I’m familiar with the EDD program, which helps unemployed people in the US with money. My dad got it when he was out of work, and so did some of my friends. EDD stands for Employment Development Department, and it has different services for jobless people and business owners. Some of them are Disability Insurance (DI), Unemployment Insurance (UI), and Paid Family Leave (PFL). You have to qualify to get these benefits every month. You can also transfer money from the EDD card to your bank account.

I’m one of the lucky ones who get EDD benefits. They send me a Visa debit card from Bank of America, and the money goes there automatically. They let me know when it’s there, and I can use it to buy stuff or take cash from any ATM. It’s like any other debit card, really. You can also transfer money from the EDD card to your bank account. In this composition I’ll answer how transfer money from the EDD card to your bank account and some questions about that later, so stay tuned!

Steps to Transfer Money From the EDD Card to Your Checking or Savings Bank Account

The EDD gives me the financial benefit every month through the EDD debit card until I am unemployed. I can use the debit card to withdraw cash from any ATM that supports a Visa debit card, and I can make payments when purchasing something for me, or my family members. Besides these common features, I can also transfer money from my EDD card to my bank account. If you are confused about it, then don’t worry about the procedure. It’s simple, and Bank of America (BOA) helps EDD beneficiaries in this process. It doesn’t matter whether your bank account is private checking or savings, you can transfer your cash to both types of accounts.

So, you can make the transfer process using both the smartphone app and ATM. Once the BOA finalizes your direct deposit process, you can transfer anytime anywhere. Besides a smartphone, you can also go to a nearby ATM and transfer funds to your linked bank account.  

To set up the direct deposit process, you have to call the BOA customer care first. So, you should ask for help from the BOA through 1-866-692-9374 for voice calls. There is also the Teletypewriter (TTY) system through 1-866-656-5913. The card issuer (Bank of America) should then carry out the entire process for you so that, you can start transferring cash from the EDD card to your bank account. You can also ask them to process the direct deposit through BOA online communication. To create your direct deposit for the EDD card, you need this documentation:

  • The debit card you just got from the BOA
  • Your current email addresses
  • The bank account number which you want to set to transfer money. Also, the routing number is required. 

Once the BOA finishes the setting of your direct deposit process, you can then start transferring funds immediately. You can execute the transfer process online, and there is no need for BOA recognition in this process. But you can download and use the BOA mobile app as an online account to your EDD card. Since BOA is just a card issuer, you don’t need to be an account holder of this bank. Only the EDD holds the regulation rights of your EDD card. So, you can transfer, withdraw and spend the amount however you wish as an independent account holder. Remember, you can change or cancel the bank account at any time.    

How Do You Cash Out Money From an EDD Debit Card

The EDD debit card works like any other debit card you know. I can use my EDD card whenever and wherever I want to cash out as the BOA issues the Visa debit card to the beneficiaries. One of the options I mentioned above is transferring from EDD to a bank account through the setting up of a direct deposit option. Once the BOA sets up the direct deposit, then you can transfer money from your EDD debit card to your bank account and then cash-out money from your bank counter. It’s one of the processes. 

Another is withdrawing money from any bank that accepts the Visa debit card. In an emergency, you can get into a nearby bank counter, that accepts Visa cards. The counter should help you in cash out and give you the amount in hand. You can keep a track of your EDD card balance during the cash-out process. 

And finally, the ATMs are open nationwide for you. If you ask me, I have never faced any hassles while withdrawing money from any ATMs. But the ATM must be a Visa card supportive as usual. If you want to avoid fees, then try to prefer the Bank of America ATMs. Non-network ATMs are also open for you, but they charge fees for every withdrawal. There is also a waiver here, you can withdraw two times for free at non-network ATMs. Since you have a Visa card, you don’t need to worry about cashing out from any of the options I mentioned.       

Ways To Get Cash Out Without EDD Debit Card 

It’s a very helpful service from the Bank of America that you can withdraw money taking help from their domestic emergency cash transfer feature. This urgent feature helped me several times when I was yet to get the debit card in my hands and was facing the urgent need for cash. All you have to do is call 1-866-692-9374 (for voice calls) or 1-866-656-5913 (TTY) to ask for help from the customer representative. If you are not in the country call 423-262-1650.   

How Can I Check the Current Balance in My EDD Debit Card Account

There is automated account information of Bank of America that I use to check my debit card balance. There is no cost to check your balance if you call customer service at 1-866-692-9374 as it’s a toll-free number. I also check my balance in ATMs when I go there for cash withdrawal. Balance inquiry is also available online through “visaprepaidprocessing.com/eddcard”. If you ask me how I track my balance then follow my technique. I usually do a balance check before a transaction or withdraw money from the ATM or bank counter. So that I know how much I have on my EDD card. Bank of America also has text messages and email alerts for daily balance checks. If you sign-up and select this option from your BOA account, you will get daily balance alerts as well as low balance alerts. 

Is EDD Debit Card Free to Use / EDD Card Fees (Transaction Fee, Service Fee)

Most of the services from an EDD card are totally free. A few kinds of transactions charge some fees. You may avoid fees with the careful use of a debit card. You don’t need to worry while making payments for things as there is no service charge. Even, you can get a cashback offer at many retail stores. Usually, from ATMs, credit unions, and tellers at banks, you can withdraw cash. In that case, you have to pay a charge exceeding the number of free transactions from nonbank of America ATMs.

No fees in some cases:

  • Purchasing with Cashback at groceries, drug stores, US post office locations. 
  • Withdrawal at domestic Bank of America ATMs
  • There are two free ATM withdrawals per deposit at Non-Bank of America ATMs
  • Access to unlimited teller cash at any bank or credit union that accepts Visa cards
  • Unlimited balance inquires at online customer service
  • Automated and Live customer service inquires
  • Domestic card replacements

You must read California Employment Development Department Debit Card Agreement when you receive the welcome packet. Make sure, you understand any transaction and service fee of your debit card. 

Note: for certain ATM transactions, there will be an additional “convenience fee” or “surcharge fee” (the ATM should display a sign indicating this fee). 

  • Domestic Emergency Cash Transfer
  • International ATM withdrawals

Remember, this additional charge is not for Bank of America ATMs.  

Bank of America EDD Debit Card Customer Service

The most attractive part of EDD debit card is its customer service. That is helpful for the people, who are obsessed with this EDD debit card. You can get the customer service of BofA for 24 completely free horses. So, you can use the automated account information any time via the Toll-Free customer service. Either your balance inquiry or anything else, just call at 1.866.692.9374. You will get all of your information by this number such as recent transactions, deposit updates, balance queries, and more. Besides, customer service, you can take help online by visiting “visaprepaidprocessing.com/eddcard/program/faq”.

  • EDD Debit card automated account information will help you in the following cases:
  • get your card activated
  • Either selecting or changing the PIN
  • Checking account balance and recent transactions
  • Checking date or amount of last deposit
  • Speaking with a customer representative 

EDD Debit card customer representative also can help you with some other issues, such as:

  • Resolving a question about account statements
  • Account history request 
  • Assist with direct deposit funds transfer
  • Investigate transaction
  • lost/stolen/damaged card reports
  • Requesting for an emergency cash transfer

Visit “visaprepaidprocessing.com/eddcard” to know more options:

  • Activating the card
  • inquiry about balance
  • History of transaction
  • Direct deposit funds transfer
  • Dispute Form/Affidavit
  • ATM location
  • Requesting for changing a PIN

How Do I Keep Track of My Account Transaction Activity

Go to at “www.visaprepaidprocessing.com/eddcard” to see your account transaction for 24 hours. You can take help from Bank of America by calling their toll-free number. EDD debit card customer care number is 1.866.692.9374. You should contact me to know your recent transaction and deposit update. Usually, you will get immediate notification from the value load alert for your new deposit. You may set an alert option under your profile, just log into your account and sign up for the alert section. If you need a monthly paper statement, then contact customer service and ask for it. There is no charge for requesting a statement. 

How Do I Protect the EDD Debit Card

Some ways you must use to protect the EDD debit card. Those are included in the below:

  • Make sure, you keep the PIN a secret. (someone can steal it if knows the PIN to withdraw money)
  • Store your card in a safe place (someone can use your personal information)
  • You should not share your debit card information with anyone else. (BofA representative won’t ask you for personal details such as a PIN)
  • Accidentally, if you lose your debit card then must confirm BofA to lock your card. 
  • Try to operate your account online where the connection is secure. Avoid insecure internet connections like public Wi-Fi. 

Is It Possible to Connect Your EDD Card to Your Cash App

No, prepaid cards cannot be accepted by Cash App. In that case, you should use a bank account or an accepted card to solve this matter. Currently, you cannot use a prepaid card when you add money to the Cash app. Usually, the Cash app works with a linked bank account including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc.

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