The Woodforest National Bank is a brick-and-mortar bank with a headquarters in Texas offering financial and banking features around the country. Woodforest works restlessly to give the customer the best possible service with a hassle-free banking experience. Since people now are busier than ever they always tend to perform their banking tasks through online mediums. Online banking and transferring money to other banks using this modern feature is undoubtedly hassle-free for any customer. They are likely to avoid any type of waiting in the banking queue. Now Online banking is nothing new. It’s a regular task for anyone on the go. Woodforest customers also can transfer money to any other bank account online but there are several different ways. Here I am mentioning the ways to transfer Woodforest money to another bank online.  

Can you transfer money online from Woodforest to another bank

It is possible to transfer money from Woodforest to another bank online in several ways.

With the Woodforest app, you can transfer funds to your other linked accounts or access your Woodforest account through your Online Banking Profile ( But keep in mind that the only money transfers Woodforest National Bank allows right now are between checking and savings accounts.

Western Union or wire transfers are two ways to get money from Woodforest to another bank. Wire transfers are faster but can be more expensive, while Western Union is sometimes cheaper but a bit slower. Ensure your bank doesn’t charge you for transferring funds by checking with them first. 

5 Best way for transfer money from Woodforest to another bank online

As I mentioned, there are several ways that you can choose as convenient to transfer money online to another bank. There is online banking, western union money transfer, ACH transfer, and other third-party money transfer apps that you can choose to transfer the money to another bank account. Let me explain the procedures individually. 

1. Woodforest online banking & Western Union

Woodforest itself has an online banking service that allows users to transfer money to other savings accounts. Whether you’re at home, at work, or anywhere with an internet connection, you can access your Woodforest accounts online or on the go. Woodforest online banking enrollment is a must-needed process that can help you with online money transfers. Getting started with Woodforest Online Banking is easy! Just click the link “” to sign up. Once you get to the enrollment page, you’ll have to enter the required information, including:

  • Your account Number
  • Maiden name of your Mother
  • Select your primary ID number (from the drop-down menu)
  • Your Birthdate

Your eligibility for online accounts should become available immediately if you’re already a Woodforest customer. And you’ll have online access to your eligible Woodforest account(s) by tomorrow if you’re a newly registered customer and opened your first Woodforest account today. 

Western Union works closely with Woodforest Bank, and you can send money using this online service to any other domestic or international bank. To get started, sign in to Woodforest Online Services, click the Transfers tab, and then click Send Money under Western Union. From the “I WOULD LIKE TO” section under “Send Money,” you can send money with Western Union from the Online Services page.

2. Woodforest external transfer

Woodforest National Bank understands that sometimes you have to transfer money to another bank. Using its External Transfer service, you can make the process as easy and smooth as possible. With External Transfer, you can transfer money to another bank account from the comfort of your home.

  • To send money to someone else, log into your Woodforest Online Banking account, click on ‘Transfers,’ then ‘External Transfers.’
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and the receiving bank’s account information from there.
  • When you’re done reviewing and confirming your transfer, click “Submit,” and your funds will be transferred.

There’s a $950 daily limit on Woodforest External Transfers.

3. Woodforest ACH transfer

ACH transfers (Automated Clearing House) let you transfer money between Woodforest and other financial institutions. You can make as many ACH transfers as you want. The Woodforest Online Banking website or mobile app lets you transfer money this way. To transfer money, you’ll need the routing number and account number of the bank account you wish to transfer the money.

The exciting feature of ACH transfers is that you can pick the date you want the transfer to happen when you make a transfer. Most transactions can be done on the same day, but it may take longer if the receiving bank doesn’t process transfers on weekends or holidays. Some transactions may have fees. You can find more details in the bank’s Fee Schedule.

4. Woodforest wire transfer

Wire transfers are a quick, convenient, and easy way to send money. But you have to know how much you can send. You need a Wire Transfer Request Form from any Woodforest National Bank branch to transfer funds to an international/domestic account. You can wire transfer up to $950 a day with Woodforest. You’ll need to split the transfer into multiple wire transfers if you want to send more. Make sure to check with your financial institution before sending money via wire transfer. 

5. Zelle transfer

Zelle is one of the top fintech brands working as a successful money transfer platform. Within Zelle, you can transfer money between bank accounts in the U.S. Although Woodforest Bank has not started working with Zelle yet, it gives you the option to use its service even if it isn’t on the network. All you need is the Zelle app on your mobile and your Woodforest bank debit card to sign up. After you link your Woodforest bank debit card to Zelle, you can transfer funds to the Zelle account and then to the other bank account directly from the Zelle app.

Here I am showing you how to use Zelle with Woodforest Bank so that you can transfer funds to another bank online. 

  • First, download and install the Zelle app on your phone.
  • Afterward, create your Zelle account using your U.S. mobile number.
  • Accept the terms of use.
  • Then you will find the option to add your bank. You can search by typing “Woodforest.” If you don’t find the bank, tap “Don’t See Bank” to look for it.
  • Enter your email address to use on Zelle.
  • Then you will have to provide your debit card info, such as the debit card number and ZIP code.

Once finished, you will see a successful registration meaning your Woodforest bank account has been linked to the U.S. mobile number or email.

Now you can use the Zelle app to send money and receive or accept money from your Woodforest debit card. Then again, you can send the money to any other bank that you wish to. Similarly, you can add the bank debit card if it’s not under the Zelle network.

Similarly, you can transfer money from your Woodforest account to the Cash app by linking them together and then transferring the funds from Cash App to another bank account.