EcoATM is a company in the United States that was found in the year 2008 to provide automated kiosks for Americans to sell used electronics. You can refer to them as machines that buy other machines. EcoATM presents an opportunity for the residents to trade in their used devices like phones and other small electronic devices. Does ecoATM take apple watch and how does that work? This is a very commonly asked question among customers. The good news is that you can sell your old Apple watch on ecoATM.

The working of ecoATM is very easy and straightforward. You only need to physically locate an ecoATM kiosk near your area or via referral friend. Besides, you can find a kiosk by visiting its website at “” or the app and search where to find the nearest ecoATM kiosk. Once you find the kiosk, you can now bring your Apple Watch and sell it to the ecoATM kiosk. Fortunately, there is no restriction on the Apple watch’s generation or model you should bring since they accept all Apple Watch models. In this article, we will be discussing in details on how to put your Apple Watch into the ecoATM and get cash. Do you want to do away with your old Apple watch? Come with us as we give you a breakdown of the whole process. Be our guest!

Steps To Put Your Apple Watch in the ecoATM

Just like we have mentioned above, it’s possible to put an Apple Watch in any ecoATM kiosk across the country and trade it. However, ensure your Apple watch is in good condition as the machine uses AI and a Vision system to determine its condition.

For instance, if your Apple watch is damaged or cracked, it will give you less cash than one in good condition. However, it is better than keeping the Apple watch idle at your home. Later, we will look at other devices you can sell on the ecoATM kiosk available in your area.

As mentioned above, you must locate an ecoATM kiosk near you on the ecoATM official website or app. Do you already have an ecoATM kiosk, and would you like to sell your Apple Watch? Here is a procedural method of putting the Apple watch on the ecoATM kiosk.

  1. Once you bring the Apple Watch to the ecoATM kiosk, you will be required to enter its details by answering some questions. Kindly note that they will include personal information like a governmental-issued ID.
  2. The ecoATM will generate a QR code sticker after providing the Apple watch’s details. Affix the QR code sticker on the Apple watch and then connect it to a power jack before inserting it into the kiosk for processing.
  3. Your Apple Watch will undergo assessment using Artificial Intelligence technology, both visually and electronically. The analysis the kiosk will get will determine the offer the ecoATM will offer you at the end. Besides, the real-time market value of the Apple watch’s model will also affect the offer you will likely get. For example, selling a fourth-generation model Apple Watch will generate more cash than a first-generation model. However, keeping your old phone in good condition increases its market value and the ecoATM offer.
  4. You will be requested to scan government-issued documents like a license or government-issued ID card and fingerprints. ecoATM will use the information in its database to validate your authenticity with the scanned information.
  5. After, you will be required to smile for the ecoATM camera to start streaming your real-time video to a remote attendant in the ecoATM’ office. After scanning the ID or license, they will compare the information detail captured on the video to what you provided.
  6. After a successful identity confirmation, an offer will be generated and presented to you as a quote. You can choose to accept or reject the offer given to you. If you reject the offer, they will return your Apple watch; however, if you accept the offer, your transaction will be processed immediately and given the cash before completing it.

The process may look long, but it will take 3-5 minutes to complete, which is worth the wait. In the next section, we will look at how much you can get from a device from the ecoATM. Continue reading!

Get an Idea How Much You Will Get For Your Apple Watch From ecoATM

The amount you will likely get from ecoATM by selling an Apple Watch to them will depend on several factors. For instance, if your phone is in good condition will get much more compared to a more damaged one. Also, selling the fourth-generation model will get you more cash compared to when selling a first-generation model. You can get the exact amount of cash after ecoATM evaluates your Apple Watch.

To estimate your Apple Watch’s actual valuation cash, visit their official website at You need to provide basic information about your Apple watch’s status, and they will give you a value range of your device. There are watches that you may get up to $200, but it depends on the condition of the Apple watch.

Types of Devices ecoATM Take

EcoATM takes very few devices compared to other companies that buy old devices. Besides, they only buy back small gadgets, including phones, MP3 players, Watches, and tablets. This may be unpleasant if you want to sell other big electronics like old laptops. As seen above, you can also sell your Apple Watch on the ecoATM and get cash instantly.

Besides Apple watch, you can also sell phones on ecoATM kiosks across the country. However, not all phones can be sold on the ecoATM. For example, blacklisted and locked phones are not allowed. The good news is you can sell broken phones, either cracked or the ones that have been affected by water. However, it is good to note that the valuation will give small cash.

Benefits of Using ecoATM

Selling Apple Watches or other electronic devices using ecoATM possesses several benefits compared to other places. When you opt for ecoATM to sell your Apple Watch, you get to enjoy the following benefits;

  1. The transaction is easy and quick : Selling on ecoATM is one of the easiest, fast and simple ways you will ever get. All you need is to locate and visit an ecoATM kiosk near you and put your device into it. However, you will be required to provide details about you and the device being sold before completing the transaction. Afterwards, the machine will generate an instant offer, which, when you accept, you will get cash instantly. Where else can you find a simple way to sell your old Apple Watch if not ecoATM kiosk? Locate one and get to enjoy such experience which is rare with other sites.
  2. It is secure and safe : When selling second-hand devices, they most likely contain your personal information attached to them. ecoATM provides a mechanism that ensures that your information is protected and the data remains confidential. The good news is that the ecoATM erases all the information attached to the gadget before reselling the device. This is a sure way of ensuring there is a secure transaction.
  3. It is convenient to locate an ecoATM near you : ecoATM management has listed all its kiosk points, which can easily be accessed via the official website or app. These ensure that the thousands of kiosks can be accessed easily with just doing few clicks. To locate an ecoATM kiosk near you, kindly open your favorite browser and search the URL “”. You will be required to enter your ZIP code, and the system will generate an ecoATM kiosk near you. Find a time and visit them to sell your Apple Watch.
  4. It offers several environmental benefits : According to research papers, there are lots of badly disposed old electronic devices worldwide by humanity. This leads to several adverse effects on the environment. According to environmentalists, ecoATM primary goal is ensuring there is a responsible recycling of old electronic devices. So, when you sell your Apple Watch on the ecoATM kiosk, you hugely contribute to the ecosystem’s e-waste removal.
  5. They offer competitive offers : As mentioned above, ecoATM offers competitive prices for old devices compared to other entities that buy old devices. So, selling to ecoATM guarantees you reasonable prices on your idle and old Apple Watch in your house. You can search for the price of your old Apple watch with other companies that buy such devices, and you will agree that ecoATM offers good deals.

Pros & Cons of Selling on ecoATM

Are you planning to sell your Apple Watch at the ecoATM kiosk and wondering about its operations? This tutorial has dug into the pros and cons to help you decide whether to sell to them. Come with us as we break it down for you.    


  • ecoATM kiosks are available in several parts of the country, and you can know their location online on their website or app.
  • The selling process takes minimal time, almost 3-5 minutes, and once you accept the offer, you will instantly receive your cash.
  • You can also estimate the price of your Apple Watch using their online estimator before going to the kiosk physically. This would save you time, especially if you had not made the final decision on where to sell or not.
  • ecoATM allows you to get back your devices if the offer given to you does not please you. This allows you to explore other options for disposing of the watch other than selling it to ecoATM.


  • Its offer may be low compared to other sites that buy old devices.
  • You must be above 18 years to sell with them, which restricts juniors from selling even when the device is legally theirs.
  • EcoATM does not accept big electronic devices limiting those who want to sell other electronics. For example, it is impossible to sell an old TV on ecoATM because of its size.


Where Can I Sell My Apple Watch for Cash?

There are several places across the country where you can sell your Apple Watch for cash. One, you can visit the Craigslist listing and enjoy the reasonable prices of their products. Besides, you are allowed to negotiate with them by calling customer service.

Facebook has emerged to be another marketplace where you can sell your old Apple Watch; however, you may get fewer buyers like Craigslist. Other places where you can sell old electronic devices include eBay and electronic retail outlets across the country. EBay is a popular place to sell used goods, including the Apple Watch, and you can find them on their website. Besides, there are retail shops that buy old electronic devices from US residents across the country.

Other sites include MyPhones, Swappa, and Gazelle, but you must know that some may delay your payments after transacting.

What Can You Do with An Old Apple Watch?

Have you purchased a new phone and you are wondering where to take it? There are various options you can use for your old Apple Watch. Apple Watches are known to be good when playing music, making them an excellent alternative to reuse. You can also use the Apple watch’s GPS feature to navigate places, especially if your phone does not have the feature.

You can also trade in the Apple watch from several stores for gift cards, credit, or cash. A first-generation model can earn up to $40, and $80 a second-generation model. If you have a third-generation model, it can make you between $160 and $200 for a single Apple Watch. So, do not sit with an old Apple Watch; explore several options available and get value out of it.

What Happens If You Sell a Stolen Phone To ecoATM?

Unfortunately, selling a stolen Apple Watch to an ecoATM kiosk in the United States may not be a good idea. Selling on ecoATM requires you to have an ID and fingerprint, which are typically used to verify your identity against their database. If you have inserted the watch into the ecoATM and the personal details do not match, they will return it to you.

If someone else tries to sell the Apple Watch that belongs to you and police verify you as the owner, they will return it to you. EcoATM has been so helpful in recovering stolen devices deposited to them in recent days by people. One can receive a gift card once the stolen gadget reaches the actual owner via ecoATM.

How do I clear my Apple Watch to sell?

It is simple to clear your data on the Apple watch before selling it. You need to open the Apple watch, navigate to the “Settings” icon, and tap “General settings.” Click or tap on the “Reset” option and then the “Erase All Content” option. Provide your password if you are prompted to enter it. If you have a GPS and cellular plan, you could keep or remove it before you erase the data.