Millions of Americans rely on SNAP benefits to buy their groceries, which is why EBT cards are so important. If you are using it you know how important it is to know the EBT card number while redeeming the monthly SNAP benefits. Especially the number can be used to order online where you don’t need the card. That means the card number is more important nowadays than the card. But forgetting this 16-digit number or leaving the card at home or losing it somehow can worsen than you think. If you lose your card at least the number can help you buy things. Luckily you can get the number following different ways. This is why this article is here to catch your attention. Here I am going to mention several ways that can save your day by letting you restore the EBT card number. 

Ways To Get My 16 Digit EBT Card Number Without The Card

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your EBT card at home or somewhere else or losing it, which is frustrating and stressful. Since it’s like a debit card and lets you use your benefits wherever authorized retailers are, sometimes it stands as the only option to purchase essential things. At least the EBT card number can help you to fulfill your needs. Don’t worry, there are some simple things you can do to get the card number if you’re in this situation. 

If you forget to take your EBT card somewhere at your home or outside 

As with a debit card, an EBT card allows SNAP recipients to purchase groceries at authorized retailers using their benefits. However, what happens if you forget to take your EBT card with you when you are out shopping? Don’t panic. There are steps you can take to retrieve your card and secure your benefits.

  • Call your friends & family to find the card and provide you with the number: First thing you should do if you forget your EBT card at home or elsewhere is to call a trusted friend or family member. You can use the card number to make online purchases if they find the card and provide it to you. It’s a safe and easy way to make sure you don’t miss out on your benefits while you wait.
  • Try to remember if you save your EBT card number on your phone or any online tools: Most people keep important numbers and information on their phones or online accounts. If you follow this practice, you have likely saved your EBT card number as well. You may have saved your EBT card number as a contact. So search for it in your phone’s contact list first. If you got an email confirmation for activating or buying an EBT card, your card number might be in it. Your card number might be saved on your state’s EBT website if you’ve created an account. Go to your account and check if your card number’s there. You also can get your card number if you’ve linked your EBT card to your banking app.
  • Call The EBT card issuer Verify your identity, then ask for your card number: It takes a call to the state’s EBT card issuer to get your card number. You will have to go through a couple of steps for you to verify your identity. You can ask a customer service representative for your EBT card number after verifying your identity. If you want to use your benefits online or over the phone, you need this number. You need to keep your EBT card number confidential to prevent fraud.

If you lost your EBT card 

If you forget your EBT card at home, it won’t cause you any trouble. You lose it, it can be a disaster. However, there are still some ways to obtain the card number. They are such:

  • Call your EBT card Issuer to block your card & ask for the card number: The process of recovering your lost EBT card is a bit more complicated. You should report the loss of your card to your state’s EBT customer service department as soon as possible. You will receive a new card after your old one has been canceled. To confirm your identity, please provide your name, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security number. You can also ask for the card number if you want to use it immediately. 
  • Try to remember if you save your EBT card number on your phone or any online tools: If you lose your physical EBT card, you need to let your state’s EBT customer service department know right away so you don’t lose your benefits. While you wait for a replacement card, you can still use your benefits to buy stuff online if you have your card number saved on your phone or in your online account. So, try to remember if you’ve saved your card number on your phone or in your online accounts. You can use this to access your benefits without your physical card. 

Get the 16-Digit EBT Card Number Online

Today, it’s so easy to search the internet for anything, so a lot of us find what we’re looking for. It’s a big deal if you lose your card and don’t know the number. There are so many security and safety problems that it’s not possible to get this number online. You can’t see your full EBT card number even if you log into your state’s EBT account. However, you can see your case number. It’s the same thing as looking up your debit card or credit card number online. For safety and security, it’s better not to have an internet cache where your private info is accessible.

You have to go through so many steps for replacement purposes. The best way to replace your card is to follow the directions from the state office. It’s the most convenient way to replace your card. 

The Process To Check EBT Card Balance

It is important to know the balance of your EBT card before you shop. You can check your EBT card balance in three different ways.

1. Option – Last transaction OR ATM Receipt

You can check your EBT card balance by locating the receipt of your last transaction or ATM withdrawal. You will find your EBT balance at the bottom of your receipt.

  • The receipt shows two balances at the bottom. It is your food stamp balance (F/S) that appears at the top, as “EBT F/S Balance”.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see an EBT Cash Balance, which only applies to cardholders receiving welfare cash benefits like TANF.

2. Option – Check your balance online

In option 2, you may check your EBT balance online or by phone. 

  • Log in to your account and enter your password to check your account balance online. 
  • You’ll have to follow the instructions on the page to get your login info if you don’t have it. 
  • Then you can check the balance of your EBT card online by scrolling down below and finding your state.

3. Option – Call your EBT Card customer service

Your EBT Card customer service can also tell you the balance of your food stamps card. Depending on the state, this customer service contact may vary. To check the balance of your EBT card, scroll down below to find your state and get the phone number.

  • If you want to check your balance by phone, you’ll need your EBT card number.
  • Scroll down to learn how to check the balance of your EBT card without your card if you don’t have it with you.


Can I use my EBT card if I don’t have it with me?

Yes, you may be able to keep using your EBT card even if you don’t have it with you if you already shop online with Amazon or Instacart. It might also help to use something like Providers, which tracks your EBT information. 

Is there a fee for obtaining my EBT card number?

Generally, you won’t need to pay a penny while obtaining your EBT card number. From the ways I have mentioned above, if you can obtain it yourself then it’s a relief. Otherwise EBT card customer care representative will provide you for free. It’s only a matter of time during the verification process.

What should I do if my EBT card or PIN is lost or stolen or I see unauthorized charges?

If you discover that your EBT card or PIN has been lost, stolen, or unauthorized charges have been made, you should contact customer service immediately. This will help prevent future thefts from your account. Check the back of your card or the program’s website for the customer service number.

How do I get a replacement EBT card?

When you lose or damage your EBT card, you should call the customer service number as soon as possible. As soon as you report the problem, they will transfer your balance and other information to a new card. If you contact the customer care authority right away, the benefit amount is protected.

Can I change my PIN without the card?

If you want to set a PIN or change it, you can call the toll-free number on the back of your EBT card at (877) 328-9677. Alternatively, you can change your PIN at the public assistance office in your county. After changing your PIN, you can continue to use your existing EBT card. They will not provide you with a new EBT card unless you ask for it.

Can I Check my EBT Card Balance Without a Card Number?

Of course, you can. There are several methods available to you. Take a look at the bottom of your receipt after you leave the store. That will usually reveal the balance of your account. Using your username and password, you can check your balance on your state’s portal. You can also call your EBT card customer service.