Transferring money to friends, family, clients, and others no longer requires a trip to the bank. As we live in a world of smartphones, we have access to everything at our fingertips. It is now possible to do this with a few taps in this modern age of information. The same applies to money transfers. It’s hard to pick the right money transfer app with so many on the market. You can transfer money with a variety of payment cards, but only a few of them accept American Express (AmEx). Luckily, I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and picked the Money transfer apps that accept American Express.

How to Open a Money Transfer App Account

If you download and install any money transfer app, you will need to fill in the necessary information. During the registration process, you will be required to provide your phone number, email address, bank details, and bank card information. A working mobile number is required to receive OTPs for numerous authentication purposes.

  • You can only conduct any transaction when you have a bank account with sufficient funds in it since it is necessary to have a bank account.
  • It is common for mobile apps to offer the option of using a debit card to make purchases in addition to the app.
  • Now that you have a sufficient balance in your account, you can use your mobile to conduct any transaction.

Money Transfer Apps that Accept American Express

You can exchange money with other users through money transfer apps. You’ll need to create an account after downloading the app from the relevant site. In others, you can open an account online and download the app later. Adding money to your app is easy with bank accounts or cards like AmEx. Apps other than these don’t work with American Express. 

  • Venmo: Basically, it’s part of PayPal. You can also use American Express cards with this app. This app is great for domestic use, even though it’s only available in the US. To register, you need a phone number, an email address, a bank account, or a debit card.
  • PayPal: PayPal transfers funds through a variety of card service providers, including American Express. There are two ways to use PayPal online: through the web or through an app. The platform supports over 200 countries around the world which is a plus point for those who have international business. You need an email address, a phone number, a bank account or debit card, and an ID to sign up with PayPal.
  • Payoneer: With Payoneer, you can send and receive money around the world. In addition to offering competitive exchange rates, it also has a low fee structure and supports American Express as a funding method. Because of this, it is a good choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses that conduct international trade.
  • Zelle: Zelle is an excellent option if you prefer to make a direct transfer from one bank to another. It lets you send money quickly to friends and family, is available on many major banks’ mobile apps. Using your American Express card, you can seamlessly transfer money.
  • Google Pay: Due to its versatility and integration with other Google services, Google Pay is becoming more popular. You can send money to contacts or make payments at stores with just a few taps of your finger. With American Express cards available through Google Pay, you have a wide range of options for making payments as well as ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Skrill: The Skrill app offers another great method of transferring money that accepts American Express. As a payment processor, Skrill has become a convenient way for business owners to securely receive and store customer payments. With Skrill, you can send money securely and conveniently. You can also use a virtual card to manage your money more securely. Skrill supports Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, which is good news for people who have used it before.
  • Remitly: The Remitly app is another reliable method of sending money internationally. In addition to offering fast and affordable transfers to over 100 countries, the app allows you to easily track your transactions. With Remitly, you can create transfers with confidence and convenience by adding your American Express card.
  • WorldRemit: WorldRemit is an app designed specifically for international money transfers that is both convenient and secure. The service is capable of sending money to over 150 countries and supports a number of payment methods, including American Express. Having a user-friendly interface and competitive fees, WorldRemit simplifies cross-border transactions.
  • Western Union: Western Union has long been a trusted name in money transfers. With their mobile app, you can send money internationally, track transfers, and locate the locations of their agents. Through the app, you can also fund your transfers using your American Express card.
  • Cash App: People can transfer money between accounts safely, conveniently, and securely with Cash App, a peer-to-peer payment service. Users usually worry about Cash App’s card support. But you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards with Cash App, according to its website. These features make Cash App another great money transfer app that accepts American Express.

How to Send Money and Split Bills with American Express

Members of the Amex Card program can split their purchases between Venmo and PayPal users. Payback from those users can go directly to your Card Account as a statement credit or to your linked Venmo or PayPal account. No matter if you earn Membership Rewards® Points, miles, hotel points, or cash back, you’ll still get the rewards.

Suppose, for instance, that you and nine of your co-workers go to lunch together. You can use the Amex App to split up the $200 expense and send out Venmo and PayPal requests. Once everyone pays you back, you pay only $20 and the money goes back to your card. You can even use this feature when splitting uneven amounts. You can easily adjust the amounts so everyone pays just what they deserve if one of your coworkers only gets a drink. If either scenario happens, you still get your rewards. If your payment request is declined, you’re still responsible for the full amount, and American Express isn’t responsible for refunds.

Multiple Ways to Use Money Transfer Apps

There are a number of ways in which money transfer apps can be useful. The following are some examples:

  • Sending money: Users of the platform may send funds to other users of the platform by using their registered phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Apps such as Cash App have a $Cashtag username that can be used to send you funds. There are prepaid debit cards from American Express that allow you to send money to others via their mobile apps. Over the American Express Serve app, one can send money to other American Express Serve prepaid debit card holders.
  • Withdrawing funds: When you link a mobile money app to a bank account, you will be able to withdraw funds. You can also withdraw funds at ATMs using a debit card linked to an app.
  • Saving money: You may be able to save money for future use with some money apps. In the case of Netspend, for example, you are able to set aside some money in a prepaid card account.
  • Trading: Using money apps, you can easily purchase stocks and cryptocurrencies. As an example, the Cash App offers the ability to purchase and sell Bitcoin. It is also possible to buy and sell cryptos using the Skrill app, a mobile money app.
  • Buying products and services: There are several mobile money apps available that allow you to purchase goods and services, including PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, etc. To make payments, you must have the username, phone number, or email address of the business. You may be able to purchase goods and services online or at physical stores with certain mobile apps, such as Venmo, Cash App, and Payoneer.

How to Add Money to the Money Transfer App

You can add money to a money transfer app in a number of ways. The following are some of them:

  • By using a bank account, debit, prepaid, or credit card: You need a bank account or payment card to conduct transactions in most mobile money apps. It is free to use a bank account or a debit card on most apps if you use a bank account or a debit card. There is only one drawback to using a credit card, and that is that there will be some fees associated with it. As an example, Venmo charges a 3% fee to fund the transaction with a credit card when using a credit card to make the payment.
  • Receiving from others: Those who want to send you money can share your details with you. Furthermore, you can use a mobile money app without a bank account by receiving funds from others through the ability to receive funds from others. A low transaction limit is the only problem with the system.
  • Direct deposit: Using a mobile money app, you can receive your government benefits or salary without a bank account. You receive direct deposits two days earlier than at banks. Agency and employer transfers use routing numbers and account numbers, so you need to get yours online or from your service provider.
  • Check Deposit: Currently, you can deposit a check directly into your mobile money app through your mobile phone. Consequently, if you wish to deposit money, you do not need to visit a bank. Taking a picture of the back of the check is the first step in depositing one, then uploading the picture to the app itself after signing the check.

What Cards does American Express Offer

You can make payments and obtain receipts with American Express’s various credit cards. Serve is the name of the prepaid card issued by American Express.

  • The American Express Service
  • American Express Serve Free Reloads
  • American Express Serve Cash Back

It is possible to reload all of these cards as and when required. It does not require a credit check or an annual fee. There is, however, a 2.7% conversion fee for converting the money to US dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use American Express to transfer money?

Yes, American Express is a valid method of transferring funds. As part of its latest product launch, the company has introduced a new feature called ‘Send & Splite which allows users to divide the cost of a purchase through their Venmo or PayPal accounts.

Can I link my American Express card to several money transfer apps?

There is generally no problem linking your American Express card to multiple money transfer apps. In order to ensure compatibility, it is imperative that you review the terms and conditions of the individual app.

Does American Express charge extra for money transfers?

Using American Express with money transfer apps may not incur additional fees. However, American Express cards may have transaction or foreign exchange fees. For information regarding any fees applicable to your American Express card, please review the terms and conditions.

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer with American Express?

Depending on the service, the amount of money that can be transferred may be limited. You may be subject to different limits depending on the status of your account, the level of verification, and the destination of your transfer. Make sure you check the app’s documentation or contact customer support if you want specific info.