Cash app cards are debit cards for cash app users. You can pay with your Cash App card anywhere Visa is accepted. The cash app card is accepted at a number of places as a payment method. Users can use cash app cards to pay online with apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Besides online payment apps, a cash app card lets you withdraw money from ATMs and make payments everywhere. 

But that doesn’t make sense if you don’t have enough money to use it. So, learning how to add money to your Cash App card is important. Dollar General is one of the stores that now lets you load money to your Cash App Card. It’s also possible to purchase at their shops with your Cash App Card. There aren’t any service desks at Dollar General stores, so you’ll need to go to the customer service desk. Make sure you have the physical card with you. But don’t worry, I will explain everything about adding money to your Cash App card.

How To Load Money Cash App Cards At Any Dollar General Stores?

When loading money at Dollar General or any other store, ensure your Cash App card is activated and linked to a valid bank account before you do anything. Then you’ll have to show the Dollar General cashier your Cash App card and the money you want to load. You can follow these steps to get more clarity:

  • Find a Dollar General store near you and meet the cashier on duty at the billing department. 
  • Ask the cashier for help and tell them that you want to add money to your Cash App card.
  • You might have to give them your phone number, and they may check if you’re one of their regulars.
  • It might not cost you anything if you’re eligible. But if you aren’t a regular customer of Dollar General, then they will charge you for loading your Cash App Card.
  • Hand your card and paper money to the cashier and wait a few minutes to complete the transaction.

How Do I Ensure My Cash App Card Got Loaded At Dollar General?

You must check your Cash App card balance when the cashier returns your card after loading money into it. You can then calculate the amount and ensure the new amount you loaded. The dashboard should show you your available balance as soon as you log in. Besides, your Wallet app will display a confirmation message after loading your Cash App card at Dollar General. This message lets you know how much money has been added to your Cash App Card. Additionally, it will tell you the history of the transaction.

Also, in the transaction’s history, you can check if the money was loaded onto your Cash App card. But the money won’t show up if your Cash App card isn’t loaded. The cash app can sometimes fail to add cash for some reason.

What Is The Cash App Card Loading Limit?

According to the Cash App Card policy, you can load $1,000 for a week and $4,000 for a month. Each loading must be at least $5 and cannot exceed $500. There’s a rolling 7-day and 30-day limit. A notification will let you know if you’ve reached the loading limit.

How To Find A Nearby Loading Location?

You can find a deposit location near you using the map in the Paper Money section of your Banking tab.

So, here’s how:

  • On the Cash App home screen, tap Banking
  • Choose paper money
  • Use the search bar to find a location near you
  • You can get directions or copy the address into your preferred navigation app once you’ve found a convenient place.

Can I Shop At Dollar General With My Cash App Card?

Yes, you can pay with a Cash App card at Dollar General. You can use it like any other debit card to buy goods and services. Also, using your card with other mobile payment services like Apple and Google Pay is an option.

How Do I Check My Cash App Card Balance?

You can check your Cash App card balance from your Cash App account on your phone. In the app, you can check your Cash App Card balance by choosing the “Wallet” option. The next step is selecting a payment method to see how much money is loaded.

Additionally, there will be a green number showing the value of the payment method. Suppose you have $0.25 left on that payment method; the number displayed will be “025.”

Alternately, you can check your credit with the Cash App on a computer. Check your balance and transaction history by contacting customer service.

Why Did My Cash App Card Load Fail?

There are several reasons why; you haven’t activated the card or linked it to a valid bank account, or your network connection is bad.

You can check your history to see if it’s still pending. If that doesn’t work, you can contact customer support.

When loading a cash card at Dollar General, people sometimes have problems. If they’re careful, they can avoid these problems.

  • Don’t make the payment during a poor network.
  • Make sure your Cash App card is not expired.
  • Loading money after linking the Cash App card to a bank is a good idea.
  • Start to load money after activating the Cash App card.

All of these things can save you from messing up a transaction. So, it would be best if you kept checking your transaction history. In that case, you should contact customer service, because they’ll advise you properly.

Where Else Can I Load My Cash App Card If Not Dollar General?

As I have researched, loading money onto the Cash App card at Dollar General is very convenient. But how else can you load money onto your Cash App card if you fail to find a Dollar General store near you? The good news is that many other popular department stores offer cash app card loading. Here are some places where you can load Cash App money: