As the world goes digital, we can’t rely on traditional methods anymore. Even serious stuff like banking and finance is done online now. We can easily process payments for bills, fees, or even cool products through financial processing apps that are connected to our bank accounts. Banks use identification and security digits to perform these online transactions. Routing numbers and account numbers are two pieces of information that banks provide to account holders for this purpose.

At Woodforest, they make sure every customer has his or her account and routing number. The routing number is specific to the branch where you opened your account. If you don’t have this number, Woodforest won’t let you do some things. The bank won’t allow automatic deposits, payroll checks won’t go through, and wire transfers aren’t allowed. Therefore, without this number, you will be unable to do almost anything. In this article, you will learn how to locate your routing and account number at Woodforest Mobile Bank.

Ways To Find Woodforest National Bank Routing and Account Number

Please find above the details of the ABA routing number for WOODFOREST NATIONAL BANK used for ACH and Fedwire transfers. If you still don’t know your ABA routing number, here are a few ways to find it:

  • If you log into your online banking, you’ll see your bank’s routing number.
  • You’ll find it at the bottom left of your bank statements or checks. 
  • The customer service staff at your bank will be able to provide you with your routing number
  • The Federal Reserve and the American Banking Association have official websites where you can look up your routing number.

Always verify routing numbers with your bank or the recipient so that your bank can process the payment quickly and securely.

Woodforest Mobile Bank Routing And Account Number In Your Checkbook

Whenever a user opens an account with a bank, the bank usually provides the user with a checkbook. If you have recently opened an account at your bank, you may have noticed that the banker has provided a checkbook as well. The checkbooks contain your Woodforest bank’s account and routing number since they were specially made for you.

The routing number is visible in the bottom left corner of your check, where you will see all those banking numbers. Checks from your Woodforest bank all have the same routing number, which is the first nine digits on the bottom left. It will only take a few seconds to process your check if you have those nine digits in hand. And it is typically your Woodforest mobile bank account number that appears next to your routing number. 

Woodforest Account Number on the Website

You can check or confirm your account on Woodforest Bank’s website if you already have one. While completing a transaction, we often want to check the balance using our account numbers. However, there are times when we do not have our cards or passbooks at hand. But, using the Woodforest Bank website, you can access your financial details and the status of your account.

We all recognize the importance of safety and privacy. It’s almost impossible to use a digital app or website without confirming your identity. The existence of similar measures should come as no surprise to banks such as Woodforest. So, you will have to go through the safety features to see your account details.

  • Check out the website of Woodforest Bank
  • Go to the top of the page and click the login button
  • Using your username and password, log into your account. Your bank or website should have provided you with this information at the time you opened your account.
  • If you log in with the correct credentials, you’ll be able to see your account numbers, balances, transactions, and other details.

To access any personal financial information on the website, you will need to have your username and password. Your bank might give you a username and password when you set up your account. There’s a chance you’ll have to change it later. When you forget your password, you can change the same by selecting the forget password option. You will receive a temporary password by email that you will be required to change on the website using this temporary password.

State-wise Woodforest National Bank Routing Numbers

There are 7 routing numbers for Woodforest National Bank. Make sure you use the correct routing number when filling out a Woodforest National Bank deposit slip. Here are the routing numbers for Woodforest National Bank. Check your routing and account number with Woodforest National Bank to make sure you’ve entered them right.

  • The Woodforest routing number for Alabama is 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Florida- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Georgia- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Numbers for Illinois- 081226829 and 071926809.
  • Woodforest Routing Numbers for Indiana- 081226829 and 071926809.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Kentucky- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Louisiana- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Maryland- 053112592.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Mississippi- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for New York- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for North Carolina- 053112592.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Ohio- 044115809.
  • Woodforest Routing Numbers for Pennsylvania- 044115809 and 031319058.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for South Carolina- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Texas- 113008465.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Texas, Refugio County- 314972853.
  • Woodforest Routing Number for Virginia- 053112592.
  • Woodforest Routing Numbers for West Virginia- 044115809 and 053112592.

As you can see, there are three parts to a routing number. The four digits at the beginning are the routing symbol for the Federal Reserve. In this series, the first two digits are 00 to 99, and they tell you the institution, such as a bank, a thrift, or a traveler’s check. ABA institution identifiers appear as the following four digits in the routing number, and the final digit is used as a check digit.

Understanding the Routing Numbers in Woodforest Mobile Banking

The routing number of your bank is a nine-digit code that identifies that institution in a transaction. This depends on where the bank opened your account. You can find your routing transit number, RTN, or ABA routing number on the bottom left side of your check. Woodforest online banking portals also provide routing numbers.

ACH and wire transfers are the most common uses of routing numbers. Furthermore, you’ll have to enter your Woodforest checking account routing number when you pay online or with mobile banking. The routing number for a bank can vary depending on the branch, the region, and the purpose.

Work Procedure of Woodforest National Bank Routing Number

If you are making a purchase or payment over the phone or online, or if it is your first time, you will usually have to enter your routing number. When you make purchases, your routing number goes along with your Woodforest account number, so if you find one, you can find the other. The money will know where to go if you provide both numbers. 

If you process checks or handle international payments, you’ll need a Woodforest routing number. In this case, you are simply providing directions to people using a routing number that is common knowledge. 

You can tell which branch of your Woodforest bank the money goes to by your routing number, which is like your bank’s address. Let us take the example of someone living in Grapevine, Texas, who keeps all of his or her money in a Woodforest National Bank in the city.

The Woodforest National Bank branch in your area has a specific routing number, which is different from the rest. The routing numbers for each branch of Woodforest National Bank are different, so money intended for you cannot be sent to Wichita Falls.

Please do not get confused while submitting the number, since giving it out doesn’t make you feel compromised. You’ll be able to figure out exactly what a bank routing number is used for once you have it, so you’ll know when you’re asked for it.

Use of Woodforest National Bank Routing Number

It’s only necessary to know your routing number when you’re transferring money to or from your bank account – not if you’re using your debit card. If you’re signing up for direct deposit, automatic loan payments, or recurring transfers like bill payments, you’ll need a routing number.

If you file taxes, you’ll need it to get your tax refund or deduct a tax payment. It’s also needed when you do Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers.

Routing Numbers Are Not Confidential

There’s no need to keep a routing number confidential. Most routing numbers are readily available on bank websites and open to all. Anybody can find them through a google search. Even if someone has your routing number, he or she would not be able to do much with it. Actually, the process is similar to telling someone the state you reside in. It is harmless since they will not be able to locate you with such general information. However, you should keep your account number confidential, since it is what identifies your account. This is because people can gain access to your account with your account number and then transfer money unfairly. So, keeping your account number safe and secure will keep anyone from using it.

Difference Between A Routing Number And An Account Number

An account number is a number that identifies your account. It can be ten to twelve digits in length. In addition, your bank gives you a monthly statement with your account number on it. The account numbers mean you’re identifying your account, not your bank. While routing numbers are a way to identify your bank.

In most cases, you will either use both numbers together or send both numbers together whenever you make purchases, conduct transactions, or transfer funds. You have to do it as a way of ensuring that the money makes it to its intended destination.

If you are using the Internet, you will be able to locate your account number right next to your routing number. This will be on the website and at the bottom of your checks as well.

Discover the Convenience of Woodforest National Bank’s Mobile Banking Services

Woodforest provides its customers with the opportunity to leverage a mobile app, just as most banks and financial institutions do. In this way, the majority of account holders can perform certain tasks on their own. It is primarily important that you have an account with the bank before opening a mobile bank account. When you don’t have an account with a bank, you don’t need their mobile app. There are a lot of things you can do with your bank’s mobile app. When you’re in an unknown place, the Woodforest app can help you find an ATM, make deposits, transfers, etc. Here’s what a Woodforest mobile bank account does:

  • It gives you an overview of your account balance and helps you manage it.
  • Additionally, the Woodforest mobile bank app helps you pay some bills and obtain a specific payment statement.
  • The Woodforest bank app allows you to transfer money to other accounts.
  • With the help of the Woodforest Mobile Bank app, you can deposit your checks from home.
  • With your Woodforest app, you can manage your debit and credit cards, lock them when you suspect fraud, and block some transactions.
  • You can even request a loan from the bank using the Woodforest mobile bank app.
  • The app allows you to view both your current and previous statements
  • To keep your information secure, the Woodforest mobile bank app makes use of top-notch security measures. 


The routing number is more important to the bank than it is to the individual. It’s because the bank needs the routing number before it can start any procedures, A routing number enables them to locate the destination where you originally created the account for which you are now transacting. Hopefully, now you can get your routing and account number and other financial info easily with Woodforest Mobile Bank. As you navigate the website, you’ll get options to choose from. If you don’t have the username or password, the bank won’t give you any personal info. Security is a general thing on banking sites.