Sezzle usually assesses users’ activities with the cards. The more a user purchases products with Sezzle, the more their rating increases. But users always have this concern about the card limit. Because a user who buys essential goods and pays the instalments properly always expects to get the service in his/her favour. Sezzle considers this matter seriously and precisely what a card user wishes. Sezzle does not impose any fixed spending limit, so Sezzle increases the boundary of a user’s credit over time according to his/her payment assessment. If you frequently purchase goods using Sezzle credit and pay the instalments timely, Sezzle will gradually increase your limit. But you will have to go through some simple procedures that I will mention in this article. 

How do I know my Sezzle limit? 

Since Sezzle imposes the spending limit based on the account holders, you cannot determine your spending limit by ignoring your card usage. The automatic system from Sezzle works differently. It sets your limit based on the systems’ estimations of what you have been spending through Sezzle. Sezzle usually has a maximum spending limit of $2500. But you cannot achieve it as a beginner. Again, you will have to increase it gradually. Currently, Sezzle UP users in the country can see their spending limits.  

You can check your limit on the Sezzle app or log onto your Sezzle account. The easiest way to do this is through Sezzle’s First Time User page, where you can log in and check your current limit. Here you will also find your available spending capacity and your Sezzle card details. 

Another way, you can only see your Sezzle spending limit when you purchase something from the listed merchant.

Can Sezzle increase my spending limit?

Your credit score, income, and debt determine the amount of money you can borrow using Sezzle. Sezzle thoroughly reviews all of the above factors to determine what amount to loan you. The total cash limit is based on the review results; Sezzle cannot define it manually. So, if you are a frequent user of Sezzle and purchase frequently, then Sezzle will automatically increase your spending limit gradually. As time goes on and you use Sezzle more regularly, your spending limit will fluctuate accordingly. If you wish to conveniently use Sezzle to get the loan, make sure your account remains active and with no balance owing. 

How to increase the Sezzle limit?

You have several options to follow if you wish to increase your Sezzle limit. Though the possibilities do not assure the process 100%, they are reliable options to increase your Sezzle limit. 

Upgrade to Sezzle Up

Sezzle Up is the privileged and upgraded version for the regular Sezzle user. It gives the users access to many benefits. You can upgrade to Sezzle Up to get all the benefits. It helps users build a strong credit history. There aren’t that many platforms that make credit scores and offer BNPL services. Along with an upgraded credit score, users can also check their Sezzle limit.

Sezzle Up also increases the chance of getting a higher credit score. But it doesn’t happen automatically. The user has to keep their account in good standing. 

Keep account active

One of the factors that Sezzle counts seriously is that Sezzle wants a user to be active on its platform. It doesn’t matter if your account passed a year. It matters if it has been happening through this time. So, if you check your Sezzle account after a while, you cannot expect an increased spending limit. Remember that Sezzle gives privileges to active accounts. So, prove you’re a responsible spender, and you can return their money frequently. Once you can build trust over months and years, you’ll be able to raise your spending limit.

Wait for 30 days

If you’re new to Sezzle, don’t expect an increased spending limit right away. Sezzle will increase the spending limit only if you can prove yourself a trustworthy user, which takes around a month. In addition, Sezzle only considers increasing a credit score and spending limit after 30 days of accepting a purchase instalment payment.

Remember that you won’t be allowed to spend much as a new user. Your limit will be a few double-digit dollars. It can only be increased if your account has been around for a while.

Take moderate breaks between the orders.

Though Sezzle is a great platform to borrow money, you shouldn’t use it too often. Sezzle might approve all of your purchase requests but won’t consider you a trusted user. Besides, if you’re a Sezzle Up subscriber, your credit history might be compromised since it is shared with credit bureaus. Just keep your Sezzle purchase request to three products tops, and keep your account in good condition for a few months. 

Pay instalments on time

The essential thing to increase the Sezzle limit is to keep your account in good standing to ensure that you never miss a payment.

Like any BNPL platform, Sezzle lets you borrow money to make a purchase and pay back the amount over time. It is wise to pay your instalments on time, no matter what. This gives the Sezzle automated system a good signal about your financial behaviour. It’s better to pay back the instalments before the due date. So, you’ll be able to increase your credit score and your Sezzle spending limit fast. 

Remember that defaulting on your instalments affects your credit score, and you will be charged a late fee.

Does Sezzle boost your credit?

Sezzle doesn’t check credit scores and doesn’t build credit scores. Only Sezzle up does that. One of Sezzle Up’s main features is boosting your credit score. Sezzle Up lets you report your payment history to the credit bureaus. When you pay on time, your credit score goes up.