Is it possible to withdraw money from Varo account without Card? In the bustling streets of the USA, where dreams are woven with dollars, Varo emerges as your financial wizard. But what if you left your card at home? Fear not, for Varo has secrets up its digital sleeves. Let’s explore how you can conjure cash, like a modern-day Merlin, without a card. Withdraw money from Varo without a card—it’s a tale of financial alchemy that defies the mundane. Whether you’re sipping coffee at a corner café or chasing sunsets, Varo’s enchantment awaits.

So, my friend, let’s get started: Withdraw money from Varo without a card—your golden ticket to financial freedom!

6 Methods to Withdraw Money from Varo Account Without Card

Cardless ATMs let you access your account without a card. They are safer and more convenient. Varo is one of the banks that offer this service. You need to link your card to a mobile app and verify yourself. You can use QR codes, app codes, biometric data, or NFC to do this.

1. Using Cardless ATM to Withdraw Money from Varo Account

With Varo, you can withdraw money without a card. You need a bank account, smartphone, and Varo app. Link your Varo card to your phone and follow the instructions at the ATM.

Steps to Withdraw Money from a Varo Account Using Cardless ATM

If you want to reach the nearest ATM, you don’t have to go around looking for them. To withdraw money from a Varo account without a card using a cardless fee-free Allpoint ATMs can be done by searching the location. So, you will have to follow the instructions given below to make a cardless withdrawal from ATMs.

  • Install the Varo app if it’s not on your mobile yet and Open it from the phone interface.
  • From the Varo app interface, you will see the Move Money option to tap on it, and a new interface will be exposed.
  • Here the option will lead you to find an ATM near you that accepts cardless withdrawals.
  • Now tap on the Find ATM option and the interface should show you the Several Cardless ATMs option. Here you will see the location of the cardless ATMs near you.
  • Now go to the nearest cardless ATM from the locator shown in the Varo app. Check whether it supports mobile cash access or not.
  • So, if it’s okay then choose the Mobile Cash Access option.
  • Again, open the Varo app from your smartphone.
  • Go to the Banking Options and select cardless ATM withdrawal from the interface.
  • Now submit the amount to the ATM according to your need for withdrawal.
  • You will get a security pin on the app interface immediately after the cash withdrawal request. Type the pin in the ATM. Remember to enter the exact PIN you got through the app.
  • If every step is done properly, then hopefully you will get the amount.

2. Withdraw Money from Varo Using Digital Wallets

You can use digital wallets like Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, Cash App, Samsung Pay, Zelle, etc. to withdraw money from Varo without a card. You need to link your Varo card to the preferred wallet. Its possible to transfer money through ACH or Varo instant transfer.

Procedures to withdraw money from Varo using digital wallets are almost same. Here I will show you Varo card to Google Pay option. Here’s the steps to link your Varo card to Google Pay:

  1. Open Google Pay to link your Varo card.
  2. Click on the profile picture on the Google Pay app.
  3. Now, go to Bank Accounts and Cards. Here, click on Add Card.
  4. Enter your Varo card details, usually the card number, expiration date, and the Card Verification Value (CVV). Now, click on Save.
  5. Now you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) for verification on either your email address or contact number provided while registration.
  6. Finally, look for the Activate option, and you will be able to make payments through digital wallets successfully.

Good thing is that you can add several different apps to your Varo account so that you can choose any of the alternatives during the payment transaction.

3. Transferring Varo Funds to Your Other Bank Account

This is the another way to withdraw money from Varo account without a card. Let’s talk about how to transfer funds to your Varo account from another bank account. There are different processes in detail, just go through them. 

Transfer Varo Funds to Another Bank Account

Another convenient way to transferring money by using another bank card. Though it’s a time-consuming process still can help you to withdraw money. In the beginning, the user should link a bank account with a Varo app. Here are some steps to withdraw cash by using another bank card.

  • Go to the account page, select “Link an account
  • Search external bank if you don’t get any icon
  • After selecting bank pick that with the web address where you used to log in before.
  • Now you have to input the user name, password and tap “Submit
  • Follow the instruction from the bank, if they instruct you to input your email id, password, etc.
  • Respond with the instruction until your external account appears, when you see that means your account is successfully linked.

Transfer Money to the External Bank With Using Varo App

Linking with the bank account has finished, now follow the steps for transferring money from Varo to another account. 

  • Turn on the Varo app and select “Move Money” < “Transfer Money” 
  • Choose the Varo bank account (which account wants to receive the money)
  • Under the transfer amount, you will find the limit. (each transfer is limited to $5000 per month and $10000 per calendar year

4. Send Money to Your Friend’s Varo Account for Withdraw the Money

If you don’t have a Varo card but need to withdraw money, asking a friend who does have a Varo card and is available to help you can be an excellent way. There are no fees associated with transferring money from one Varo account to another. Follow some steps below: 

  • First, open the Varo app and log in
  • At bottom of the screen, you will get “Move Money
  • There you will find “Varo to Varo transfer
  • Enter the recipient’s email address (whom you want to send)
  • Again, check the transfer
  • If the recipient’s information is correct then send the amount

Make sure, you checked properly because the transfer will not be canceled. Check twice before sending the amount. Not only transferring between Varo users are free but also instant. This means you can transfer the money quickly and without paying. Remember, you only transfer funds up to 50 times per day and up to $2000 per 30 days.

5. Use Another Bank Card to Withdraw Money from Varo

When you don’t have a Varo card, you should use another bank card to withdraw. An account-linked debit card or a credit card can be used for this purpose. By using a second debit card, you can transfer money from your linked bank account to your Varo account via ACH or bank wire. However, this process can take some time to complete. After completing the transfer, you will be able to get cash from your Varo account. This method requires an account and card from another bank or credit card.

6. Get a Prepaid Debit Card to Withdraw Money from Varo

If you forgot your Varo card at home, don’t worry! Digital cards allow you to make payments. This method is especially for those who want low-fee transactions. For international travelers, it can be a great option to meet everyday banking needs. You can avoid ATM withdrawals when you are traveling abroad. This prepaid debit card is available to use for multi-currency balances.

  • After opening the Varo app, click “Account details”
  • Input the card details (name, address, account number, card verification value (CVV), etc.
  • Now, make payments

Before withdrawing Money from Varo Account

There are several facts that you should keep in mind when you withdraw money from your Varo account without card. If you are looking for a way to withdraw money from Cardless ATMs, you will have to keep your Varo app updated and linked to your phone. If you want to use the second option, then it requires you to connect to the Varo account properly. Suppose you want Apple Pay as your payment method. Then connect Apple Pay with your Varo account and then withdraw money or pay during purchases.

Remember that during the withdrawal from cardless ATMs you have to input the PIN and automatically generated codes carefully. And only input the amount that is available in your Varo account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs About How To Withdraw Money From Varo Without Card:

Can I link my Varo bank account card to the Google Pay or Cash app?

Yes, you can link your Varo card to the mobile applications with your Google Pay or Cash app wallet. This way, it becomes convenient to pay through a Varo account without even having a Varo card.

How To Transfer Money From Varo to Cash App Without Debit Card?

To transfer money from Varo to Cash App without Debit Card easily and quickly you have to follow these steps.

You can use ACH transfer or instant transfer.

  1. ACH transfer is free but takes 1-3 days.
  2. Instant transfer is fast but costs 1.5% of the amount.

You need to add your Varo bank account to the Cash App and tap Transfer.

  • You can choose the amount, date, and type of transfer.
  • You can review the details before confirming the transfer.

Now, you can open a Varo account and enjoy the benefits of seamless transactions.

How much money can we take out of Varo?

With Varo, you are permitted to spend around $2500 per day, and also you can withdraw $750 per day from an ATM.

How long does it take to withdraw money without a card?

  • Money orders: Processing time varies, but expect 1-3 business days to receive the order.
  • ACH transfers: Funds typically arrive within 1-3 business days, depending on the receiving bank.
  • Cashback Boost: Instant cash receipt at participating retailers.

What happens if I lose my card and need immediate cash?

If you need immediate cash and have no other options, you can visit a Varo MoneyLounge partner location (limited availability) for assistance.

Are there any alternative cardless withdrawal services I can use with Varo?

Yes, some third-party services offer cardless withdrawals through linked bank accounts. However, always research and verify the legitimacy and security of such services before using them.

How Do Cardless ATMs work?

Cardless ATMs let you withdraw money without a card. They are safer and more convenient. Bank of America launched the first cardless ATMs in the USA in 2016. Varo is one of the banks that use this technology. You need to link your card to a mobile app and verify yourself. You can use app codes or NFC to do this.

  • App generated codes: You need to scan a QR code, enter an app code, or use biometric data (such as fingerprint or face) to verify yourself.
  • QR codes: Scan the code with your smartphone camera and your mobile banking app.
  • Mobile App Verification code: Enter the code and PIN that the app generates after logging in.
  • Biometric verification: Allow your bank to use your biometric data from your phone or laptop. The ATM will scan your fingerprint, face, iris, or palm print.
  • Near field communication (NFC): Use your smartphone to send data to the ATM. Apple pay, Google Pay, Samsung pay use this method.

Final Verdict

To sum up, to Withdraw money from Varo without a card is easy and convenient. You have many options to do it. You can use a cardless ATM with the Varo app, or link your Varo card to digital wallets like Google Pay, PayPal, or Apple Wallet. Varo has no fees or balance requirements. You can open a Varo account and enjoy the benefits of withdrawing money from Varo without a card. If you have any query, feel free to comment. We’ll try out best to answer you.