The federal government issues EBT cards to people who struggle to arrange monthly food and groceries for family members. This card works like any other debit card and is accepted by retail stores around the country. But people might get frustrated trying to find out if stores near them accept this card or not. If you have the EBT card and are looking for a grocery or drug store to redeem the benefit, then you will have to know first which store accepts this EBT card. 

In the case of Rite Aid, the answer is yes. Rite Aid has several thousand stores across the states, and they accept the EBT card for eligible products. Besides drugs, Rite Aid stores also offer groceries to customers. Read this article to know every detail about Rite Aid accept EBT cards to take the payment.  

Does Rite Aid accept EBT Card for take the payment?

Rite Aid is a renowned drug store chain that is mostly available in the coastal area. People prefer Rite Aid as it offers all kinds of high-quality drugs as well as groceries from the best brands.  

If a product is available in a Rite Aid store that is eligible for SNAP, then you can use your EBT card to purchase that product. SNAP beneficiaries sometimes need drugs, and many drug stores do not accept EBT cards, while Rite Aid stores cordially accept them. Rite Aid has around 5000 stores around the country, and hopefully, most of them accept EBT cards to take the payment. Besides drugs, many Rite Aid stores also offer grocery items. You can also purchase them with your EBT card. But make sure the product is USDA approved and eligible to be purchased using the EBT card. Most of the Rite Aid stores are verified for EBT cards, but some of them may not accept them due to verification restrictions. 

Another thing it is advised to do is make a phone call and talk to the nearby Rite Aid store to see if they have the food items or prescribed drugs you need and accept EBT against the products. 

How to use an EBT card at Rite Aid?

If you are a new user of an EBT card, then you should know about the monthly benefit and your limitations on redeeming that benefit. You will get the benefit at the beginning of the month, and then you can start purchasing products against that amount of benefit. Since the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefit is for purchasing food items, groceries, and drugs, you will have to concentrate on the eligible products list approved by the USDA and state government. 

To purchase products regularly in any Rite Aid store, you will always need to keep two things with you. One is the physical EBT card, and another is the 4-digit PIN that you will have to keep a note of or memorize. 

  1. Step 1 : Now that you know what to purchase and what to select according to the EBT-eligible product list, go into the nearby Rite Aid store and collect the drugs or groceries from the counter. Remember that using the EBT card is like using just any other debit or credit card while purchasing in a store. Ask the cashier to proceed with the billing process. 
  2. Step 2 : Just swipe the card and enter the 4-digit PIN into the machine. Cash registers from most of the stores usually help swipe the card but don’t worry, it’s just as simple as swiping any other debit card. Then the updated software should scan the SNAP-eligible products and charge the price from the EBT card balance. But if you select non-food products that are not on the SNAP-eligible list, then you will have to pay using cash or another debit card. If the Rite Aid store uses updated software, then they should be able to separate the SNAP-eligible items. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to use an EBT card in that store.
  3. Step 3 : Don’t forget to collect the receipt with the purchased items before leaving the store. On the receipt, you will see the remaining balance of your EBT card.

What can I buy with an EBT card at Rite Aid?

The state government provides the SNAP benefits to low-income people who need food and nutrition for their family members. The federal government provides this financial support through some eligible food items that you can purchase using the EBT card. You can only purchase those SNAP-eligible products using the EBT card given to you. You can also cash out the benefit to redeem it monthly. But the beneficiaries usually redeem the benefits by purchasing food items at Rite Aid stores that accept EBT cards to take the payment. So, there are specific items that you can buy using your EBT card.

Since you get a specific amount as a monthly benefit, you will have to purchase within that number of benefits. So before purchasing something, you must concentrate on the remaining balance on your EBT card and then make sure that the products you want to purchase are eligible to be purchased through your EBT card. Now the question is, what can you buy at a Rite Aid store using your EBT card?

First of all, you can buy only food or processed food items, which include drugs as well, and are available in all Rite Aid stores. Rite Aid has almost all the common food and beverage items in their stores. Besides medicine and health products, Rite Aid stores have products for vitamins, supplements, personal care, beauty, household, pets, groceries, and kids’ items. Among those, you can only use your EBT card for food, medicine, and grocery items. Even candy is available for EBT cardholders. But don’t worry if you want to buy other items. In that case, you will have to pay another way.

Can I use my EBT card to shop online at Rite Aid?

I am afraid to share that EBT cardholders cannot order and purchase products online through the card. There is a different form of ordering online. In that case, you can order the products at Rite Aid stores through phone calls and pick them up physically at the location. Rite Aid doesn’t offer an online purchase facility for EBT cardholders and doesn’t confirm the delivery. In that case, you can enlist the help of third-party delivery apps that have a co-op with the Rite Aid stores.