Online food ordering giant DoorDash offers its delivery partners a prepaid bank card called Dasher Direct. Using Dasher Direct Prepaid Visa Card, you can shop for DoorDash products easily online and in stores. With this Dasher Direct card Dashers can get their earnings and cash outs or transfer money to their bank account.  

Transferring money from Dasher Direct to your bank account isn’t complicated like most processes. I will show you how to transfer money from Dasher Direct to a bank account in this article.

Steps to transfer money from Dasher Direct to a bank account 

You can easily transfer money from Dasher Direct to your bank account. In this case, you can also transfer the money to your friend or relative’s account. DasherDirect gives you many benefits, and it’s super easy to transfer money to other accounts. 

You can transfer money from Dasher Direct to your bank account this way:

  1. Open the DasherDirect app on your smartphone to start the transferring process to any U.S. bank account. You will see the “Move Money” option on the home screen. Tap on it. 
  2. You can enter the recipient’s name and the amount to transfer if the recipient is in your list of previously used accounts.
  3. To transfer money for the first time, tap “Recipient,” then “Add,” and enter the recipient’s bank info. Please fill out the form, including the recipient’s bank account, routing number, and the amount you want to transfer.
  4. Confirm you’re transferring money from Dasher Direct to your bank account.

It should take 1-2 business days for the recipient to get the money. You can find out more about business days in the tooltip.

You’ll get a popup saying you can submit your money transfer today, but it’ll be processed the next business day if you submit it on weekends or holidays. In the top right corner is a help link that you can tap if you have other questions.

How long does it take to transfer Money from a Dasher Direct to bank account

There is no instant transfer system from the Dasher Direct card to your Bank account. Money usually transfers from DasherDirect to your bank in 1-2 business days. But remember that if you attempt the transfer on the weekend, the bank won’t process the transfer until Monday. Transferring money is free. Don’t forget you can’t stop a transaction once it’s started. If you transfer the money before midnight Eastern Time, it’ll be there the next business day.

Dasher Direct Transfer Limits 

Dasher Direct lets you transfer funds to anyone in the country free of charge but has a limit to the amount you can transfer. Transferring money from your Dasher Direct card has the following limits:

  • $2000 per day and a maximum of 3 transfers per day (a day is a 24-hour period)
  • Monthly $5,000, and a maximum of 30 transfers per month (a month is any 30 days).

Transfers go the next business day if you send them before midnight Eastern Time.

Check Dasher Direct Transfer Status 

When you submit a transfer, Dasher Direct will give you a confirmation number, and when it’s accepted, you’ll get a push notification on your phone. You can check the status on the DasherDirect app on your smartphone. 

How to Cancel a Dasher Direct Pending Transfer 

I am afraid to say that once you confirm a fund transfer from your Dasher Direct to your bank account, you cannot cancel it. It’s because Dasher Direct starts processing the fund transfer, and there is no way back. 

How do Dasher Direct account deposits and ATM withdrawals work

Dasher Direct has specific terms and conditions for account deposits and ATM withdrawals.  

Cash Deposits

At participating merchants, you can put cash on your DasherDirect card. Tap ‘Deposits’ in the bottom menu of your DasherDirect app and then ‘Cash Deposit’. You’ll be able to find some places around you where you can deposit your card.

The cash deposit limits are: 

The amount of money you can deposit on your card is limited. 

  • You can make up to 10 cash deposits per day for up to $1,500.
  • And you can only deposit $3,000 a month with a maximum of 300 cash deposits. 

The fees for depositing money at different merchants range from $3.95 to $4.95. You can withdraw money from your bank and deposit it immediately to your DasherDirect card if you already have it.

ATMs and withdrawals

If you don’t know where the ATM is, you’ll need to use your DasherDirect app. The DasherDirect app can locate nearby free or low-fee Allpoint ATMs ($2.50) if you let it get your location. It’s just a matter of tapping ‘Find an ATM Near You’ under ‘Quick Services’ on the DasherDirect app.

You can withdraw money from any ATM that accepts Visa. Some ATMs charge a surcharge on withdrawals. When the ATM asks what type of account you have, choose “Checking.” You need to insert your card and enter your PIN correctly to withdraw money. Be sure you keep your receipt before leaving the ATM.

ATM cash withdrawal limits are:

The maximum cash withdrawal from an ATM per transaction is $100. 

  • You can make up to 5 ATM transactions daily (a day is in any 24-hour period). The maximum amount you are allowed to withdraw is $1000 within that 24 hours.  
  • You can make up to 150 ATM transactions monthly (a month is any 30-day period). The maximum amount you are allowed to withdraw is a total of $5000 within those 30 days.   

 Remember that each withdrawal is subject to the in-store limits of the participating merchant. Also, keep in mind that ATMs are owned and operated separately.

You should contact the ATM operator immediately if you don’t get the correct amount of cash. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get paid on a Dasher Direct account?

When you use Dasher Direct, you will see your earnings in your account the next day. If you use Instant Direct Deposit, the money you earn from your deliveries is deposited immediately and without charges, so you can access your money whenever you want. You’ll get tips too, either in the same payout or at a later payout up to 30 days after your Dash is complete. For security reasons, DoorDash only pays up to $1,000 daily to your DasherDirect account. The remaining balance from the daily payout limit will be added to your next payout.

What is Payfare?

Payfare is a fintech company focused on digital banking and instant payout solutions for today’s global workforce. It works with major companies in the on-demand gig economy to drive financial inclusion and empowerment for next-generation workers.

Payfare and DoorDash have teamed up on Dasher Direct. By putting money directly into Dashers’ hands every day, Payfare and DoorDash give them more economic freedom, security, and financial opportunity. Payfare is the mobile app provider, and Stride Bank, a member of FDIC, is issuing the DasherDirect cards. 

Is FastPay and Dasher Direct work together?

The answer is no. When your new card arrives, and you set up Dasher Direct, you’ll automatically receive payouts after every Dash. You’ll get the cash on your DasherDirect account for no extra charge. Also, you’ll no longer be able to cash out daily with Fast Pay. Switching back to weekly direct deposits is as easy as tapping the Bank icon on Earnings and selecting the “Switch Payout Account” option. Then it enables you to withdraw money daily from FastPay for $1.99.

How to check my Dasher Direct balance?

You’ll find your Dasher Direct balance in the DasherDirect app, powered by Payfare. You can open the app on your phone, navigate to the Account main screen, and tap on ‘Account Balance’. Here you will see your current balance deposited within a specific time. 

Where to locate my Dasher Direct Statements and Account Information?

Open the app on your phone, and from the Account main screen, tap on ‘Account Balance’ and then select ‘Statements’. You should see all your transactions, statements, and account info.