MetaBank®’s ACE Flare Account is a new player in the prepaid market of the country. As part of the ACE Flare Account, you have access to many of the helpful features and services that Metabank typically provides, such as payday loans. As online-only financial platforms are rapidly growing and becoming popular, the ACE Flare prepaid debit card is being regarded as the top choice. It’s because the card offers convenient and helpful features to debit card users. Load the ACE Flare card is also convenient since it offers several easy ways for users. 

Commonly, first-time users struggle to find the proper ways to load their ACE Flare card. As the popularity of the ACE Flare card has been increasing rapidly, the question of loading it also arises. If you are one of them and looking for ways to add funds to your Flare account but do not know where to start. Here I will guide you to the places where you can add money to your ACE Flare account as well as other features.

About MetaBank’s ACE Flare

The Ace Flare Account by MetaBank® is a prepaid debit card from Ace Cash Express. Ace Cash Express is a financial services company based in Irving, Texas. These companies target primarily those with poor or no credit. Since 1968, the company has opened more than 1,000 stores across 22 states. In addition to its online services, Ace Cash Express now serves 11 additional states. They changed the name of their company to Populus Financial Group last year. However, Ace Cash Express still operates under that name to avoid confusion. Depending on the location, Ace Cash Express offers installment loans, check cashing, payday loans, as well as prepaid debit cards. 

Where To Load ACE Flare Card

It may be a good idea to consider Flare Account if you’re looking to earn interest on your prepaid card balance. With the ACE Flare, you can load money on your card within minutes through a straightforward process. The ACE Cash Express prepaid card has the advantage that money can be loaded onto it in a variety of ways. Check out the places below where you can load your ACE Flare card. 

1. The Authorized Reloading Locations

Many merchants that accept prepaid cards offer reloading services. For example, you can reload your card by simply going to one of the many participating locations You can simply ask the teller to load your card with money. Within minutes, your money will be available for use. It is important to note that some locations may charge a small fee for this service.

2. Western Union

There are thousands of Western Union locations throughout the country where you can reload your card. You can find a Western Union agent near you by visiting Make sure to bring your prepaid card to the location and fill out the gray form for prepaid services. Write down your card number, the name of your card, and your desired amount carefully. To conduct a transaction through Western Union, you will need to pay a fee of around $4.50. To process the transaction, you must submit both the refill amount and the fee to Western Union. Keep a copy of your receipt along with your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). It will take 30 minutes for the funds to appear on your card.

3. MoneyGram

The MoneyGram service is also available for reloading prepaid cards. To make a MoneyGram Express Payment, simply fill out the form in the blue color at any MoneyGram location. You can also call the red MoneyGram telephone to reach a MoneyGram operator directly. In the form, enter 7000 as the received code, the prepaid card number as the account number, and your details. An operator on the phone will provide you with important information that you should write down so that you can present it to the clerk. Fill out the blue form or give the clerk the details the operator gave you, as well as the funds for the refill amount and MoneyGram fee. Your card will then be credited with the funds within seconds.

Transferring Funds From One ACE Cash Express Prepaid Card To Another

The other convenient way to recharge a prepaid card is to have a friend or family member make a transfer from any Netspend-powered prepaid card to yours. To do this, call 1-866-930-9924, or log into the website and click on the “Transfer Funds” option in the “Account Center.”

What Are The Ways To Deposit Money Into The ACE Flare Account

If you want to add money to your ACE Flare Account, you have four options. You can find them here: 

  • Direct Deposit: By setting up direct deposit, you can load your paychecks and government benefits onto the card. Direct deposit is free of charge. If you direct deposit $500 or more each month, you qualify for the lower monthly fee. The direct deposit method also allows you to withdraw cash for free from ACE Cash Express stores and open an account with high-interest rates.
  • Online Transfers: Nowadays, online transfers are becoming more popular. You can transfer money from a PayPal account or a bank account online. For account transfers, there is no fee.
  • Mobile Check Deposit: With the ACE Flare app, account holders can deposit checks directly into their accounts without paying a fee. There will be a delay of about 10 days before the funds clear. Those who prefer faster options must pay a fee to the third-party processor.
  • Cash: You can reload your Netspend card with cash at more than 130,000 retailers, including CVS and 7-Eleven. Although ACE Elite does not charge a reload fee, it is determined by the retailer whether to charge $2.00 or $3.95 for cash reloads.

What Are The Fees Of The ACE Flare Account

You will not be charged a fee if you open an ACE Flare Account online. Typically, this account charges a monthly fee of $9.95, but if you deposit $500 or more, you can lower that fee to $5. For this lower fee, an ongoing direct deposit is not required.

The ACE Flare Account does not include a free ATM network. As well as the ATM operator’s fees, the card charges $2.50 per ATM withdrawal. There are two ways to get free cash from the card: going to one of the 950 ACE Cash Express stores or getting cash back at the register when using debit or PIN. Other potential fees include:

  • Optional Overdraft: The ACE Flare Account Card offers overdraft protection along with the associated overdraft fees, although it is an opt-in feature. Your card will be charged a fee of $20 if you overdraw by more than $10.00. Each overdraft can result in a fee of $20.
  • Fees for return balances: A fee of $15 will be deducted if you cancel your card and request a check for the balance instead. Transferring the money to another account is a much better idea if you decide to cancel.
  • The limits on loading funds: ACE Flare Account features no deposit limits for direct deposits, for example, from your employer or an ACH transfer from your bank. There are limits on cash deposits, but they are quite high. With Netspend Network, you can deposit up to $7,500 at once (and per day) and up to $15,000 every thirty days. Most people should be able to use this card as a spending account with that amount. You can also deposit checks into your ACE Flare account through a MetaBank account, but limits will depend on the bank from which you deposit the check. There is no ATM deposit option.