The Synchrony Car Care Card is a financing offer for car owners who shop at AutoZone. This card is issued by Synchrony Bank, and it can be used to purchase any of the products in AutoZone stores across the United States. Synchrony Bank has created this Synchrony car care card that makes your shopping experience more accessible than ever before. The Synchrony Car Care Center is available at any AutoZone location. Using your Synchrony Car Care card at AutoZone and other participating auto parts retailers will allow you to save on purchases of advanced car care items. 

AutoZone has been in business since 1979, providing its customers with affordable, quality auto parts and products. If you are interested in purchasing a garage door opener or other items from the company’s catalog, you have the option of becoming a cardholder and immediately receiving your own unique code so that you can access special offers each time you shop for parts or accessories. Use your Synchrony Car Care Card at AutoZone if necessary. Here you will get the more detailed information regarding using the Synchrony Car Care Card at AutoZone.

Synchrony Car Care Credit Card Benefit

A popular way to save money on automotive care is through the Synchrony Car Care Card. This card can be used at over 36,000 auto parts and tire stores nationwide and gives you exclusive offers that can help you save money. You will get some benefits while using it. Go through those potential benefits. 

  • There are six months of promotional financing on purchases of 199 dollars. 
  • With over 210,000 gas stations across all major brands, you can find gas whenever you need it.
  • Your information is safe and secure with zero fraud liability.
  • The possibility of increasing credit limits
  • Exclusive cardholder discount. 
  • Convenient monthly benefit 
  • Online account access for 24 hours 
  • Customized accounts alerts

The reward for using the Synchrony car care card at AutoZone 

Customers can get the items at a lower price if they buy them through the Synchrony car care card. Customers can get a $100 Visa gift card by entering the campaign code at AutoZone. Purchases of $199 or more will now be eligible for the new program, which adds value and benefits so that drivers can meet their needs for their everyday gas purchases or other unexpected automotive expenses. It can be a financial resource for drivers who prefer AutoZone for automotive parts. Here are some other rewards AutoZone customers can receive:

  • Boosting sells : Customers get help with auto repairs and service so this card helps to boost regular sales. 
  • Increasing average tickets : This card helps customers manage the expenses of purchasing products with 6 or 12 months of promotional financing. $199-$749 (6 months) or $750 or more (12 months) 
  • A good relationship with customers : Customers can maintain their daily or future auto needs so that customers are quite happy with AutoZone.  
  • Increasing Network : There are so many cardholders who use credit every day. You can expand your network by finding cardholders in your area. 

Where can I use the Synchrony Car Care Card except at AutoZone? 

There are service and parts locations, and fuel at gas stations nationwide accept Synchrony Car Care Card. Some of the renowned retail stores accept the Synchrony Car Care Card beside AutoZone as a valid payment method including Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc. Customers who cannot go to any AutoZone stores may go to any of them. See the map “” to get the right location near you.