Many of us have to deal with an efficient banking system for our daily financial terms. I found a super trustworthy option in Netspend. Netspend offers an excellent card, Skylight, that helps my business run conveniently with a paperless payment option. I usually provide some bills through Skylight, and it’s efficient and convenient to get rid of the banking hurdles. 

For online purchases or offline purchases, Skylight can be used wherever Visa debit cards and MasterCard are accepted. Skylight offers multiple features, such as controlling finances, making a budget and saving money, and more. The Skylight pay option can manage the payroll process, reduce costs, and ensure payroll program efficiency. The Skylight ONE Card allows me to deal with all kinds of money transactions without any hassle of paper checks or standing in line at a bank counter. One Skylight card is a Netspend prepaid card that FDIC member banks provide to people without bank accounts or who are not interested in dealing with them.

Skylight users sometimes encounter problems when they try to deposit money. I usually use some places where I can deposit money on my Skylight card easily. As a Skylight One Card user, you may learn about some convenient places to deposit money. Direct deposit is an easy process, and you never have to worry about losing any paper checks. If you are confused and still have a question “Where can I deposit money on my Skylight card?”, the answer is discussed below in detail.  

Places to deposit money on Skylight card 

The most relaxing thing about using the Skylight card is the hassle-free and available depositing locations. Many stores and locations help in depositing the Skylight card, which I can locate easily. I can assure you, from my experience, that you will find a location nearby. 

1. Direct deposit

Loading money on a Skylight card through direct deposit is popular because of its charge-free and convenient facility. It allows access to your money when the funds are deposited. Direct deposit is usually quite faster than the traditional banking system. You can save up to two days waiting for your funds. This means you will get your funds two days earlier than with the traditional depositing system of banks. You don’t need to get tense about your paper check being stolen or lost because you can load your money onto your card account. The name associated with the direct deposit should be the same as the card account. Besides, you don’t need to stand in a long line to deposit your paycheck. Be sure that your Skylight card is active. You can directly deposit all the government and other benefit checks into your Skylight Card. The checks include

  • Work Paychecks 
  • Tax Refunds 
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Pensions
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS)
  • State Unemployment Benefits (which vary by state)
  • Government Disability Benefits- SSDI or workers’ Compensation (Varies by state)
  • Veterans benefits

2. Mobile check load

You can load your physical check by uploading it to the card app. Just use the mobile app on your phone and upload the picture of the check to complete the deposit. There is a Mobile check load option in the app to follow the process of taking the picture of the physical check. You can load your Skylight Card at your convenience and avoid long queues. After finishing the process, the money on the Skylight Card is all yours to spend. 

3. Netspend reload network locations

Netspend has more than 13 million convenient locations around the country where you can also load money on your Skylight Card. You will have to visit the reload locations in person to deposit money there. To locate the nearby reload location, visit “” and choose any of them that charge the lowest fee as the fee for the loaded Skylight Card. The fee may vary among participating locations. The location finder will show you the 10 nearest locations and the deposit fee for each one. Here I am mentioning some of the available reload locations and their fees.

Netspend Reload LocationReload fee
Advance America$2.00
Check ‘n GoNo fee
Circle K$3.95
Currency Exchange$2.00
CVS Pharmacy$3.95
Dollar General$3.95
Family Dollar$3.95
Flying J$3.95
Food City$3.95
Office Depot$3.95
Rite Aid$3.95

4. Bank transfers to Skylight Card

You can add money to your Skylight Card from a checking or savings account or a bank debit card only if your bank participates in the program. You can add money this way, virtually. Just sign in to your bank account and link it to your Skylight Card, and then transfer the money from your bank account to your Skylight Card account. Keep in mind that some banks charge a fee for transferring the money. 

5. PayPal

PayPal has this feature that allows you to transfer money to your Skylight Card account. In that case, you will need a PayPal account that has enough balance to transfer to the Skylight Card. You will need your Netspend/Skylight Card account and routing number to add to your PayPal account. Remember that PayPal will charge a fee for every transfer to your Skylight Card account.

6. Transfer money between Netspend card accounts

Since Netspend allows transferring money from one account to another account, you can also try it for the Skylight card account. Don’t get confused, as I mentioned earlier, the Skylight card is the debit card of Netspend. The features follow the same regulations. 

7. Tax Refunds money

You can ask for help from the IRS to deposit your money directly to your Skylight Card account. But you should e-file your annual return to avoid waiting for the paper check. This means if you deposit your tax refund money directly to your Skylight Card, then you won’t face the hassle of a paper check and will get your refund faster. Don’t forget to provide your routing number and account number to your tax preparer. If you do it on your own then submit those in the respective section of the form. Keep in mind that depositing a Tax refund to Skylight Card through email is free of any charge. 

8. MoneyGram

MoneyGram has over 90,000 locations including 40,000 Express Payment agent locations nationwide where you can Deposit Money on Skylight card conveniently. This money transfer company has an agreement with Netspend to deposit prepaid debit cards at those locations. 

9. Dollar General

Dollar General is one of the most famous money deposit agents in the country and allows Skylight Card users to reload money anywhere in the country. Just go to the nearby Dollar General store with your cash and Skylight Card and ask the customer agent to reload your card. You will get an SMS alert when the deposit is made to your card. Normally you will have to pay anywhere from zero to $3.95 as a deposit charge, which may vary according to the location. Also you can find the cheapest deposit location through the Skylight Card deposit locator.

10. Grocery stores 

You can deposit money at the grocery store. Many grocery shops all over the country allow you to deposit money on your skylight card. Consider the fee for depositing money. It can be an efficient option because you don’t have to go far, just find the nearest grocery store to make a deposit. 

11. Gas stations

Fortunately, Skylight cards can be deposited at the gas station. Search for the nearest location at “”. Gas stations may charge a fee. Lots of Skylight users choose a gas station for depositing money because it can load money onto your card at your convenience. Once deposited, you can use your money at the gas station as well, which can make your life easier. 

12. Check cashers place

You can also deposit money on your Skylight card with the check casher. There are so many check cashers nationwide. To deposit money, just find the location of any of the check cashers near you. Once the money is deposited into your card, it can be accessed all over the country at your convenience. 

13. Convenience stores all over the country (Walmart, Walgreen)

There are so many stores like Walmart and Walgreens available across the country. Walmart has this rapid reload in their stores where you can reload your Skylight card at your convenience. Walmart has more than 3,800 stores nationwide that have a deposit facility for the Skylight cardholders. You can either deposit cash or a check at the stores by paying $3.74 as a deposit fee. Just take your Skylight card and the check or cash to the nearby store and ask the cashier at the register to help deposit the money. And keep in mind that you will have to pay the charge in cash. Rapid reload helps you deposit the money quickly at the cashier; just swipe your card or check, and the amount you want to load will be added to your card automatically. 

At Walgreens, you can direct deposit with cash in just a couple of minutes. They have over 8000 stores where you can either get a direct deposit or cash out Skylight Card balance. Visit “” to find a Walgreens store, or you can use the “” To find a nearby location to deposit your money. After finding the store, go to the cashier and ask him/her to reload your Skylight card. Provide him/her with both the card and cash. Also, provide the fee as a deposit charge, and the cashier will swipe your card. Then the money should be added to your card within 10 minutes. Remember that, you can deposit $2500 maximum in 24 hours. 

How to find a Skylight card money deposit location near me

As I mentioned earlier, there are thousands of Skylight card money deposit locations across the states. These are the Netspend money deposit locations that also deposit money on Skylight cards. Netspend has an online location finder that can track the nearby reload centers around your location. Just visit “” and enter your Zip code/city/state name. You will see the nearby deposit locations with possible charge-free depositor names. 

Skylight One card balance check online

The Skylight One card keeps your money safe until you decide to use it. My suggestion is to check your Skylight Card balance online before using your Skylight money. You will find Skylight’s toll-free number (1-866-387-7363) on the back of your card. You will get a toll-free balance update 24 hours a day. Just enter your card number and PIN to get your balance. Or you can check your Skylight One card balance by logging in to “” using your card number and PIN. Besides, you can text BAL to 22622 to get the balance update. You will get the balance update through a message in reply. 

Skylight card money deposit limit

There are limitations to depositing and saving money on your Skylight card. First of all, you must know the maximum amount you can have on your Skylight card. Netspend, the owner of the Skylight card, allows you to have up to $15,000 in your account at any time. You can never exceed this amount. So, you will have to keep in mind the last balance update of your account and then decide to deposit money into it. And keep in mind that you are not allowed to deposit more than $15,000 in a single month.  If you ask about the deposit limit on a day, then the answer is $5000. If you deposit your Skylight card through account to account transfer then you can deposit $1,500 maximum in 24 hours. Here, you cannot exceed four transfers in a day.