BankMobile is an online bank that targets Millennials, college students, and other tech-savvy customers who are looking to avoid bank fees. It is a branchless bank that offers mobile banking services and has a checking account just for students. It’s convenient for students to manage their finances without incurring expenses. Using BankMobile, students have saved about $100 million on banking fees. The company’s website makes you wonder if the company is real or a scam. Even though it’s not as big as other banks, it’s still growing.

You won’t pay a monthly fee for a BankMobile VIBE checking account, and there’s no overdraft or NSF fee. The service is available to students at colleges that partner with BankMobile DisbursementsĀ®. I will show you How you can withdraw money from BankMobile Vibe in several ways.

Withdraw money from BankMobile Vibe

You can withdraw money quickly or gradually, depending on how much you need. You can download the BankMobile app on your phone. It lets you make online purchases and transfer money between bank accounts. If you’re looking to spend a lot of money, BankMobile’s wire transfer service is a great option, but there’s a limit. You can withdraw money from your account in three ways.

1. ATM withdrawals

You can withdraw BankMobile Vibe money from over 55,000 Allpoint Network ATMs worldwide, plus Customers Bank ATMs. A fee of $3.00 will be charged if you use an ATM outside the Allpoint Network or outside Customers Bank. You may have to pay an ATM fee even if you don’t withdraw. You can learn more by looking at your Fee Schedule. BankMobile Vibe cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to $500.00 per day. There’s no way to increase ATM withdrawal limits.

The Allpoint locator “” can help you find an ATM in the network. The Allpoint network may add/remove ATMs periodically. Therefore, we encourage you to always check the Allpoint locator before visiting an ATM to find the nearest in-network ATM. ATMs at Allpoint aren’t always available 24 hours a day. The location, availability, and hours of operation of in-network ATMs may vary from merchant to merchant.

If you’re withdrawing BankMobile Vibe money from an ATM, ensure no fees are disclosed. Even if you don’t withdraw from a non-Allpoint Network ATM, the ATM owner/operator may charge you a fee. These ATM fees are charged by third parties, not by BankMobile Vibe. Please log in, click the FAQs logo in the header, then click the “Email Support Team” tab if you think the BankMobile Vibe team has charged you the wrong fee.

2. Teller Withdrawal (at a bank teller)

Using your card to withdraw cash from a teller at a bank is called a teller withdrawal. There’s no fee for a teller withdrawal, but the bank might. Here’s how to withdraw money from a teller:

  • Take your MastercardĀ® to a bank that accepts it. Go to the cash counter.
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account to complete the transaction. It’s not possible to request a teller withdrawal if you don’t have the funds.
  • Perform the swipe-and-sign transactions.

The daily merchant spending limit is $2,500.00 for teller withdrawals. You can only withdraw $500 if you’ve already spent $2,000.00 in debit card transactions.

3. Cash Back on a merchant card transaction

Some merchants will give you cash back when you use your PIN-based debit card. Cash back at a merchant doesn’t cost anything. Including merchant purchases and cash withdrawals, you can’t spend more than $500.00 daily with your PIN-based debit card. There’s no way BankMobile Vibe can increase withdrawal limits.

Reasons of getting withdraw money deny from the ATM

You may have trouble withdrawing money from an ATM because of these reasons:

  • The personal Identification Number (PIN) is wrong : When you first activated your card, you created this four-digit code. You can reset your PIN if you don’t remember it.
  • You entered the PIN too many times : If you fail too many times to enter the correct PIN, the ATM will temporarily halt your cash withdrawals until the next business day for security reasons. You may need a PIN reset, but you can’t withdraw cash until the ‘waiting’ period’s over or the next business day.
  • Incorrect account type selection : Choose ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’ depending on which account you’re withdrawing from at an ATM. Don’t choose the wrong account type. 
  • Reaching your Spending Limit : There’s a $500 limit on ATM withdrawals per day. You can withdraw more than $500 every day with a teller withdrawal. You may have to pay a fee if you get cash from a teller at a bank. BankMobile Vibe doesn’t charge this fee; it’s a third-party fee.
  • Your account doesn’t have enough money : Before you withdraw, make sure you have the funds in your available balance that you want to withdraw.
  • The card is inactive : Before withdrawing, make sure your card is activated if you’ve recently replaced it.

Other ways to withdraw money from BankMobile Vibe

Besides direct withdrawal using the methods I mentioned above, you can also transfer money BankMobile Vibe to other accounts and then withdraw your funds. You can transfer your BankMobile Vibe money to other financial apps such as Cash App, PayPal, and others and then withdraw them indirectly. Thus, you can then transfer your money to other external bank accounts. So, you can follow this process only if you have one of those apps on your phone. Although these are indirect processes, you can follow them if you fail to withdraw your BankMobile Vibe money directly from ATMs for bank tellers. To send money to another bank account costs $25, and you can send up to $10,000 daily. Here I am going to mention some of those ways for you. 

BankMobile Vibe to Cash App transfer

As of now, you can only transfer money from BankMobile to Cash App through the mobile app. Transfers may cost you a fee, or you can use a credit card.

Choosing a bank that accepts ACH transfers when sending money to Cash App is important. ACH transfers are usually free, but some banks charge you if you want them expedited. You can’t make more than six ACH transfers per month for saving accounts at some banks. Transferring money is also easy with the check-writing service.

BankMobile Vibe to PayPal transfer

You can transfer money from your BankMobile Vibe account to PayPal after you fill out the form. When you’re done verifying your identity, choose From PayPal or Card. Once you’ve entered the amount, click withdraw. Your mobile money account will get the money within 10 seconds. After that, you can withdraw the money. That’s it! You can send money to PayPal using your phone by opening the app and navigating to PayPal. PayPal will send you a confirmation message, and your money will be there in minutes!

BankMobile Vibe to Zelle transfer

Customers of Associated Bank can access Zelle through their Associated BankMobile app or online banking. With Zelle, you can transfer money between your BankMobile vibe and your external accounts. You must have a U.S. bank account to use Zelle with BankMobile. The process requires users to log in first. Generally, transfers take a few minutes between enrolled users, but they can take a few days to get to the recipient. Zelle doesn’t support credit cards, so keep that in mind. It’s free and secure to send money with Zelle.

Remember, these third-party apps are for transferring your money to other external accounts, from which you can then withdraw money alternatively. So, these apps you can use as a medium of fund transfer.