Besides the extravagant use of technology, few people still feel the necessity of traditional check-based transactions. Still, many customers remain unbanked and are looking for a nearby store to turn their checks into cash. Besides, because of the busyness of their professions, people actually tend to avoid waiting in the long queues in the traditional banking system. Rather, the grocery and retail chains are great alternatives to bank counters where a customer who doesn’t have a bank account, can apply for cash against his/her check. It’s not that all the grocery chains in the country offer this feature. Besides selling a large line of products, offering check cashing to customers’ needs an extra facility and skilled set up. Meijer, the supercenter chain, has cash checks setup at most of the stores around the country. People who are looking for a cash checks service can choose the supercenter chain, Meijer. This grocery store chain has gained popularity for its extended services, including this cash check. 

Does Meijer cash checks

People might have this question about whether the Meijer grocery chain accepts checks to provide cash or not. Well, Meijer is a well-known supercenter chain that thinks of customers’ financial needs. It helps unbanked customers to get cash against their checks so that they don’t need to open bank accounts. You can enjoy Meijer’s check to cash service during business hours. Meijer stores usually remain open 24 hours a day. The cash will be processed accordingly after your entry with the check at any Meijer store. But you will need to verify it yourself first, and a small fee is applicable for each check. Meijer will ask for your government ID for verification. Don’t forget to consider the check cashing limits for several types of checks. 

Meijer stores in Michigan offer free cash checks service to Meijer credit union members.

How do you cash a checks at Meijer

First, collect your recent photo and ID documentation and take them with you. Now find a nearby Meijer store. If you don’t know the location, then click here ““. Find the customer service desk after entering the store, and ask for support by describing your reason for visiting. The customer service agent should start the proceedings of registration. Work on it accordingly. Present your check to the agent. Remember that it must be an electronically signed check. The agent will verify your documentation and ask you to return after a couple of days upon successful verification. The photo identification and documentation help to avoid any fraud and scams during the check cashing service.

What check cashing system does Meijer use

Meijer cash checks using the check conversion system, a technology that Meijer adopted from First Data Corp. It’s an electronic check conversion system that converts the paper check into electronic funds. Then the system deposits the funds into the customer’s bank account. 

What is Meijer’s check cashing policy

You will have to go through a verification system that if you pass once, then you can cash checks for years. You will have to join the Certegy Verification System to perform the verification. It might take 7 days to finish. Until then, you will have to wait. After the successful verification, a customer can start cashing both government and payroll checks.  

You will need to provide some documentation during the verification process. Valid photo identification is a must here. You can provide either a driver’s license or a passport in this process. They also accept both military and state-issued IDs. Visit any of Meijer’s customer service desks on business days only. 

What types of checks does Meijer cash

According to the statement mentioned on the Meijer website, it has a particular policy on receiving the check to convert it into cash. It accepts certain types of checks for cashing. 

  • Business and organizational checks. 
  • Personal checks
  • Traveler’s checks

On the other hand, Meijer doesn’t accept certain checks at its stores. Those checks are:

  • Post-dated checks
  • Hand-written payroll checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Money orders
  • Starter checks
  • Third-Party checks

What is Meijer’s check acceptance policy

Meijer has different policies for different types of checks. Let me explain each of them in brief. 

Personal checks 

Meijer uses the Telecheck verification system to process the checks electronically. The customer agent returns the check to the customer after recording all the account and routing details. 

For the in-store purchases, you will have to use your credit card, which may charge a maximum of $25 for the purchase amount. For the gas filling, the charge should be above $5. 

Business/Organization Checks

The same policy is applicable for in-store or gas station purchases. A $25 charge is applicable for total retail purchases and $5 for gas station transactions. Organizations need the 501(c) number to complete tax-exempt transactions.

Travelers’ Check 

Meijer counters do not accept any previously signed checks. So, you must sign the check at the counter in front of the support agent.

You must use the check for purchases at the store, and the check should be more than $100. 

What is Meijer’s check cashing limit

The check cashing limit in a Meijer store depends on the type of check you want to cash. For the personal check, the limit is up to $1000. And you can cash a maximum of $2000 if it is a government check. If you think your check is larger than the cash limit, then there is also the split option for your check. In that case, you can divide the check into two parts.   

How much does Meijer charge to cash checks

Meijer charges fees for cashing customers’ checks, like any other store, for a particular amount. The lowest cashing fee is $2.99 and ranges up to $4.99 as the highest cashing fee. $3 is for unbanked checks and $5 is for other customers. As mentioned above about the different types of checks, Meijer also charges individually for each type of check. 

Such as, $5 is applicable for cashier’s checks, foreign checks, mailed checks, and non-member checks. A $3 fee is applicable for a money order.  

When can I cash a check at Meijer

The active time of Meijer depends on the location of the store. If you are lucky enough to live near a store that remains open for 24 hours and 7 days a week, then you have nothing to worry about the schedule. But it’s not that all of the Meijer stores remain open for the same duration. Usually, most of the stores operate between 6 AM and 12 AM. Meijer keeps the store open for 24 hours at safe locations. At risky locations, the business hours are as specified. You can cash checks at any time within this timeframe. 

It’s wise to know the business hours of the store that you want to go to cash the check. On holidays, the business hours might change.

How long does Meijer take to cash checks

If you are a verified customer then the only duration you need is to process the check which is 3 to 5 working days. But if you are new and require the verification process, then it will take around 7 more working days. Once verified, Meijer then just takes the processing time only. It’s better to keep your records clean to make the check cashing process faster.