The US government has been financing unemployment payments to the income-less people which I enjoyed for around 1 year. Last year, I was discharged from my job without any fault or prior notice. So, I had to apply for government unemployment finance as I had no other options. Then I came to know about ReliaCard. The US Bank issued me this card, full of surprises with it. ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card that you can receive as part of the unemployment or other government benefits.

Surprisingly, the ReliaCard makes my financial life so easy that I can withdraw money from ATMs or banks, purchase products, pay bills while purchasing and many more facilities with it. There are some participating merchants who allow cashback against ReliaCard purchase. ReliaCard makes my life easier whenever I need money. There are both ATM and bank options. You can go to the nearby ATM where they receive Visa or Mastercard and insert the card with a PIN to withdraw money. I also enjoyed the facility of withdraw money from both the bank counter and credit union just providing my driving license along with the ReliaCard. Since then I have started insisting people to use the ReliaCard. To make your life easy, here I am putting the details on money withdrawal from my experience. Hope this would be really helpful for you. 

Best Way & Places For Withdraw Money From ReliaCard

1. Withdraw Money From ReliaCard at an ATM

Withdraw money from an ATM using your ReliaCard is a simple and easy way to follow. You just need minimal effort to give. All you need to do is insert or swipe the card to withdraw money. While using a PIN, make sure no one can see your digits. There are lots of ATMs from both in and out networks. Find your local surcharge-free ATM through the mobile app or visit the US Bank or MoneyPass website. If you don’t find an ATM near you, go for another ATM such as Visa or Visa Plus that accepts debit cards. To withdraw money from ATM, follow the steps below:

  1. Insert card 
  2. Enter your 4-digit ReliaCard PIN (keep it secret)
  3. Tap “withdrawal from checking”
  4. Enter your amount to withdraw. 

Fees and Limits Associated With ATMs 

There are fees that ReliaCard charges but only for optional services. If you use any optional service then there will be a deduction from the ReliaCard balance as a service fee. I usually try to avoid taking any extra service to avoid fees but there are certain services that you should consider while dealing with ATMs. I have been enjoying withdrawals from the US Bank and MoneyPass ATMs with a $0 fee.

Out-of-network ATMs (Non-US Bank or Non-MoneyPass ATMs such as Visa Plus ATMs) allow me to withdraw money for free but that is only twice a month. It means you can withdraw money from out-of-network ATMs likeVisa or Visa Plus ATMs free for 2 times per month and then there will be a $1.25 charge applied as a fee with each withdrawal. The same rule is also applicable for international ATM withdrawal. I also found that there were fees as an ATM operation charge. But there is no fee applicable during the balance inquiry. 

Please remember, there is a ReliaCard inactivity fee which I haven’t seen yet but I am aware of it. US Bank has this right to charge $2 monthly after you miss any transactions for 180 consecutive days.  

There are also some limitations in withdrawing from an ATM. In a day, you can withdraw cash from an ATM a maximum of 10 times. And each day, the withdrawal limit is a maximum of $1,025. In my words, you cannot withdraw more than $1,025 from the ATM in a day. 

How to Avoid Fees (Withdraw Money From ReliaCard For Free)

The US Bank ReliaCard has some own regulations and rules to use. Initially, I was not aware of those causes and had to pay extra fees while withdrawing. But soon after I came to know the facts which I call tips and tricks. I think I should share those tricks with you to avoid any extra fees. If you maintain your ReliaCard intelligently, I can assure you that you won’t face any burden of fees. 

The simplest way to get rid of ATM withdrawal fees is to use in-network ATMs. I always prefer the US Bank and MoneyPass ATMs to avoid fees. This is how I control my ReliaCard balance and get rid of fees. If you use out-of-network ATMs (Non-US Bank and Non-MoneyPass ATMs) you will definitely face fee cuts from the second withdrawal. Domestic retail purchasing is also free which I always keep in mind while purchasing something. So, prefer the domestic purchases at the Visa retail locations which are absolutely free. The Merchant’s cashback option is like a blessing. If you buy products from selected merchants, then you will receive instant cashback to your ReliaCard debit card.  

How Do I find an ATM near me

Finding the US Bank ATMs near your location is absolutely easy and hassle-free. I always found it with a tap on my phone. Just go to these links or and you will find an ATM near you within a second. There is also a search box where you have to enter your address and the nearby ATM locations will pop up immediately. 

The ReliaCard daily ATM withdrawal limit

Yes, there is a limitation in ATM withdrawal. I am not allowed to withdraw more than 10 times a day using my ReliaCard. Though you don’t need to go to the ATMs more than once or twice you should keep this limit in mind. Another important fact you should always notice is the maximum ATM withdrawal limit which is $1,025 on a day. ReliaCard never allowed me to exceed this limit. 

2. Withdraw Money From My ReliaCard at a Bank or Credit Union Teller

Make sure, every time you know your available ReliaCard balance. Teller has no access to your ReliaCard information. You should ask for the exact amount you intend to withdraw. Remember, Bank or credit union will verify your identity. In that case, you will have to bring your ID documentation. Such as I always provide my driving license to prove that I am the ReliaCard owner. You can also bring your passport or government ID to prove your account ownership. The fees for over-the-counter service are applicable and you have to confirm it before the withdrawal. 

3. Get Cashback From Purchase With ReliaCard

Getting cash back with a purchase is pretty simple. My advice is to make purchases at participating merchants at grocery stores or retail stores where the cashback option is synced with ReliaCard. Just follow these steps for cashback:

  • When the authorization machine asks for credit or debit – select Debit
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Press “Yes” to get the cashback
  • Enter exactly what amount you need
  • And, finally, press OK

Why i’m Use A ReliaCard (The Advantages of Having a ReliaCard)

ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card that is an excellent alternative to paper checks and direct deposits. Surprisingly, you do not need credit approval, bank account, or minimum balance required. US people rely on it because it is secure, reliable, fast, and easy. Here are some potential advantages that attracted me to use this magical card. 

  • Fast : You don’t have to worry about depositing money. Your account will be credited automatically. 
  • Safe and secure : You don’t need to carry a large amount of cash. There are over 1 million Visa/Plus branded Automated Teller Machines (ATM) or credit unions that accept ReliaCard. You can get cash easily from retailers. 
  • Save Time : Simple and quick access to your funds without spending time in line to cash or deposit a check. 
  • Convenient : Over 20 million merchants use this magical card. It is mostly used for purchasing at any palace where a visa debit card is accepted. You can use it at either gas stations, restaurants, or local stores. 
  • Save Money : Since you don’t need to go for a check or cash, so it will save your expenses. 
  • Simple : Enjoy the simplest electronic payments with ReliaCard. You don’t need a bank account, don’t require a minimum balance, just purchase or withdraw money. 
  • Track spending : It will track your account information. So that you can get service for 24 hours. You can record your expenditures. Additionally, you will receive a monthly account statement by email. You will get a notification when your balance is nearly zero. 
  • Enjoy purchase : Make purchases anywhere. Cardholders get purchase protection without a credit check.
  • Reliable : You will receive money at an accurate time. There is no stolen or lost check and no hidden fees also. 

You May Have Some Questions

Do I have to go to the U.S. Bank ATM or U.S. Bank branch to get cash?

NO, cashback is available at merchants throughout the US, like grocery stores and local stores. You can withdraw cash from any ATM or visa bank or credit union. Go to to find out your nearest ATM. 

Do I need a PIN to use the ReliaCard?

You must receive your PIN form, contact cardholder service at 855-279-1271 or Visit the website to get the PIN. but, technically, you may use this card without a PIN for signature-based purchases. The PIN will be used for PIN_ based purchase or cash withdrawal by ATMs.  

What should I do if I forget my ReliaCard PIN?

There are two ways you can follow if you forget the PIN. Either contact cardholder service, the toll-free number is 855-279-1271, or visit the website to reset your PIN Number. 

Can I still get money if I forget my ReliaCard PIN?

Yes, you can get cash, simply go to a Visa member bank or credit union and ask for cash withdrawal. 

How do I check my ReliaCard balance?

  • By online: view your account at 
  • Text or email: Get free email or text alerts when funds are deposited to your account or when the balance gets low. 
  • By Mobile banking App: go to the app store, search “U.S. Bank ReliaCard” in the Apple app store, or Google Play store. 
  • Phone: you may call customer service; the toll-free number is 855-279-1271
  • By ATM: check for a balance inquiry at an ATM 

Can I pay bills with ReliaCard?

Yes, you can pay bills. I usually pay all my bills through ReliaCard to avoid any hassles. Visit the website and follow the bill payment procedures with me:

  • First, Log in to your US Bank account at
  • Go to top Navigation bar and select Manage Money
  • Then Select Pay Bills
  • From the payee list, select the company name as payee. If you don’t find the payee name then enter the payee name manually. 
  • Enter the amount you want to pay as bill
  • Select payment date. 
  • Finally, click the review and pay button.