Woodforest National Bank has been providing outstanding customer service since 1980, making it one of the strongest community banks in the country. They build relationships and look for ways to serve their communities better and understand every client’s financial needs. Woodforest National Bank is committed to cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion. It was ranked 23rd out of 60 banks by Forbes, one of the country’s leading business magazines, in its inaugural list of “The World’s Best Banks” for 2019. 

The bank serves customers with several helpful services, including Bank withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, Debit card withdrawal, and Teller withdrawal. But you have to keep the exceeding limit and fees per withdrawal in your mind. Here I am going to explain everything about withdrawal limit with Woodforest Bank. 

Woodforest Bank ATM withdrawal limit

Woodforest National Bank customers cannot withdraw above the specific amount from an ATM. There is the minimum and maximum ATM withdrawal limit from the Woodforest National Bank account. If you are a Woodforest ATM user, you can withdraw $1000 maximum on a day. And the minimum withdrawal amount is $20 per day. You have a maximum of 4 chances to withdraw cash on a day. There is also the weekly withdrawal limit which is $3500. And you can make a maximum of 7 attempts in a week to withdraw money from Woodforest ATM. Woodforest National Bank monthly withdrawal limit is $5000 within a maximum of 20 attempts.  

Woodforest Bank ATM overdraft withdrawal limit

There’s no limit to how much you can overdraw, so yes, you can get up to $500 altogether if you have $200 in your account, but you need to go to a teller because I think you can only withdraw $300 per transaction. But it won’t hurt to give it a shot. Take $400 out of the Woodforest ATM, but don’t forget you can overdraw up to $300. So, add that to the $500 you already have, and you’ve got $500. First, make sure you’ve got authorization to overdraw at the ATM. You can find out if you have it by calling customer service. Just tell them you want to authorize overdrafts on your account if you don’t. Here Daily is calculated by rolling twenty-four consecutive hour periods, Pacific Standard Time (PST). And per week is calculated, while monthly is calculated using a thirty-day rolling period. 

Woodforest Bank Debit card limit

Woodforest debit cards let you access your checking account, and savings account at most listed merchants. That allows you to buy essentials in person, by phone, or online. Then you can pay for services in person, over the phone, or online. You can use your available balance up to 100% each day for the above transactions. You can also, subject to the cumulative daily withdrawal limit of $810.00, use your PIN to get cash from a merchant, if the merchant allows the transaction, or from a participating financial institution, and do whatever a merchant will allow. Likewise, you can use your PIN to get cash from a participating merchant, if the merchant allows it, or from a participating financial institution, and do anything that a participating merchant accepts. In addition to the Woodforest bank daily cash withdrawal limit, Discover® Debit card transactions not PIN verified are restricted to $100. 

You can transfer money to your Woodforest account through participating retailers. (For an updated list of participating retailers, contact Woodforest Customer Care toll-free at 877-968-7962.) These Woodforest disclosures refer to such transfers as a “POS Account Credit Transaction.” The sources of funds that can perform a POS Account Credit Transaction vary by retailer but typically include cash or proceeds from checks that participating retailers can cash.

How to increase the Woodforest Bank withdrawal limit

If you ask, Woodforest bank can increase your daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Contact 1-877-968-7962 with any inquiries. You might consider upgrading your account to one with a higher limit.

What is the Woodforest Bank withdrawal charge

The ATM withdrawal fee is $0.00 per transaction at a Woodforest ATM. The fee for ATM withdrawal is $2.50 each time when you attempt at a non-Woodforest ATM. A cash advance with a debit card costs $2.00. For each withdrawal over six during the statement period, you’ll pay $10.00 extra.

Woodforest National Bank has a standard overdraft policy, which is that it will charge you $32 if we pay an item into the overdraft. But Woodforest National Bank won’t charge you a fee if an item overdraws your account by $1.00 or less.