Sezzle works with thousands of brick-and-mortar stores and offers a virtual debit card that can be linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay. But some customers face problems frequently violating some basic rules, and that’s why Sezzle declines those orders. We’re all about financially empowering shoppers by supporting responsible spending. For that reason, Sezzle intelligent automated system doesn’t approved every virtual card order. Even if the order amount is less than your estimated spending limit, your order may be declined as Sezzle takes a variety of things into account. In addition to your spending limit, there might be merchant order limits, too. Sezzle virtual card support team can’t manually approved any orders or increase spending limits since everything is automated.

Common Sezzle virtual card decline reasons & solution

Sezzle may disapprove of a virtual card for ordering for several reasons. I have gathered some of the reasons Sezzle might not be able to approve your order. Let’s get right into the details if you’re ready.

Unpaid Installments 

You can’t place a purchase order if you haven’t paid your pending installments. Sezzle works best when you pay off the installments on time and place new orders only when needed. Sezzle can’t approved your virtual card request if you have any pending installments.

Insufficient Credit Limit

Whenever you reach your Sezzle credit limit and try to place a new order, your payment or card will be declined by the Sezzle automated system. Your spending limit is determined based on how long you’ve been using Sezzle, your order history, credit score, and other factors. 

You can see how much you have spent on your Sezzle card by logging into Sezzle. Find the “Sezzle Card” option, and you will be able to see how much spending power you have and your Virtual Card details. Although your Sezzle virtual card is approved, your purchase request will still be declined if the total amount of the goods exceeds the spending limit. Spending power for new users ranges from $50-$200. Keep using Sezzle and paying the payments on time, even if your spending power is low and your limit increases. 

New user limitation 

A new user can only place one order as per Sezzle policy. If you’re a new Sezzle user and you’ve already made an order and try to make another within a day, your order will decline. You should wait at least 25 hours after placing your first order if you’re a new user. New users can only put 1 ranking, but they can make more once that period is over. 

Technical Issues

A technical error or a problem with the server could also affect your Sezzle virtual card. Besides, there can be technical issues with the merchant you’re buying from or Sezzle. Apple Pay or Google Pay also may have problems if you use your Sezzle virtual card with either of these apps. We recommend you use the latest version of these apps and clear the cache once. You’d also want to check the server status of Sezzle, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to see if everything is working.

Payment declined by your bank

If your Sezzle virtual card isn’t working, it could be that the default payment method associated with your card has been declined by your bank.

Suspected activities

All the accounts you create on Sezzle are tracked by its automated system. It’s an essential tool for determining which order can be approved for purchase requests. Approving a user who probably won’t be able to return their money is just risking their money. As well as checking a user’s credit score, Sezzle also considers the authenticity of the existing account. And if Sezzle finds some issues, the virtual card won’t work. This is Sezzle’s way of flagging suspicious accounts. If you face it unexpectedly, then you can request to fix it. 

Why was my Virtual Card declined?

If you see your card declined while ordering something, you have to find the actual reason out of the several facts. Maybe you ran out of virtual card spending power, the retailer you visited doesn’t accept Sezzle, or you have a failed payment on your account. Or maybe you are a new Sezzle user with a time limit, your bank declined the payment, or any other technical issues. Below you’ll find a list of common decline reasons and some recommendations that may help.

  • Do you have enough funds? Generally, Sezzle checks that you have at least 25% of the total order cost available when you place the order. 
  • If there are multiple orders with outstanding payments and/or a majority is still due on a previous order, pay them off immediately.
  • You can try reducing the amount of your order or splitting it up into smaller transactions! 
  • You’ve got options of payment methods linked to your account. Adding another debit card or credit card can help Sezzle better understand your repayment ability.
  • Sezzle Up is another option to help you stay on top of your spending limits. Get access to your credit limit with Sezzle Up, and build your credit through monthly credit reports.