Thousands of Americans struggle to pay rent each month. If you’re having trouble paying your rent in the US, you’re not alone. In tough times, many people struggle to make ends meet. Particularly in times of economic hardship or unexpected emergencies, such as losing your job or having medical bills, paying rent can be hard. There are different resources available to help you if you’re having trouble paying your rent. 

The first thing you can do is look into government assistance programs. There are programs like Section 8 housing that help pay rent. In addition, many states and counties offer rental assistance programs. For resources in your area, you should talk to your local government. You can also contact local charities and non-profits. They usually give rent assistance to those in need. In order to avoid eviction or further financial hardship, you better read the well-researched points carefully mentioned below. 

What Are The Ways To Pay My Rent ASAP In The Us

Here I will provide a list of several ways to obtain rent assistance if you are having difficulty paying your rent.

Talk to your landlord

You can sometimes get a break from your landlord if times get tough. You might get a better deal from your landlord if you’re a good tenant and have a good relationship. If you can pay your rent in installments, ask if they’ll accept a late payment.

Reach out to nonprofits

Since the government can’t always help you with rent, some programs can help. It might be possible for Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army to assist with rent and utility bills when the government can’t.

You can apply for grants through Modest Needs. Many nonprofits place grant requests on their public websites so donors can review and support the ones they care about. The organization pays the vendor listed in the applicant’s paperwork when it funds a grant request. It usually takes two weeks to get a response.

Look at other sources of income

There is a chance of getting a loan from a friend or family member. You can also look for a business opportunity, or ask your employer for a payroll advance. Also, some companies have hardship funds that help employees with rent emergencies.

Consider crowdfunding

You can raise money through crowdfunding. Create an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to let your family and friends know what’s happening. You can raise money for rent assistance and keep more of what you raise. If you’re struggling to get back on your feet, your friends and family might surprise you with their support.

Rental help for veterans

Veterans can get assistance from the US Department of Veterans Affairs if they struggle with house rent. A nonprofit organization such as Veterans Inc. may also be able to assist those in need of rent assistance through its housing program. For persons with disabilities, the federal government has an assistance program that provides funding for the development and subsidization of low-income rental housing.

Government aid

In the case of emergency rent costs, the federal government can only provide limited financial assistance. Through its housing choice voucher program, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides service. However, long waiting lists are common.

Think about taking out a personal loan

You might consider taking out a personal loan if you’ve exhausted all your other options. In any case, this should only be a last resort because it could cause further financial strain.

There is some funding available from the government for emergencies. State agencies administer this program, but it is difficult to receive assistance unless you are facing eviction.

How Federal Rental Assistance Works

You can get help if you’re having trouble paying rent, utilities, or other housing costs, or if you’re a landlord trying to keep tenants afloat in this situation. Many local and state programs are giving money to renters and landlords through the U.S. Treasury’s Emergency Rental Assistance program.

Rental assistance may seem like help for renters to you if you’re a landlord. However, most federal emergency rental assistance programs accept landlord applications. It is often necessary for landlords to assist renters in completing the application process and making payments to you.

How Do I Apply For Emergency Rental Assistance

To apply for emergency rental assistance, you must contact your local emergency rental assistance program (ERA). It is up to each local program to establish policies and procedures that meet the needs of their community. There are some areas in which it is possible to apply for rental assistance on your own. Some places require landlords to fill out an application first.

See what rental assistance programs are available in your state, tribe, or local area at “”. 

You can search for programs near you using the search bar. Contact your local housing authority or 2-1-1 if you are unable to locate a program in your area.

What Does Emergency Rental Assistance Cover

The ERA Program covers rent, utilities, and home energy costs for local programs. Including electricity, gas, fuel oil, water and sewer, and trash pickup. Rent includes utilities and home energy costs if your landlord pays for them. 

A rental assistance program may also cover the following:

  • A reasonable late fee (if it’s not already included in your rent or utilities)
  • A home Internet connection
  • Rent-related expenses like moving costs, security deposits, and application fees for families moving

Other housing stability services may include housing counseling, case management, and legal representation.

What Government Organizations Offer Emergency Rent Assistance

Families with housing instability get housing assistance in every state. A lot of rental assistance programs help the elderly, disadvantaged, and disabled people. Paying your rent or late utilities directly with emergency funds is easy with these programs. You might get a check for these funds from a church, a government program, or a local charity. Here are a few governmental programs that can provide rent assistance as soon as possible. 

Department of Social Services Offers Eviction Prevention

The Department of Social Service in your area can be contacted online or by telephone. It will save you a considerable amount of time if you conduct most of your research online. Visit your local library if you do not have access to a computer. The social services department does not require that you receive government assistance to provide you with assistance.

You can often seek one-time assistance from them if you fall behind on your rent or if you need emergency food stamps. Let the staff know everything you require once you sit down with him or her. Don’t forget to bring all the documentation you need for the services you are receiving. There are no waiting lists for state housing programs if you’re looking for affordable housing.


In addition to helping low-income people buy homes, HUD also helps prevent foreclosures. Every year, over a million families get help from HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). Their website “” has a ton of information about public and private housing for the poor, disabled, and old. In addition, they help with:

  • Aid for homeless people
  • Help with down payments
  • Deposits for security
  • Buying a HUD house
  • Section 8 and rent assistance

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program

VASH and SSVF are federal government resources that help veterans and their families with rent. You can get financial help for one or more months through both of these programs. Service includes vouchers for rent assistance, placement in housing locator services, and security deposit help for veterans and their families. You can also use it to stop evictions.

National Programs That Help To Pay My Rent ASAP

People in need can get rent assistance through several national programs. The government runs some programs, and private organizations run others. Listed below are some of the most popular options: –

The Housing Choice Voucher Program 

The program helps low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities afford decent, safe housing. Participants get vouchers that can be used to cover a portion of their rent.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

It helps low-income households pay their energy bills by providing financial assistance. There are also opportunities for LIHEAP to assist with weatherization and home energy repairs. Visit the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program website for more information.

The Section 8 Housing Program 

As another federally-funded program, this program assists low-income families in obtaining affordable housing. Those who participate in the program receive a voucher that they can use to pay rent for a qualifying apartment. Visit the official website of the Section 8 Housing Program for more information.

Local Government Programs Such as Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) 

It gives rent assistance to people in need. For more information, contact your local government office. Eligibility criteria and availability vary by location. 

You might also be able to find local and state-level rent assistance programs. Check with your local community resources for more information if you need more assistance.

Charities That Help With Rent

It can feel like an insurmountable burden when you’re facing a financial crisis or struggling to make ends meet. It’s good to know that there are plenty of churches and charities that help people pay their rent and give them housing services without expecting anything back. Their only goal is to see the community thrive. 

Episcopal Church Assistance Programs

People can get help to pay their emergency rent at this church. Their services are available everywhere. You can get help paying your bills and rent here if you can’t afford them. Additionally, it’s easy to find in your neighborhood. Using their website at “” you can find a local office near you. 

Salvation Army

Anyone can face difficulties at any time, regardless of their background, religion, income, or other characteristics. The Salvation Army can help regardless of your background or religion, from job loss to eviction. The organization is doing its best to help people who need food, housing, financial aid, and counseling. You can also get help from the Salvation Army “” if you’re new to the area and can’t afford it.

Lutheran Social Services

As part of its mission, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) “” offers a variety of valuable resources, like emergency shelter, food assistance, no-cost health care, homelessness prevention, and affordable housing opportunities. These services are available to assist you in paying your rent and bills.

United Methodist Church

United Methodists provide a lot of help to individuals and families with limited incomes. Among the programs it offers are housing, food, and utility bill assistance. People need someone to talk to when they’re in a tough situation. It’s why United Methodist Church offers counseling and emergency help. You can get help from the church “” when you’re struggling with your rent.

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

In times of hardship, St. Vincent DePaul “” helps the most vulnerable in hardship. They also offer counseling, support groups, and other services to help you with other personal problems. It’s important to them that you get back on your feet, one step at a time. Because life’s not all about material stuff.

United Way

Those who qualify for rent assistance can receive assistance from the United Way. In addition to food pantries, clothing banks, and shelters, they also offer other services. Visit “” or call 211 for more information about the United Way and its services.

The National Coalition 

Rental assistance programs are available across the country from For the Homeless. Please contact your local office for more information on eligibility requirements and availability. You can find more information on the official website at “”.

Location-based Rent Assistance Programs

These local programs can assist you if you are having difficulty paying your rent. The listings below are organized by state and then city, so that you can easily find support near you.


Birmingham – In addition to providing emergency financial assistance, the Salvation Army in Birmingham provides help with rent. You can find their contact information here. 

Huntsville – You can find out more about Crisis Services of North Alabama’s services in this area and help with rent and utility bills on their website. 


Anchorage – Here Catholic Social Services offers emergency financial assistance, including payment of rent and utilities, to those in need.


Flagstaff – If you need help paying rent or utility bills, call Coconino County Community Services at (928) 774-9125. 

Phoenix- Besides food, shelter, and clothing, the Valley Interfaith Project refers families to other agencies that can help with rent. Visit their website or call (602) 248-0607 for more info. 

Tucson – You can get emergency financial aid from Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest for up to $500 per family per year. Find out more on their website or call them at (480) 396-3795. 


Little Rock – The Jericho Way assists those who are in need, including assistance with rent and utility payments. Contact them at (501) 664-6608 for more information. 


Los Angeles – In addition to providing emergency financial assistance, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority also assists with rent and utility payments. 

San Diego – Including help with rent and utility bills, the Jewish Family Service of San Diego offers emergency financial assistance of up to $1,000 per family per year. For more info, check out their website or call +1 858-637-3000. 

San Francisco – In addition to emergency financial help, Project Homeless Connect refers people of San Francisco to other agencies that can help with rent. You can reach them at +1 855-588-7968 or visit their website. 


Denver – Mile High United Way provides a variety of resources for people in need, like housing and rent assistance. Get more info on their website or call 303-433-8383. 


Hartford – There is a Salvation Army program that provides emergency financial assistance to those in need, including rent assistance. 

New Haven – In addition to providing a range of services to those in need, New Haven Community Services also helps with rent and utility payments. Contact them at 203-946-7907 or visit their website. 


Wilmington – As part of its emergency financial assistance program, the United Way of Delaware assists those in need with rent and utility payments, as well as other financial assistance. Find out more on their website or call +1 302-734-4779.

Am I Eligible For Emergency Rental Assistance

Help covering rent is only available if you have an agreement to pay rent for your home. There’s no need to have a lease, and you can live in an apartment, house, mobile home, or wherever you want.

It is also necessary to verify the following three statements:

  • Your household at least contains one of the following members:
  • Unemployed or eligible for unemployment benefits
  • Loss of income
  • Owed a large amount of money
  • Experiencing other financial hardships
    • The household income of your household falls below a certain level, depending on where you live
    • In your household, at least one person is experiencing housing instability, which means they’re at risk of becoming homeless

If you apply for emergency rental help, you’ll have to show that you’re experiencing housing instability and have a good income. Landlords need to show that their tenants’ households are eligible for assistance based on their needs.

The information you provide in your application must be accurate and complete, and you must sign a statement that you’ll use the emergency rental assistance as directed.

What Do I Need To Know About Finding A Good Rent Assistance Program

You can get rent assistance in your area if you look around. Find out what’s available in your area so you can apply for everything.

  • Find out about housing and resources in your area by contacting your local social services.
  • You have to meet eligibility requirements for all types of rent assistance. Make sure you meet them all.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply for funding that’s only available when you need it. There’s a time when landlords will take in tenants without money.
  • Find out about rent assistance programs from non-profits. Don’t forget to apply for all the help you can get.
  • Searching online is the best way to find help. There are a lot of websites that tell you about assistance programs.
  • Saving money while living independently is possible. You might want to look into low-income housing and social services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much rental assistance can a church give?

Some churches have very specific guidelines for how much aid they can give and others have more freedom. Several things determine how much rental assistance someone can get from a church, like the size of the church, available funds, and their needs.

Where can I find places that help with rent?

As well as government agencies, non-profits like churches and charities can help with rent payments, like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, United Way, and others. Most of them work with the government and will help you with your rent.

How are rental assistance payments made?

You may get emergency rental assistance from your program depending on how your local program works. Sometimes it’ll ask your landlord or utility provider to accept emergency rental assistance Your local program may give you money if they don’t agree. Or if they don’t respond within seven days. You’ll have to pay your landlord or utility with the money.