Several mobile finance apps have popped up in recent years. With so many apps flooding the country, the banking industry and customer relationships, financial operations, and account access are getting easier. Many banks have integrated these apps into their online and mobile banking platforms, adapting to their popularity. Because of the convenience, both Varo and Zelle managed to gain popularity. Users can transfer funds between the apps within seconds, which requires linking the apps by following simple steps. Thus, the account-holders in the United States are getting interested in connecting their accounts. The procedure might be confusing for many of them, but it is pretty simple. So, this guide includes info on whether Varo work with Zelle and other details about these two services.

Does Varo Bank work with Zelle

Varo does indeed have Zelle. You can connect your Varo Bank account to Zelle as a result. It gives you access to all the features these two financial platforms have in common. On the other hand, Zelle is an online money transfer app that connects to over 200 banking organizations. You can send money within minutes with your bank’s app. Your only requirement is the recipient’s account information. All transfers go through your bank account, so Zelle doesn’t charge fees. But keep in mind that Zelle doesn’t protect you from fraud like the way Venmo does. So, send Money only to people you trust, ensure your recipient’s info is correct, and beware of scams. 

Zelle doesn’t charge fees, but your bank may. Check with your bank to ensure there aren’t any extra charges before sending Money.

Requirements to link Zelle with your Varo account

Here are the requirements for work Zelle with your Varo account:

  • Have an active Varo Bank account
  • Information about the Varo card
  • An active email address
  • An American phone number that is valid
  • Your Billing address
  • The Zelle mobile application installed on your phone
  • Sign up for Varo Bank’s mobile banking service.

How to add Varo bank card to Zelle

The Varo Visa debit card is easy to add and work with Zelle. You have to download the Zelle app on your smartphone and enter your credentials. You can transfer money directly from your Varo bank account to another user’s bank account if you can add your Varo debit card to the Zelle app correctly.

  1. First, download, install and launch the Zelle app properly. Try to find the updated version.
  2. Open the Zelle app on your mobile device as soon as you have downloaded it. From the app interface, find the “App Settings” option. You should see the Settings icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. If you tap on the Settings icon, a new page will appear. Select the “Account” option found at the top of the page.
  4. Since you are using Zelle for the first time, you must select “Add Account.” Or, if you are already using it, search for the “Switch Account” option. This option is found below your previously added bank account details on Zelle. Here is the procedure you need to follow. 
  5. Now, to add a new card or bank account, tap on “Add.” Remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re adding your card or replacing an existing one for the first time. These steps will remain the same. After selecting Switch Account, tap on “Add a new card.” An option to add a new card or account will appear. After that, enter the details for the card, such as the card number, CVV, and other information.
  6. You will be asked to provide personal details like your first and last name. Before submitting the details, make sure to revise all of them again to prevent any mistakes. Zelle verifies bank debit cards and other payment methods by comparing the facts with national records. Zelle can reject your application if you provide any inaccurate details. But you will have a chance to retry. After completing your application, tap on Continue.
  7. Zelle will ask for your billing address and information like your ZIP code and home address. Check your details and review them before submitting them. 

So that’s how you add a Varo card to Zelle. The steps are easy and don’t require any special effort. You’ll get a confirmation through an app notification or email once the submission is made. Verification doesn’t take much time, and you can add your card within minutes. If Zelle doesn’t verify your details, your request to add a card will be rejected.

How to Transfer Money from Varo to Zelle

Before you can transfer Money from Varo to Zelle, you have to download the Zelle app on your phone. Varo doesn’t offer Zelle directly on its mobile banking app because it doesn’t offer the service. Thus, you’ll need to set up a Zelle account and link it to your Varo card to make transfers. Then here’s what you do to transfer Money from Varo to Zelle:

  • Log in with the Varo Bank app
  • Tap Move Money, then Transfer Money, then again tap on the Transfer Money option. 
  • Choose the Varo account you want to transfer from and the Zelle account you wish to share to
  • Enter the amount you’d like to transfer
  • Finally, tap on the Submit option

Money will be taken out of your Varo checking account whenever you make a Zelle transaction. The Money on your Varo debit card will first be transferred to Zelle; then, you can use it to make payments.

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