish to consider opening a joint bank account with a spouse or family member if you do not wish to maintain your checking account. 

How does a third-party check differ from a second-party check?

With a better understanding of what a third-party check is, let’s see how it compares to a traditional second-party check. Second-party checks and third-party checks are different in a few key ways. There are three parties involved in a third-party check- the issuer, the recipient, and the person who cashes it. Checks drawn by a second party are between two parties – the drawer and the drawee. Additionally, third-party checks require two endorsement signatures, while second-party checks require only one. As a final point, third-party checks are less common than second-party checks.

Can You Deposit Someone Else’s Check in Your Account?

Banks and credit unions accept third-party checks for cashing. In addition, you may deposit someone else’s check into your account, but you must obtain their written consent in advance. If you have them sign the back of their check, you will have their permission.

How long does it take Woodforest National Bank to clear a check?

The clearing time for a check typically ranges from one to ten hours. It’s possible to access funds from check deposits on the same business day, usually within two hours unless an exception occurs. 

Will Woodforest National Bank cash a check from another bank?

If you have a check from another bank, you may cash it at any Woodforest National Bank branch in your area.