Venmo is one of the most popular payment services that allows account holders to use all the features through its versatile app. The reason I know a lot about Venmo is that I have been using it for years and am a witness to the evolution of this secure service. I use Venmo to receive and send money in a secured way and keep both me and my clients worried about the financial dealings. Other features from Venmo include ATM withdrawals, instant transfers, transferring money to debit cards, other Venmo accounts, bank account, and finally, you can withdraw cash over the counter at a bank that accepts Mastercard. You can even spend your balance from Venmo to purchase online and in-store.

Let me tell you the secret of the simplicity of the Venmo account. You can open a Venmo account without any bank attachments. That means you don’t need a bank account here. All you need is a Venmo card to withdraw money from ATMs without link a bank account. Getting a Venmo debit card is a matter of some simple steps. You can apply for a Venmo debit card using the app on your smartphone. With this MasterCard debit card, you can get access to all the features of a regular bank. But keep in mind that there are some simple eligibility terms to get a Venmo debit card. There are some facts that you should know while getting money from Venmo without a bank account. So just stick to my article to be an expert on Venmo. 

Can I open a Venmo account without link a bank account?

Many users still don’t know that Venmo allows users to open a Venmo account without a bank account. A Venmo account works just like a debit card, so all you need to do is pay with the Mastercard debit card. People who have both a bank account and a Venmo account tend to link them both to transfer and withdraw money. But many Venmo account holders don’t know that they can get money from Venmo without having any bank accounts. Suppose you have a Venmo account or are planning to have one. Now you are tensed about having a bank account to deal with the Venmo transactions. In that case, you are looking for a hassle-free way to avoid any bank account while using Venmo. If so, then let me assure you the right way where Venmo doesn’t require any bank account to send, receive or withdraw money from your Venmo balance. The Venmo app is featured with everything that you can do with your money. And they provide the Venmo Debit card in a faster and simpler way than you think. 

Set-up Venmo account without link bank account?

Setting up a Venmo without a bank account is possible and simple. Venmo offers two types of accounts to users, Personal and Business. You will have to sign up first for a personal profile, and then if you want to create a business profile. Then, you will have to proceed with your profile. But keep in mind that, you can sign up for a personal account and a business profile simultaneously. 

Follow the steps to sign up for a Venmo personal account.

  • You must be eligible to use the Venmo app such as you will have to be 18 or older and a legal resident of America. There are other eligibility terms that you will find further in this article.
  • Then download the Venmo mobile app using iOS (iPhone) or Android devices.
  • Then tap on the app to it from the phone interface. 
  • Choose a sign-up method as you want to and create a password with 8 to 32 numbers characters to make it secure.
  • Now enter your email address and phone number. Remember that this email and phone number should be fresh and new to Venmo. 

Venmo will verify your phone number by sending codes. You will have to enter the code properly. 

Use Venmo money without a bank account

Venmo works easily through its app and doesn’t require a bank account when you want to use your Venmo money. You can use your Venmo balance for different purposes. Use Venmo balance instead of a bank account in these ways: 

  • Through the Venmo debit card : You can use this card anywhere that accepts Venmo debit cards. You can withdraw money from any ATM that accepts Mastercard or Venmo cards. There are several purchasing purposes you can use this card. 
  • Paying with Venmo balance : Another way of using your Venmo balance is paying with this balance. If you receive money from another Venmo user, then you can spend it on buying a gift card. Even the Venmo app can help you for making transactions without using a bank account. Some merchants use the Venmo app as a payment option by using the Venmo QR code. 
  • Send money to someone : Venmo transfer service is quite effective. You can send Venmo money to anyone as a payment. For example, if you have a loan or you have to pay a bill, then you can pay through the Venmo app. Make sure, the recipient also uses Venmo and you have enough balance in your Venmo account. 

Steps to get money from Venmo account without link a bank account

For getting money from Venmo people always link their bank accounts with Venmo accounts. Don’t worry! If you don’t have a bank account, you will be able to get cash. Like other debit cards, the Venmo debit card can help you attain cash. This card allows transferring money from one card to another card or online. This MasterCard can withdraw money through a Venmo account at an ATM point that accepts this card. The Venmo debit card has a withdrawal limit. You can only withdraw $400 per day when you use a Venmo debit card. In this article, you will get sufficient knowledge of how to get money from Venmo without a Venmo account. 

Who issues the Venmo debit card 

Many shops in the USA shops are accepting Venmo app payments through Venmo QR codes. Getting a Venmo debit card for yourself is the best way to avoid the hassle of using an ATM. The Bancorp Bank issues the Venmo debit card. It has a license from Mastercard International. Either for online shopping, purchasing goods, or transferring money, the Venmo debit card is always helpful. Though Venmo funds have FDIC insurance your money will be safe. If any circumstances happen for a bank collapse, don’t worry, you wouldn’t lose any money from your funds. After getting this debit card, you have to activate it by navigating to the set. Follow the prompts to get the Venmo debit card. Though you can’t use this card internationally, it is a convenient way to spend your Venmo balance on domestic purchases. 

Confirm that you are eligible for Venmo debit card

Getting a Venmo card is open for anyone, but the applicant must meet some basic requirements. You can open an account with Venmo by proving that you are eligible for the MasterCard Debit card. 

  • First of all, you must be 18 years or older at the time when you apply for the Venmo Debit card. 
  • You must be a legal resident of the country.  
  • Your cell phone should be from any of the US network service providers. You should keep it active to get a confirmation code for authentication. 
  • You need to download the updated version of the Venmo app (7.32.0 or newer) to get the latest application procedure. 
  • Remember that you can use one phone number and email address for one Venmo account only. 

After opening an account, you may use your Venmo account at any time

Apply for a Venmo debit card

Getting a Venmo Card is the easiest among others. The process is simple and easy like ordering a product online. Let me make it simple for you. Just follow my instructions to get your Venmo debit Card. 

  • Open the Venmo app on your smartphone. 
  • Tap on the Settings (three lines icon) at the top right
  • Choose Venmo Debit Card
  • Tap on “Get Venmo Card” and pick the color of your card (five different colors) 
  • Input first name, last name, date of birth, and last four numbers of SSN 
  • Agree on terms and conditions and click “Next”
  • Enter your delivery address 
  • Follow and complete steps as ordered and then Tap on the “Submit”
  • Tap on the “Order Card”
  • Venmo will send you the physical Venmo card within 10 to 15 business days. If 15 days passed and you didn’t get your card, then you should contact Venmo customer support. 

Note: Venmo may ask for some additional information (driver’s license or another ID) 

Wait for the debit card to reach you 

The debit card delivery process will start when you tap the submit option during the debit card application process. Usually, Venmo conveys to its user if any extent occurs. You must wait for any confirmation email or notification text. Once the entire application process is completed and approved for getting the physical Venmo debit card, it usually takes 10 to 15 days to attain. Sometimes, the process can delay due to its system performance. I suggest waiting until 15 days before you take the initiatives to contact Venmo customer service. If 15 days exceed and still you didn’t get your physical Venmo debit card, then contact Venmo customer support immediately. 

Activate your Venmo debit card

A Venmo debit card is almost similar to another bank card. Remember that, you have to activate your card before using it. You may activate it through the Venmo app. Just go to the Venmo app and follow the instructions.

  • Simply go to the cards tab
  • Tap “Activate” 
  • Follow the prompts 
  • Now you have to provide the expiration date and Set up a PIN 
  • Tap “Next” and Add Money

Now, you can use this money for any type of purchase. Even now you will be able to withdraw money from ATM with your Venmo card. 

Cash out money from your Venmo account using the debit card 

A Venmo debit card works like other efficient debit cards that can withdraw money at ATMs. Make sure that the ATM accepts Venmo Master debit cards. When you get into an ATM, you will see some on-screen prompts. Just follow the on-screen prompts (PIN Number, other information), input the exact amount you want to withdraw, and then get the cash with a receipt. Remember that most ATMs charge fees while withdrawing money. Most ATM charges $2.5% for accessing cash. A few ATM charge goes up to $3% for withdrawing. Choose the ATM that shows Mastercard, PULSE, or MoneyPass. Though most ATMs work with Visa and Mastercard. 

Venmo account cash out and money transfer limits

In Venmo, money transfer limits are based on rolling days or weeks. The limits are automatically reset after a certain period. Always try to keep in mind the transaction limits while you are using your Venmo account. 

  • Venmo accounts have a weekly spending limit of $6999.99. 
  • Venmo’s transaction limit is $4, 999.99 per week.
  • Venmo’s weekly sending limit is $2, 999.99 with the Venmo app
  • A cashback withdrawal is limited to $400 per day over the counter
  • you can only withdraw $400 per day for ATM withdrawal 
  • Venmo allows doing 30 transactions in a day. 

Fees of Venmo debit card usage

Venmo doesn’t require any fees for delivering debit cards. For its debit or credit card, it’s free to apply and Venmo doesn’t charge any shipping fees. Even there are no fees for buying things in-store or online via Venmo. This rule is also the same for paying via Venmo QR code. The only fee required for Venmo instant transfers is 1.5%, and ATM fees are $2.50. 

What should you do if you lost your Venmo Debit card and you want to withdraw money from your Venmo account? 

If you’ve lost your Venmo card or it was stolen, you have to deactivate the card or disable this card from the app. Beside deactivation you have another option is asking for help from customer care service (855-204-4090). You may also apply for a new card and till then you may withdraw money by using another method. Those who decide to close their cards permanently can withdraw their money without a problem. Now I am going to discuss some ways to withdraw money from Venmo without a card.

Take help from a friend with Venmo account

If you have a friend who also uses a Venmo debit card and you can rely on him then better take his help. The process is simple. Just ask him to withdraw the cash for you. In that case, you have two options. One is you can scan his/her cards’ QR code if you are nearby and another is you can send the money to his/her debit card. You will have to enter that card’s information in the Pay option of your Venmo app. 

Use a Other Debit Card

My other suggestion to you is to use a low-fee prepaid debit card. It is effective for ATM withdrawals with low fees. Apart from that, a travel debit card could be another option that can help you spend money at a low fee in foreign currencies. People also use the multi-currency account from Wise which has this feature to access your Venmo balance. You can top up more than 50 currencies and get access to international transfer services by just using your Venmo account. 

Order a new Venmo card

There is no other way than to order a new Venmo card when lost it and are badly in need of it. Ordering a Venmo Mastercard is completely hassle-free and simple. You don’t have to pay a cent to get the Venmo debit card. This card is a blessing to me. First, I was using a Venmo account without a card. But there were some hassles I faced to withdrawing money. Then I had to order the Venmo debit card and paved my business to a way of simplicity and safety with financial transactions. Just open your app and find the option to order a Venmo card. It may take just around 10 business days to reach the card in your hand. Then you will have to link this card with your Venmo balance so that you can use this for money withdrawal. Remember to input a piece of valid ID information such as a driver’s license, passport, social security card, etc. when you order the card. 

You can use another account or card

Using another account or another debit card might be an alternative to your lost or stolen Venmo card. If you have a debit card linked to another bank account, then you can link it to your Venmo account to withdraw and transfer money at an ATM. It is so simple just like you linked your Venmo debit card. Just open your Venmo app, tap on the Add Bank and follow the prompts. Enter the information of the debit card you want to link. After completion of verification, you can transfer money from your Venmo account. The process typically requires one to three business days for completion. 

Answers of some common questions

Can i get cash from Venmo at Walmart?

Yes, I can withdraw cash from ATMs at Walmart that accept Mastercard. besides, I can purchase from Walmart by using my Venmo card as a payment option. Keep in mind that first, you will have to scan the QR code to register, then you will be able to send money from Venmo. In this regard, you don’t need any bank card or debit card. 

Does Venmo offer cardless withdrawals?

Venmo has yet to adopt the technology of cardless withdrawals at ATMs. Though there are many fintech offering cardless withdrawals, you can’t get this opportunity being a Venmo user. These types of transactions require necessary functionalities that Venmo has yet updated. Although you don’t have any chance in this regard, there are other alternatives to withdraw money from ATMs or other sources like over the counter at a bank or credit union branches that accepts Mastercard debit card. My advice is to order the Venmo card that can help you in any type of cash transaction. You can go to any ATM that accepts Mastercard and withdraw money from your Venmo account for free. Other ATMs may apply charges during your withdrawals. 

Can you keep more than one debit card? 

Venmo has a limit on adding cards to users’ Venmo accounts. You can add up to 4 different debit cards to your account. But unfortunately, you cannot use two Venmo debit cards in one account at the same time. Even Venmo does not allow you to link other’s debit cards with your account. You are only able to apply for one Venmo debit card. You can apply for another Venmo debit card only if your current one is lost or stolen. But you can add your bank account and other debit cards from different operators.

Is it possible to use a Venmo debit card internationally?

Unfortunately, the Venmo debit card is only to use in the US territory. You cannot use this card outside of the country. This Venmo card is also for US residents only. Even the Venmo app is usable only in the USA. Though PayPal owns Venmo, it has limitations. For international transactions, you can use PayPal instead of Venmo. PayPal also has a card named PayPal cash card that performs this sort of transaction. 

What should i do after Venmo debit card expire?

Payment cards expire regardless of whether they are debit or credit cards. When the card expires, you should try for a new card. But it is always better to check the expiration date. In that case, Venmo is quite helpful. Venmo always notifies its users about the expiration of the card. You will get a notification before 60 days of your current Venmo debit card’s expiration date. In the meantime, you can request a new Venmo debit card. After getting a new card you will have to activate it. If the card is not activated in 90 days, then Venmo permanently closes it. Since the old card is no longer valid, you can destroy it. Before applying for a new card, make sure that you made at least one transaction with the expiring one. Update your shipping address if you change your location for any reason. 

Is it safe to use a Venmo debit card?

Venmo has several advanced security settings. I signed up with Venmo with additional security settings. You have options to enable two-factor authentication, create a unique PIN code or use the touch ID to strengthen your Venmo account security. Don’t worry about your money on your Venmo debit card, your money will be safe. You wouldn’t lose the money because Venmo funds have FDIC insurance. If any circumstances appear for a bank collapse, the insurance will cover it. You will receive a large portion of money from your Venmo account. So, the Venmo debit card ensures the highest safety for its huge numbers of users. 

Method to deactivate Venmo card If stolen or lost

If your card is stolen or lost, then the first step you will have to follow is deactivating your Venmo card. It should secure your Venmo balance from any theft. Here is the way you may deactivate your Venmo card: 

  • Open the Venmo app on your mobile device
  • Go to settings
  • Select Venmo debit card
  • To deactivate, scroll down. Tap on it.

This is the fast and online process to deactivate the stolen or lost debit card. Besides you can fill out the form at ““. There is also an option you will find in the app where you can chat and share your issue with Venmo. This is the fastest way to get a response from Venmo. And talking to a customer agent is also available at 855-204-4090 for seven days a week. If you get it back then you can request to reactivate it. Otherwise, you should apply for a new card if you suspect that the card information has been compromised.