Venmo is a part of PayPal’s family that works as a digital payment app for sending and receiving money safely. Venmo allows transferring money to each other and can be used as a payment solution. I like this digital wallet for its convenience and ease of application. Venmo debit cards are usually used to withdraw cash from ATMs. With a Venmo debit card, I can use all the features of a regular debit card. Any ATM in the United States that accepts Mastercard can be used to withdraw money. That’s my zone of satisfaction with Venmo. It doesn’t matter whether I carry the card with me or not, I can withdraw money at any time on the go. But there is a daily withdrawal limit. By using a Venmo debit card, you are not permitted to withdraw more than $400 per day. Sometimes we forget to carry a debit card with us or lose them. Don’t worry! Without a card, Venmo can help you withdraw the money. It is fast, safe, and convenient to use. My parents live away from me, and I usually send money through Venmo if they need it. Venmo is widely used to send money to friends and family, either from a bank account, debit card, or credit card. 

Though Venmo does not yet support Cardless ATM withdrawals. Still, Venmo users can get support by withdrawing money without a card. You can do this by using several workarounds. Here is the article to guide you by explaining how to withdraw money from Venmo without a debit card.

Can you have a Venmo account without a Card? 

Surprisingly, a Venmo account is possible without a card. Initially, I opened my account with Venmo without any cards. But I applied for one when I felt like it. Having a card is an added advantage, but still, you can deal with your Venmo account without a card. In that case, you will have to link a bank account or debit and credit card to your Venmo account. While transferring money via Venmo is free, you will be charged 3% in fees, especially for using a credit card or another debit card. You can transfer payments and use them to purchase or link them with a bank account to withdraw. There are some requirements to get a Venmo account:

  • You must be present in the USA.
  • You should have the phone number in the USA; this phone number will receive a short code (make sure the phone number wasn’t used in another Venmo account).
  • You must be over 18 years old. 
  • You need to use the updated Venmo mobile app (7.32.0 or newer).

After opening an account, you may use your Venmo account at any time without a card. Just apply for a Venmo card when you think you need one.

How to set up Venmo without a Card

If you only need a personal account without a card, you should follow some steps:

  • You can download the Venmo mobile app on either an iOS or Android phone.
  • Then turn on the Venmo app from the phone interface. 
  • Sign up and set up a secure password (characters should be within 8 to 32 numbers).
  • Now comes the verification process (input email address and phone number).
  • Add your bank account and confirm that it is either correct or not. 

How to use Venmo money without a Card

“Venmo money” means the balance you have on your Venmo account. Basically, the money that another Venmo user sends to your account is called “Venmo Money,” or your Venmo balance. It is your Venmo money until you use it or send it for your purpose. Before using Venmo money, you should check your current Venmo balance. The Venmo app can show you the amount you have in your Venmo account. 

  • Click “you” on the app.
  • You will see the amount at the top of the personal transaction feed. 

Besides, you can check your balance on the portal by entering your account profile. If you have a balance, you can use it to make payments. Many authorized merchants use Venmo and allow you to receive Venmo money. Users can also transfer it to friends and family and also send it to their bank accounts. 

Methods to withdraw money from Venmo without a card

Maybe you are not wondering to know that Venmo allows withdrawing money without a card but except for the Cardless ATM withdrawal. There are some ways to withdraw money from Venmo. Here we are going to mention the details of some of the ways to withdraw money from Venmo without a card. 

Method 1 — You can use another card or account

Without a Venmo card,a debit card, or a credit card, another bank account might be available for you to use to withdraw funds instead at an ATM. When you have a balance in your account, you may withdraw it by linking a bank account. In that case, you have to select “Add Bank” on the Venmo app. After completion of verification, you can transfer money from your Venmo account. The process typically requires one to three business days for completion. You have to pay 1% as a fee for the instant option. This method allows using a debit card associated with another bank account to withdraw cash. Make sure you have a balance in your Venmo account and also get a second debit card. 

Method 2 — You may ask your friend to help you

A friend who has a Venmo card can help you withdraw money. If you do not possess a card, then asking them to withdraw money for you is an excellent way. Fortunately, this option is quite effective and allows you to receive funds quickly. All you need to provide some basic information, including your name, email address, user name, and phone number. You can scan their QR code in-app if they are nearby. You just need: 

  • Your friend
  • Venmo account and enough balance 
  • your smartphone along with an internet connection. 

Method 3 — Order a Venmo card yourself

Getting a Venmo card can be a great option for you if you don’t need your case right away. If you want to order this card don’t worry! Ordering a Venmo card is completely free and simple. There is no cost for daily use. This card can be linked with your Venmo balance so that you can use this for withdrawal money. You can order your Venmo card using the app where there is an option to ask for a Venmo card. It may require five to seven days to reach your address after ordering this card. Remember to input a piece of valid ID information such as a driver’s license, passport, social security card, etc. during the order for the Venmo card. 

Method 4 — You can use a prepaid debit card

A prepaid card can be an option to withdraw money from Venmo. A prepaid debit card works as a Digital card that allows you to make payments. For low-fee transactions and spending as a foreign currency, this method can be a great option. International travelers usually choose this option to meet their daily banking needs. While traveling abroad, I always tend to avoid ATM cards because this prepaid debit card is available to use for multi-currency balances. So that, you may use multi-currency balances when you travel overseas. 

Method 5 — Transfer money from Venmo to a bank account and withdraw from the bank using an ATM card or cheque 

To transfer money from Venmo to a bank account, you have to go through specific processes. Here are some steps to follow. 

  • Add a bank account
  • Select “Bank Account” to add a bank account with your Venmo account.
  • There you will see a single-person icon. Here select “You.” 
  • In the settings, you will find “Payment Method.”
  • Click “Add a bank or card” and then choose “Bank”.
  • Then select which verification method you want to use. 

Verification process

You must verify it to transfer the money. Here you can follow two ways to verify a bank account on Venmo. 

Instant verification

You have to input your user name and password to verify your account. Venmo usually uses plaid for the verification process of your bank account and checks whether you have enough balance or not. 

Micro transfer 

In this process, you have to manually input information including routing number, account number, etc. 

Transfer funds

After adding a bank account, you can now use the Venmo app to transfer money from Venmo to a bank account. 

  • You will see a single-person icon. Select “You”
  • Select “Add or transfer”
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Tap either “Instant” or “1-3 Business Days” and select the preferred bank account.
  • Confirm the information and select the “transfer” button.

Method 6 — Transfer money from Venmo to a PayPal account and withdraw from PayPal prepaid card

We know that PayPal account holders are already able to transfer funds into their accounts. Though Venmo and PayPal have similarities, it is not possible to transfer funds from Venmo to PayPal. Using a bank account can be the only solution to transferring money directly from Venmo to PayPal. All you need to require is a PayPal Balance account, and you will need to follow some extra steps.

Connect Venmo account with Bank

Venmo’s updated app allows you to transfer your Venmo balance to your bank account. Most Venmo transfer is free. There is a small fee required for instant Venmo transfer. If you want to avoid excess fees, then choose 1 to 3 business days to transfer funds from Venmo to the bank. 

  • You have to open the Venmo app.
  • Go to the “You” icon and select “Transfer Balance.”
  • Input the amount of money (choose either “instant” or “1-3 business days”).
  • Click on your bank account and select the green transfer button.

Check your PayPal 

In order to complete this step, you will need both a PayPal Cash account and a PayPal Cash Plus account. 

  • Log in to PayPal and click “My Account.” The page will show your PayPal current balance and your PayPal recent activity. 
  • Then tap “wallet Tab” and select “Transfer Money.” 
  • Select “Add Money” to the balance.
  • Choose a bank account and input the amount (type the same amount you already input on your Venmo account.)


Click “Add” after manually entering your transfer amount (This transferring time may require a few business days to complete). After some days, you will get the money. 

Note: Additionally, PayPal offers apps on both iOS and Android that helps to transfer money from the bank account to PayPal.

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Can I withdraw money from Venmo using a Cardless ATM?

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find the Cardless ATMs feature in Venmo. Since Venmo must implement the necessary functionality to use Cardless ATMs, it does not currently offer this service.

So, we can say you cannot withdraw money without a card by using the technology of Cardless ATMs. ATMs are the specific way to withdraw money from Venmo. Fortunately, Venmo lets you get money without a credit card in a few ways. 

Can Two Venmo Users Add the Same Bank Account?

You will be able to use the same payment method on Venmo if you share your bank account or debit card with another Venmo user. Remember that it is possible to link the payment method with two Venmo accounts at a time, so adding anyone else may result in it being declined. Venmo users with joint bank accounts will be unable to transfer (within the Venmo account) if anyone is invalid. One thing you have to remind that the Venmo transfer process is reviewed, which may cause frozen or removed funds from your account. Venmo will notify you about any user who adds your bank account or debit card to the user’s Venmo account. Make sure you know the person who has access to your banking details. If the person is unknown, you should contact Venmo immediately.