People in this world are now involved in their work with so much rush and hurry that they find it full of hurdles to prepare food for them. Instead, on-demand food delivery is the best alternative for those busy but food-loving people. Besides the great opportunity of ordering a meal on the phone from a favorite restaurant, there are also some frustrating experiences people face these days with placing orders. Sometimes people get the wrong meal or the order arrives too late to be picked up at the locations. Then there is no other way to miss the meal. In that case, you will find a way to get a refund from the company that made the mistake with the meal. Luckily, DoorDash has this policy to give a refund to customers if the dasher (the delivery person) is late or delivers the wrong meal or incorrect menu. DoorDash has a hassle-free refund process that is the same easy process that provides you with the best food from your favorite restaurant.

Every day, millions of people order food from their favorite restaurants through the DoorDash app. The dashers always stay on the run to provide the best food on time. But some negative issues arise due to unexpected situations. DoorDash doesn’t ignore those and admits to refunding customers’ orders. To get the refund hassle-free, you should know some facts about DoorDash’s policy. So, read below to better prepare yourself for a successful refund from DoorDash. 

The DoorDash refund policy

Usually, the delivered order from DoorDash is nonrefundable. Although this company has a good reputation and a vast number of customers trust DoorDash. That’s why DoorDash sets different types of refunds to maintain their reputations. Customers of DoorDash can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the order. And there are some other circumstances when customers decide to get a refund. As a regular customer of DoorDash, you have the right to know all about DoorDash’s refund policy. Let’s dig into the DoorDash refund policy and the process of getting a refund. 

You must ask for a refund within 14 days after purchasing any order. Make sure you have informed the DoorDash team with detailed information about why you want a refund. Here is a list of compensation. 

  • Full refund : DoorDash is not responsible for providing refunds for delivered orders. You can get a full refund if you decide to cancel your order when the restaurant has not confirmed it and Dasher has not assigned it. You will get a full refund if no dasher is assigned by DoorDash. 
  • Partial refund : You will get a partial refund if the restaurant started preparing your food and already a dasher is assigned for it. If you find your dasher is taking more time than you expected, you can report against the Dasher. When you finda Preparing order on the app, think twice before canceling your order because you are not getting a full refund. 
  • Free DoorDash credit : Sometimes DoorDash compensates with free credits that you can use for your next purchase. That credit can cover your orders, and it is like a free treat from a friend. Your account will show the credit you got. If you don’t find any credit in the account, then contact customer service. 

What types of orders can I refund?

Getting a refund from DoorDash is possible in two ways: either for DoorDash food delivery refunds or DoorDash subscription Refunds. Remember a few things in terms of refunds:

1. DoorDash Food Delivery Refund 

You have the option to cancel your order before the restaurant starts preparing your food. Generally, for finished orders, there is no refund available in the DoorDash refund policy. DoorDash will give you a full or partial refund depending on the status of your order. If you cancel the order in time, then you have a chance to get a full refund. 

2. DoorDash Subscription Refunds

DashPass is a monthly subscription to DoorDash. The DashPass subscription monthly fee is $9.99, and you will get free delivery on orders of $15 or more. If you want to cancel your DashPass subscription, you can do so within 48 hours and will get a full refund. Here are some terms as per DoorDash:

  • For a free trial or promo subscription of DashPass, customers will be able to cancel the subscription and get a full refund. 
  • Once you have placed your first DashPass order, if you decide to cancel your DashPass annual subscription within thirty days of the first order, you will get a refund of your annual subscription charge. 
  • Your refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.  

Common Reasons for a DoorDash Refund

There are several types of reasons that DoorDash takes as valid conditions for the refunds. There are many types of scenarios that can happen to you. You can request a refund if you have nothing to do with the issues with the order. If the DoorDash staff or the dasher or the restaurant is liable for the issue, then you can request the order. There might be confusion in your mind about what types of issues are considered eligible to DoorDash for the refund request. Here are some of the issues that you can consider requesting a refund from DoorDash. 

1. Missing items issue

If you find any of the menus missing from the order that the dasher delivered to you, then consider that the restaurant is liable for that. In that case, DoorDash refunds the order. If you are sure that the menu you ordered is not included properly and one or more than one items is missing, then there are two options from DoorDash. They will either make another delivery or issue you a refund. It’s up to you whether you want the proper delivery again or to get a refund for it. You will have to reach out to customer care or use the app to request a refund. The DoorDash app on your smartphone can help you request a refund if your order is missing or delivered to you incompletely.   

2. Wrong address issue

Here is a feature from DoorDash that works great for customers. The DoorDash policy supports a refund if the order never arrives. Sometimes it happens to both the customers and dashers as they don’t meet due to address issues. In that case, you can request a refund from DoorDash. For this, there is an option in the DoorDash app to ask for a refund. Here is the specific option on the app that allows you to report the delivery issue regarding the wrong address.

  • Open the DoorDash app on your phone. 
  • Find and tap on the Order and select the specific order that you never received. 
  • Find and tap on the Help option located in the top right of the app interface.
  • You should see the Order never arrived under the Delivery Issues option. Tap on it. 
  • Then follow the instructions onward and submit your report. Choose the resolving option such as choosing either the refund or the DoorDash credit that you can use on any next order.   

There is also the option to contact and talk to the customer care representative to let them know about the issue and find a solution.  

For your information, DoorDash has another option that allows a customer to change the delivery address only if the delivery is in progress. For this, you will get an option on the DoorDash app. So open the app and follow the instructions below. 

  • Find the Help option from the top of the app interface. 
  • You will see the Change Address tab. You can select the address from the saved list or enter a new one. 

The app intelligence will let you change the option only if you can manage to request for change within the delivery range. Otherwise, you will see a gray area in the address option on the app interface, which means you can’t change the address. In that case, my suggestion is to cancel the order or remain with the current address. 

3. Incorrect orders issue

Getting incorrect orders is not an uncommon phenomenon anymore. Commonly, sometimes customers experience unexpected ingredients which make news sometimes. In these circumstances, customers don’t have other options except a refund request. Restaurants also fail to prepare the menu as described in their catalogs. Sometimes they mistakenly deliver the wrong sized or smaller sized meal to the customer. Here dashers have nothing to do with the order. So restaurants are completely liable for these mistakes. DoorDash considers these issues as part of their product faults as allows customers to claim the refunds.   

To claim your refund if you face any of the circumstances, just log in to the DoorDash app on your smartphone and follow the steps accordingly.

  • Tap on the Orders from the app and select the order you have had issues with. 
  • Now select the Help option and you will find the Order Issues option. Then tap on the Items Made Incorrectly from the available options. 
  • Then follow the onward instructions to contact the DoorDash customer service representative to get your expected refund. 

4. Late delivery issue

DoorDash always sets a reasonable delivery time for each order based on the distance between the restaurant and the customer and traffic conditions as well. But no customer has patience for the unreasonable delivery time which DoorDash considers seriously and provides a refund to the customer if they claim it. Customers usually don’t want to wait if the dasher takes much longer than the estimated delivery time. For the refund, again open the app as mentioned above. 

  • Tap on the Orders and then find the Help option. 
  • You will then see the Delivery Issues and below this, there should be the Arrived Late tab to tap on it if the time exceeds the estimated delivery time. 
  • Then follow the further instructions and wait to get a call from the DoorDash customer support agent to hear from you and resolve the refund issue. 

5. Order canceled issue

DoorDash has also a specific policy in this regard. You will get the full refund only if you have canceled the order before the restaurant starts preparing the food. Additionally, you will get a full refund if the assigned Dasher is yet to travel to the restaurant. DoorDash app has the order tracking feature where you can get the update or the order status of the order at the current time. So better cancel in time if you want the refund. Remember that the time is short in this regard, just a few minutes. If the restaurant receives your order or a dasher is assigned by DoorDash, you will receive a partial refund accordingly. You will not receive the refund if the restaurant starts the food preparation and the assigned Dasher starts traveling to the restaurant to pick up the order. 

6. Spoiled orders issue

Nobody shall receive spoiled food whatever the situation is. DoorDash refunds for the food that comes as unfit to eat or the quality is bad. If the food is cold, soggy, or burnt straight from the restaurant, then the customer can request a refund as nobody can eat such insecure food. Initially, DoorDash will make you a re-order offer. But if you want the refund then they will start processing it. Follow the instructions to get the refund.

  • Tap on the Order from the DoorDash app.
  • Then Tap on the Help option and you will see Poor Food Quality under the Order Issues option. Tap on it as well. 
  • Try to include additional information supporting your experience with the food of bad quality. Then follow the further instructions to talk to a customer representative. 

7. DoorDash scams issue

Some data from DoorDash users’ experiences say that there have been phishing, fake dashers, and tempered food which DoorDash considers scams. If you think you are a victim or have experienced any of these scams, then you should report it to the DoorDash customer support center to get rid of it. You can contact the customer agent instantly through the DoorDash app or by dialing the customer support agent number. It’s always a matter of safety and security when you suspect a scamming or identity theft issue while using the DoorDash app. So to ensure the safety from both ends, my suggestion is to report immediately. Don’t ignore the security of your phone and your personal information in it.    

How to request a refund on DoorDash

There are all the dimensional ways of requesting a refund from DoorDash. If you have the legal logic for the refund, then DoorDash is bound to grant and provide it to you. There are several ways you can follow to request a refund. They are:

Remember that you should have a valid reason to request a refund which I have already mentioned above. Besides here I am going to mention some essential things that you should keep in mind while attempting for a refund. 

  • Explain the reason in detail to make your claim for the refund bold and straight. 
  • Stay calm and be honest while sharing your bad experience with the order.
  • Don’t get upset or don’t be mean on the issue. Be respectful to the dasher or the customer support agent.    

How to contact DoorDash for a refund

Whatever the issue is if you want to request a refund you must contact with DoorDash support team. The most effective way is to talk with the customer support representative. 

Call DoorDash – Request a Refund Over the Phone

DoorDash customer service is highly responsive to customers. Whether you experienced any mistakes or anything else, DoorDash customer service is always there for you. Call on 855-973-1040 and share details on why you want a refund. Sometimes, the customer support center gets loaded with a huge number of customer requests. Then live session can be a better option for you. 

Request a Refund Over Live Chat

If you want a refund from DoorDash for a wrong food order or a subscription service problem, you need to contact DashPass directly. You can request a refund through DoNotPay or directly contact customer service. Besides, live chat can be a good option for requesting a refund. Either you choose phone call or the live chat, visit “” and select the Live chat icon. In a live chat session, a customer representative will talk with you regarding the issue and inform the representative about the reason for the refund. 

How to get a refund from DashPass?

DashPass subscription fees can be refunded within 48 hours of purchase or 30 days of annual purchase if you cancel within that period. DoorDash allows canceling DashPass at any time through the DoorDash app or website. Follow the steps below to cancel your DashPass subscription:

  1. First Open the app on your mobile 
  2. Tap on Account Icon
  3. Then go to the Manage DashPass option
  4. Tap on End Subscription and Confirm 

DoorDash refund method

DoorDash comes with extensive benefits and ensures high-quality services for its vast number of customers. A DoorDash refund system is a way to make customers happy and keep active on this food delivery platform. A refund will be issued on your preferred method of payment. If you choose any of these:

  • Getting credit
  • Getting refund
  • Or getting a redelivery

You wouldn’t find any refund status on the DoorDash app. To know the refund status, you must contact customer service directly. Once DoorDash is issued, additional time require from financial institutions to proceed. 

Who pays for DoorDash refunds?

The DoorDash or Restaurant, any of them have to pay a refund. It depends on the liability of both sides as to who should pay the refund. Usually, the restaurant will cover missing or incorrect food items. If dashers make mistakes, then DoorDash will pay a partial refund for those issues. DoorDash will take care of quality controls, food standards, etc. there are various issues that only DoorDash can maintain. Though DoorDash is a nationwide popular platform so this company is highly concerned about its vast numbers of customers. If customers are dissatisfied with the overall situation, they can complain about a bad experience. For sure, you will get top-notch service from DoorDash. 

How long does it take for DoorDash to refund?

In general, the refund process can take five to seven days. Usually, DoorDash processes refund immediately but the bank takes time to proceed. It all depends on how fast the bank processes your refund. Keep eye on the refund status on the DoorDash app. If you see the Pending option, that means it will need three days to detach charges from the bank statement. Imminent charges are un-processed means your money hasn’t been taken yet. If it takes more than seven business days to get a refund, then contact DoorDash customer service about refund issues. Even you can check the status at the DoorDash website. 

How to cancel an order on DoorDash

The DoorDash app is a fast and simple process it allows you to cancel an order easily. The amount of refund will depend on the circumstances of the order. DoorDash will calculate how long you took for the cancellation and then will set either full, partial, or you are not getting a refund. Here you have to follow the self-help function to cancel an order.

Steps to cancel an order from mobile app

  1. Choose the order from the Orders selection
  2. At the top right-hand corner, you will find Help 
  3. Under the Help menu, you will get Cancel Order 
  4. Tap Cancel Order with details of the order in the Order Details section 
  5. Follow the instructions 

Steps to cancel an order from laptop or desktop computer 

  1. At the top left of the corner of the screen choose the button with three lines. 
  2. Select in-progress order if you want to cancel and tap View Order
  3. Click Help on the right side
  4. Choose Can I cancel my order?
  5. Select Cancel Order
  6. Follow the prompts

Usually, the status of the order will determine the type of refund whether it’s partial, full, or no refund. Make sure you have canceled before the order gets delivered. 

How to report DoorDash missing items

Sometimes, you may miss one or more items on the menu after receiving the delivery. If you find out that you didn’t receive your ordered menu properly, then you can report it through the app. Let me help you in this regard. 

  1. Open the DoorDash app on your phone 
  2. You will find the option Order on the interface. You will see the order list with the one with missing items. Tap on it. 
  3. Then enter the Help option located in the top corner of the app interface. 
  4. You will find the option Order Issues, tap on it. 
  5. The Missing Items option will appear to let you select the items that were missing in the delivery. Choose the missing items carefully. 
  6. You are done with the main options except if you include any additional information regarding the issue. You will see the Details option to write about the issue. Then tap on the Submit option to send your refund request.  

You will get a phone call from a DoorDash customer representative within an hour to talk about the issue. DoorDash usually provides the customer with several options such as particle refund, full refund, or re-delivery. But don’t worry, you will likely get your way of refund if you opt for it.  

How to check the status of a DoorDash refund

If DoorDash is granted a refund, you will get confirmation through an email about the refund issue date and the amount of refund. You will get an email that is associated with the DoorDash account. Go to the DoorDash app and tap Orders and select Order History. You will see when the refund has been approved and how much refund you are getting. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) 

How many days after the order can I request a refund?

In most cases, you can request a refund within 7 days of placing your order. Try to request as early as possible. After requesting you will need more to proceed. 

Can I refund a percentage of the tip?

Giving a tip is totally your choice. The tip you wish to refund will depend on what percentage you choose. Make sure, you asked for a refund properly. 

Can I refund a partial amount of the order?

It is possible to receive a partial amount of the order if the restaurant started to prepare your meal and the driver is assigned for the delivery but didn’t pick it up. If your app shows the Preparing Offer, then think again before canceling the order. You may rate the app as bad service. If you think the dasher did anything wrong, then you still have the option to make a report against the driver. Customers can get a full refund if they cancel an in-process order, which means the restaurant hasn’t confirmed yet and the driver wasn’t assigned yet. 

How do I know that an order has been refunded?

You will receive an email confirmation when your refund is issued. You will get details of the refund issue date and the amount of the refund. The details will be sent to the email address associated with your DoorDash account. The DoorDash app gives you access to viewing the refund history when tapping Order History. You will see the specific amount that you refunded and when it occurred. You may check through the web or the DoorDash app. 

Does DoorDash refund the restaurant closed issue?

If you placed an order and the restaurant is now closed, the scenario makes you worried about getting a refund. But, don’t worry! DoorDash DoorDash customer support will cancel your order and refund the full amount. You will have a choice either you can be used this credit for your next order or refund the amount. If you use the DoorDash app you will find details about your current order. Sometimes Restaurant closes a bit early rather than on regular days. Before ordering you should check the closing time and when you see almost closing time then don’t order from this restaurant. 

DoorDash canceled my order with no refund, what will I do?

DoorDash may cancel your order because of several reasons. If DoorDash cancels you will get your refund. Usually, the time frame of the refund may vary. If you canceled your order and didn’t get a refund, then wait a few days. If you didn’t get any response yet and experienced something bad, then you should contact customer services. DoorDash allows you to complain about your experience. Make a statement and inform DoorDash through email at [email protected]. Try to share every detail about your overall experience. 

How many refunds does DoorDash allow?

DoorDash maintains a great relationship with customers, and extending its service refund policy is a great way to do that. You are allowed to get a refund once within 7 days of the order cancellation. Customers may contact the customer support number at 855-431-0459 regarding a refund. You will get a partial or full refund for one item.