The world has already gone far with cashless transactions. But still, people need cash and still ATMs are the most convenient options to withdraw cash. Here Cash App has been serving along with the financial transaction and cash withdrawal features. And if the ATM withdrawal feature doesn’t cost any fee then who wouldn’t appreciate this as an added facility? Cash App offers many effective facilities for its customers through several updated features although it doesn’t have its own ATMs to offer free withdrawal. In that case, users who look for free ATMs withdrawals with Cash App will have to go through some simple financial tricks. This is where I will work on this and describe some effective perspectives on Cash App having free ATMs. 

For now, there is no ATM that allows Cash App users to withdraw their balances for free. Cash App charges a $2 withdrawal fee for every withdrawal unless you receive direct deposits over $300+ to get reimbursed for 3 withdrawals every 31 days, and up to $7 for every withdrawal. Besides the Cash App Card provides a number of options for withdrawing your Cash App balance for free! In order to avoid fees, you can withdraw money from your balance by transferring it to your bank account. If you plan ahead, you can save money on fees if you know where your bank is and what ATMs are around you.

Withdraw Cash App Money from ATMs Free of Cost

With the Cash Card, you can withdraw your Cash App balance for free! By transferring your balance to your bank account, you won’t have to pay fees. Here, you can set a schedule and limit how often you withdraw money from an ATM to avoid unnecessary fees. If you plan ahead, you can save money on fees if you know where your bank is and which ATMs are nearby.

Get Cash App to reimburse your ATM fees

Cash App will cover your ATM fees if you deposit $300 or more every month directly into your Cash App account. Usually, these deposits are salary deposits or unemployment benefits. You can withdraw money from an ATM using the Cash App for up to $7 per withdrawal, both from the bank and the Cash App. It is possible to withdraw up to three times within 31 days following the date of your deposit. 

Cash App automatically renews the 31-day ATM fee reimbursement period whenever you make a qualifying deposit. With the Cash App, direct deposits are easy to set up, and ATM fees are automatically returned when you deposit money. You won’t have to request reimbursement manually. Cash App’s support team is available if that does not work for you. Through Cash App Support, you can raise your concerns. At the bottom of the Support page, click “Contact Support.” Dial (800) 969-1940 for details info. 

Transfer from Cash App to Your Bank Account, Then Withdraw from ATMs For Free

This method will allow you to get money off your Cash App for free. The only catch is that it’s not instant. It is quick and easy to transfer funds from the Cash App to your bank account using the standard no-fee transfer method. It will take 1 – 3 business days for this to be processed. When you deposit funds with your bank, you will be able to withdraw them at the ATM. The fee for ATM withdrawals is usually waived by the bank, allowing you to conduct the transaction for free. In order to facilitate your transfer, here are the steps you need to follow instead of visiting multiple Cash App pages:

1. Linking your bank account

  • In order to use the Cash App, you must first link your bank account:
  • On the home screen of the Cash App, tap on the icon for your profile
  • Then, navigate to “Linked Banks” and then tap “Link Banks”.
  • You will need to follow the prompts until your bank account is successfully linked

2. Transferring Money 

The next step is to transfer money from your Cash App account to your bank account.

  • On the Homepage, you can find your balance in the bottom left corner.
  • You can cash out by selecting the “Cash Out” option.
  • Set the amount you wish to transfer from your available balance.
  • In order to receive your money immediately, select the Instant option at the bottom of the screen. You may also choose Standard, however, the transfer will take a longer time to appear on the bank account if you choose this option.
  • The final step is to tap on “Done” option.

ATM Fees on Cash App Card

Cash App charges a fee at almost all ATMs. You won’t find any charge-free ATM for withdrawal. If you use your Cash App Cash card to withdraw cash from an ATM, you’ll be charged $2 per transaction. When you get qualifying direct deposits of $300 or more, Cash App will reimburse you for up to $7 in ATM dispense fees. Using Cash App, you’ll only get reimbursed for ATM fees if you deposit $300 or more a month. Additionally, you can avoid ATM fees beyond the $7 limit by transferring your Cash App balance to your bank account.

The Cash App Card works at any ATM that requires the Cash PIN. Cash App charges a fee of $2-2.50 for withdrawing money from any ATM that accepts the Cash PIN. However, it is wise to keep in mind that that is not the final cost because most ATMs charge additional fees. The fact that All Point and other similar companies do not provide free in-network withdrawals is a pity since many other digital banks do. If you are not near an ATM in their network, they will still charge you out-of-network fees. There is, however, a way to withdraw cash for free from an ATM using the Cash App. 

You will see the closest ATMs to you after tapping on the “ATM” option on your Cash App Home screen. Cash App will find your closest ATM based on where you are currently located if you tap “get location.” Alternatively, you can search for any address nationwide.

Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limit

It is unfortunate that Cash App imposes some very serious withdrawal limits regardless of whether you are withdrawing cash from an ATM or obtaining cashback in a store. The ATM withdrawal limits for Cash App are the same as those for other ATMs. There is a maximum withdrawal limit of $310 per transaction, a maximum of $1,000 per day, and a maximum of $1,000 per week.

As an example, you can withdraw $250 each on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, which will equal $1,000 over the course of 7 days. However, you are prohibited from withdrawing $350 four times per week since this would exceed the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from an ATM through the Cash App. But there is a seven-day reset period for the limit. As an example, if you opened an account on the 10th of the month, your one-week limit will expire on the 17th. On the 18th of each month, the Cash App limit will be reset.

Steps To Withdraw Cash App Money without a Card at an ATM

You can withdraw money from an ATM without a card by linking your Cash App account to your bank account. Once your Cash App withdrawals have been deposited into your bank account, you can withdraw them over the counter. Using the Cash App, you can withdraw money to your bank account by following these steps:

  • Select the Balance tab from the Cash App home screen.
  • Choose Cash Out from the menu.
  • Confirm the Cash Out by specifying the amount.
  • Depending on your preference, you may choose a deposit speed.
  • Use your PIN or Touch ID to verify your identity.

Here’s how to add a bank account to Cash App:

  • Select the Banking tab from the Cash App’s home screen.
  • Choose the Link Bank option.
  • Provide the necessary information regarding your banking account as instructed.
  • To obtain more information and to make inquiries, you may also visit the Cash App online support page.

Cash Back vs. ATM Withdrawals

In addition to cashback at ATMs, you can also receive cashback at retail stores. Since there are still many merchants and retailers who do not charge a fee when giving cashback, this is a convenient workaround for ATM fees. However, there is one inconvenience associated with receiving cashback. Every time you withdraw money from an ATM, it counts towards your withdrawal limit.