First of all, I am writing here about the process of open a free online checking account without opening deposit and credit check. Because some of the people who still don’t know that this type of account still exists. Now, before going to the topic of what I know much from my experience, let me brief you on a checking account for bad credit. Banks and credit unions usually offer people with current accounts to withdraw and deposit money for everyday purposes. But some banking institutions let people open online accounts with no opening deposit, no credit check, or no monthly fees. These banks provide you with all the current account facilities for free even if you have bad credits, bounced checks, unpaid overdrafts fees while other banks refuse these violations. 

I know these facts and I know the banks who offer free online checking accounts without looking into your previous history. I know these because I am one of them who had poor credit history but was badly in need of a free online checking account to continue my business. So after I got refused by many banks and credit unions, I almost did major research on the institutions that allow free online checking account without opening deposit or credit check. I got a bunch of names in this category which you will find if you read further below. If you also have a negative credit score then the good news for you is that these companies offer numerous benefits like zero maintenance fees, no requirement for minimum balance, fee-free overdraft, thousands of fee-free ATMs, and many more offers. So, keep reading to open an online checking account for free. 

Required information for open a free online checking account without opening deposit & credit check

Opening a free online checking account with no opening deposit or credit check should be simple as a matter of just a couple of clicks. There are several types of information that the bank will ask from you but may vary based on the bank’s or credit union’s own rules. You can submit them through both the website and smartphone. I am here mentioning the common information and documents that you should prepare and submit while applying for a free online checking account. First, I am talking about your personal information. 

Free checking account applicant contact information

There are some basic pieces of information that you must submit as your details. This formality is required for any type of bank including online banks. Since you can upload them online, I call them digital data. The pieces of information are:

  • Your legal name includes first name and last name. 
  • Your contact numbers
  • Your physical address
  • Your email addresses

Remember that this information should be updated and authentic. Besides, the information should be correct as well. Otherwise, any improper or incorrect information may slow down or disrupt the account opening process.

Free checking account applicant identification information

Banking institutions officially demand some identity verification information when you go for opening an account. So, don’t forget to fill out this information when you are in the process of opening the free checking account. To prove your identity, provide any of the information:

  • Your date of birth (Birth Certification)
  • Driving license or state ID
  • Your SSN (Social Security Number) or Tax ID number. 
  • Foreign Passport number or alien identification card number or another government-issued ID number. (in case you don’t have the US SSN or Tax ID number)

Free checking account applicant funding information

Besides your documentation and identification, banks or credit unions would ask you to mention the way you want to deposit your free checking account. Different banks offer different methods of funding your checking account. Commonly the funding method they would ask for include:

  • A debit card or Prepaid Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Existing account number

Remember that you have to apply in person if you choose Cash as an option to deposit your free checking account. 

How do you open a free online checking account without opening deposit and credit check

There was a time when options for opening a bank account were not that much open and vast as today the banks and credit unions offer. There were high fees, the specific deposit amount, lengthy paperwork, and other barriers that make people tired of opening a bank account. But the modern banking system with online procedures makes it so easy that you don’t even need to go there in person. You can open a free checking account online that doesn’t require any credit check, any opening deposit requirement, hidden charges.

 It’s just a two-step procedure. First is you have to choose a bank from the list I mentioned below and then fill out the online application form. So, select a bank in your area that won’t go through your previous banking history, and maintenance is fee-free. Besides my list, you will also find them on the internet with details they offer the customers. After choosing the right bank for your free online checking account, prepare for filling out the application form with all the necessary documents and information I mentioned. Here I am going to mention the systematic process to open a free online checking account.

  • Before starting to sign up for the online application, ensure that all the detailed information is ready to submit. 
  • opt for the free online checking account that doesn’t require the credit check but only your present information. 
  • Sign the terms and conditions although there should not be any hard conditions. 
  • Activate online banking and get a debit card as every free online checking account comes with a debit card. It may take several working days to get the card. Time depends on the bank’s procedure. Activate the card and you can withdraw money from thousands of ATMs. 

Best bank for free online checking account without opening deposit and credit check 

I had to go through deep research to bring out the best names in the market who offer honest commitments towards the account holders. My priorities were to bring out the names who offer accounts with no credit check, no opening deposit requirement, no monthly fees. I also found them taking no overdraft fees and no minimum balance requirements. I accumulated the bank’s data and made a list for me to choose one of them for me to open a free online checking account with no opening deposit or credit check. Here I am sharing my top picks so that you can choose one of them. 

1. Chime checking account

Wherever you look for the list of the banks that offer free online checking account without any minimum opening deposit or any credit check, Chime will be on the top of the list in most cases. That is why people want to open their checking accounts through Chime. They also call it a second chance bank as you can open a free checking account despite your previous negative banking history such as a negative credit score, check bounces, or other issues. There are many features you will find in Chime that are very helpful if you are turned down for a bank account. 

If you have poor credit history previously, you should not worry about opening a new checking account with Chime. They welcome customers who have a negative credit score or have been blacklisted by ChexSystems. In addition, Chime doesn’t go through your banking history. The Chime free online checking account features include:  

  • There is no minimum deposit requirement.
  • No monthly or annual fees, no overdraft fees, no other hidden charges.
  • You will get a Visa debit card and money withdrawal facility from more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs.
  • Besides, you will get access to automatic deposits, direct deposits, online transfers and bill pay, mobile banking and everything without any charge imposed. 
  • Since there is no minimum balance requirement in the free online checking account, you can withdraw all of your money anytime.
  • If you want to go for cash deposits, then there are around 9,000 Walgreens stores to do it physically. 

Chime is an internet-only bank and a checking account is free to open and operate. It just takes a couple of minutes to open a free online checking account. You can perform many banking features through the Chime app, sending and receiving funds are the mostly-used features among them. Being the fastest-growing online bank, Chime has millions of account holders who don’t have to pay any fees to operate their accounts. Chime’s motto is to include everyone in the banking facility.  

2. Current checking account

Current is a web-only national bank that offers some excellent features. Consumers who want to avoid any extra cost or hassle should pick this fastest-growing checking account. The Current doesn’t usually go through ChexSystems while opening a new account. So, customers don’t have to worry about the previous credit report. It comes with vast acceptance rates and for Sign-up, it only takes about 2 minutes. Here are some incredible features of this account that you can’t ignore.

  • No balance required
  • For opening an account, no deposit is required
  • There are no overdraft fees (if you overdraw by up to $100 with overdrive)
  • No fees (over 40,000 ATMs in the U.S.)
  • With direct deposit, you can receive your paycheck up to two days earlier
  • You can earn 4.0% interest on your balance up to $6,000
  • For participating retailers, you can earn unlimited cashback by collecting points
  • Send money instantly is free
  • Excellent, user-friendly, and simple smartphone app
  • Member support for 24/7 

There is a unique feature named Gas hold Removals. Some gas stations apply a hold from $50 to $100 when customers use a debit card to pump gas. Suppose, you have used only $10 for gas, that time the gas station will place a $100 hold, and the current will refund the hold immediately. I assure you that this benefit you won’t get anywhere. 

3. SoFi Money® checking account

Opening a free online checking account with SoFi Money is too easy for anybody. You can open your checking account from your computer and the sign-up procedure takes just a minute. SoFi Money does not use ChexSystems to verify your account. So, it doesn’t matter if you have previous bad credit or other negative banking issues. After opening the checking account, you will get a debit MasterCard within a few working days which will allow you multiple uses without any charges. You can use this debit card across the country as SoFi Money is available in all 50 states. SoFi Money allows you to use the account as you wish. They don’t impose any kind of fees, instead, they let you earn the interest on your deposits. The key features of SoFi Money are: 

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No Credit checks
  • No account fees 
  • No monthly or annual fees, no overdraft fees
  • Unlimited reimbursed ATM fees
  • Automated bill payment and fund transfers are free
  • Smart App interface 
  • Freeze debit card on-the-go

There is another fund-boosting feature from SoFi Money on your deposits. If you deposit $10 within 5 days, SoFi Money will add $25 as a deposit to your account immediately.

4. Acorns Checking Account

Acorns are one of the right places to invest money for both checking and savings accounts. Surprisingly, customers can avoid any extra cost or hassle because it doesn’t involve ChexSystems while for a new account so customers don’t have to worry about their credit history. Acorns offer some excellent benefits to their customers so that they can compete with any of the largest banks. The heavy metal tungsten visa debit card with an extraordinary user-friendly app both help you to manage your new checking account, especially for budgeting and spending. Even Acorns always helps to round upon every purchase automatically. It only takes about 2 minutes to sign Up for a checking account. The account has some incredible features that are helpful. Here are some:

  • FREE Visa debit card
  • Bank to bank transfer is free
  • Sending physical checks online is free
  • Free mobile check deposit
  • Nationwide ATM withdrawal (free or reimbursed)
  • NO Credit check or history for opening an account. 
  • FDIC insured 

Acron always comes with low service fees, you need only $3 as a monthly fee that you can easily cover by the ATM fee reimbursement. Many people struggle with poor credit or ChexSystems, I suggest Acorns checking account for its overall advantages. 

5. Nearside | No ChexSystems small business checking account

Whether you are a student or a small business owner you can choose Nearside for a checking account. Nearside is getting popular because it doesn’t charge any fees. With Nearside online banking is safe and secure, so small business owners always choose this account. Even the application process is super simple and easy which allows applying anytime. Just only need a few minutes to complete the application and then get access. Nearside also offers others numerous benefits. Look:

  • There is no monthly service fee
  • There is no monthly balance is required
  • No NSF fees
  • Even you can get cash back and perks
  • No fee for debit card replacement
  • The opening deposit is not required

The most attractive matter of Nearside is it provides automatic cash rewards from online and store retailers. If you want to open any checking account then simply create an account and enjoy its excellent features. 

6. Varo Bank checking account

Varo Bank began in 2015 with a mobile app-based banking facility. They provides a comprehensive solution to their vast number of customers. Due to its online banking solution, its app is now a high-rated app and highly effective to manage finances safely and securely. Varo Bank users get numerous advantages. In the following, some notable features

  • No credit check (don’t worry if you have previous negative banking history such as a negative credit score, check bounces, or other issues; this bank doesn’t go through your credit history)
  • There is no minimum balance is required
  • There are no monthly fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • More than 55,000 ATMs
  • Withdraw money without card

For pure online banking solutions without any minimum deposit and a credit check, you can trust Varo Bank. 

7. First Citizen Bank checking account

The first citizen bank was established in 1898 for savings and loan purposes. This bank allows customers to open checking accounts and allows you to upgrade to a premium account with a monthly fee. Besides that, there are numerous advantages of First Citizen Bank including security alerts, insured transactions, and many more. Here are some notable features are mentioned in the following:

  • Security alerts
  • Card freezes
  • Insured transaction
  • Convenient Visa debit card
  • Digital banking app
  • No opening deposit

If you are interested in any checking account with multiple features First citizen bank is the best option for you. It offers a variety of benefits to its vast customers. 

8. Discover checking account

Discover’s checking account does not bother your previous banking history. So, it doesn’t matter if you have any previous negative credit score, zero balance to open a new checking account or any other banking issues. You can open a free online checking account with Discover with a bare hand. It means there is no need for a minimum deposit. You will get an ATM card for free once you finish opening your free online checking account. This ATM will let you withdraw money from a vast network of 60,000 fee-free ATMs. Whatever there are common and other features of Discover free online checking account that include:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No Credit checks
  • No account fees 
  • $0 monthly or annual maintenance fee, $0 overdraft fee
  • Top-rated Mobile App interface 
  • Monthly 1 percent cash back on up to $3000 purchase through the ATM card. 
  • More than 60,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Money safety insurance up to $250,000
  • The peer-to-peer money transfer feature gives your fund maximum safety

9. Go2Bank checking account

Go2 Bank was founded in 2001 as a part of green dot corporation. For an online checking account, this bank is the perfect one. It offers some excellent features to its customers. It comes with a user-friendly banking app and more features that require no fee. Let’s look at some features:

  • No monthly fee
  • No balance requirement for opening an account
  • No hidden fee
  • A top-rated and user-friendly banking app
  • Overdraft protection
  • Direct deposit 2 days early
  • Free 90 thousand deposit locations
  • Cashback offer of 7%
  • Earn some extra money with a referral program
  • ATM network is free
  • Lock and unlock options from the app

The most distinctive feature is the ability to earn cashback. Those features are quite helpful for checking account customers. 

10. Capital One 360 checking account

You may apply for a checking account at Capital One 360 checking. This account can earn little interest on your all balances. Though this company does ChexSystems but only for any fraud case. Otherwise, they are allowed to open accounts with bad credit. If your infractions are milder then apply. Here are some features:

  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service fees
  • 70,000 Capital One All point and ATM
  • Cheque deposit through mobile
  • Free first checkbook. 

You can open your account anywhere at their capital One location or online. Now, this company doesn’t charge overdraft fees. 

11. ACE Flare™ checking account by MetaBank®

If you are struggling with credit history then you can pick an ACE Flare™ Account by MetaBank®. This bank doesn’t run credit checks to verify. You will get a convenient banking experience with this bank. There are two options, you can take any of them. If there is no deposit, there is a monthly fee of $9.95. Another option is to set up a direct deposit of at least $500 each month for $5.00. Some other features are included below:

  • The direct deposit gets you paid 2 days faster
  • No minimum balance required
  • No overdraft fees
  • Get the account details and more with Anytime Alert
  • Activate special offer in your mobile app and earn credits
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000 

12. Wells Fargo Bank checking account

If you are unable to open a checking account for your past bad credit history then go for Well Fargo. It provides clear access to open checking accounts to customers. Unfortunately, you can’t convert your other account for the first year (365 days from the date you opened). After a year, you can convert the account into any Wall Fargo checking account easily. Some features are more notable:

  • No non-sufficient funds (NNS) or overdraft fees
  • No paper checks
  • Bill pay and online store
  • Mobile deposit
  • Debit card
  • Customer service for 24/7
  • Banking tool (budgeting, cash flow, spending)
  • 13,000+ Wells Fargo ATM
  • Text banking

13. NKBC Bank checking account

NKBC is an online bank offering competitive APYs among free checking accounts. Opening a checking account requires no minimum deposit. You can deposit some money after the opening date. Another feature is No minimum balance requirement even you don’t have to pay any monthly maintenance fee. 

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • You can earn interest up to 0.15% APY
  • More than 37,000 Money Pass ATMs 
  • Reimbursement of up to $12 for out of network ATM fee
  • Mobile app

The amount of APY will allow you to get meaningful returns. You are also getting a debit card to use in over 32,000 ATMs nationwide. 

14. Navy Federal Credit Union checking account

The great thing is, with bad banking past you can apply at Navy Federal Credit Union for a checking account. It is an excellent choice who are looking for no review requirements of banking history. Either any one of active-duty or retired from the military such as armed forces, Coast Guard, National Guard, and others may apply for a checking account. They offer some facilities:

  • Don’t use ChexSystems or EWS
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly service fees
  • Free mobile deposit
  • Dividends credited monthly 

You will get two banking choices, one is Active Duty Checking and another one is Free eCheking. Both options offer NFCU debit cards. Even your account will be protected from overdraft with free savings transfer. 

15. Langley Federal Credit Union checking account

This credit union is suitable for checking accounts because they don’t use ChexSystems. This company operates in 5o states but it is located in Virginia. The other excellent offer is this credit union doesn’t charge any monthly fee and has no minimum balance requirement. But, first, you have to open a savings account with a minimum deposit of $5. After this savings account, you will be able to open a checking account. 

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly service charges
  • Free online and mobile banking
  • Free online bill pays
  • 55,000+ All point ATMs nationwide

16. Douugh checking account

If you want to apply for a Douugh checking account then with bad credit history then don’t worry, it wouldn’t affect your credit score. Remember, you must need social security number to apply. There is an excellent, user-friendly app that helps you to manage your account properly. Its app comes with an automated budgeting solution. 

  • No minimum deposit required
  • The instant virtual debit card arrives in 7 to 10 business days.
  • 38,000+ ATM (free withdrawal)
  • Automated Savings Jar system
  • No overdraft fees

17. Onjune checking account

There is no minimum balance requirement for opening an account with Onjune. The opening balance is zero, so you can be relaxed. Fees range from $9.99 to $0 per month. You can earn up to $2.15 APY on balances up to $5,000, but there is a $9.99 monthly fee after six months. With these fees, you can still earn high APYs. check below some basic features:

  • No minimum deposit required
  • A debit cards
  • 85,000 free ATM for cash withdrawal 
  • Free cash withdraw
  • 5% cash back on the premium card
  • Earn $2.15 APY

18. Axos rewards checking account

Fortunately, Axos doesn’t require a minimum balance for opening an account. You don’t have to worry, you can start with a zero amount with Axos, even if you have bad credit. You will receive interest on your money up to 1.25 APY. A large investment will yield a large return, and that is impressive. There is no monthly fee, and with the debit card, you can purchase any goods and services. Here are other features below:

  • No minimum deposit required
  • A debit cards
  • Earn $1.25 APY
  • Highly secure (two-step verification process)
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000

It has an automated log-out feature and two-step verification that’s why customers are more secure if they stay inactive. 

How you can choose the right bank account for you?

People tend to select banks where it is convenient for them. Maybe you have selected a bank nearby your location, but this bank doesn’t meet your financial goal. So, you should always pay attention when choosing the right bank for you. Some factors you should keep in mind while selecting a bank. Take a look:

Fees per month

Always remember, if you have bad credit, you must pay monthly fees. Here is some example:

  • Balance requirement: many banks help customers to avoid this monthly fee when customers keep the balance above a certain amount. 
  • Direct deposit: Usually, the bank waives some monthly service fees when you enroll in direct deposit. 
  • Savings Account: By opening multiple savings accounts under one roof, a bank might waive a few monthly fees. 

No Minimum balance requirements

Don’t open an account that requires a minimum balance. Some banks don’t charge any required amount while opening checking accounts. Search those banks because this process will help you to be relaxed. 


Some banks offer free checking account perks. A cashback reward is an amazing perk for everyday purchasing such as gas, groceries, etc. Another perk is ATM reimbursement, which means you will get some money back for ATM fees. 

Mobile Banking

Pay little more attention to Mobile banking. It is an excellent feature to connect with your bank. With the Smartphone via this app, you can always keep a relationship with the bank. This system allows you to check real-time account details, getting any alerts and deposits details, which are helpful to manage your checking account. 


Usually, a checking account takes only a couple of minutes to open. Remember, in a few cases, you have to wait for a long while opening a checking account. This happens if there is a credit freeze on your credit file, and your bank contacts at least one credit bureau while opening the account. If you have found any credit freeze, ask your bank whether you have to lift the freeze at only one bureau or multiple bureaus. 

Interest Rate 

You must know what interest your bank charges when you work with them. Usually, The Federal Reserve may raise or lower interest rates. The rates may change periodically.

Other facilities

You should study what kind of facilities you will receive while choosing a particular bank. Make sure the place of your bank is convenient, and fees are within range. Consider if they have thousands of local ATMs or not. Understand their perks that can help you to get some extra facilities. 

Checking account common fees

Banks always charge some fee for their revenue issues. Some significant fees are more common such as ATMs, overdrafts, international transactions, and many more. Research about their regular fees while choosing a bank because few banks charge more than others. You should know what fees the bank charges since there are ways to avoid them. Here are some checking accounts fees 

  • Monthly maintenance fee : Bank fees may eat up your balance. If you have bad credit, then the monthly maintenance fee is the necessary fee, until you meet a certain target. Some banks help customers to avoid fees if their account level is above a certain amount. Bank may waive some fees if you enroll in direct deposit. By opening multiple savings accounts, a bank might waive fees. 
  • Overdraft fee : An overdraft fee is charged when your account has a negative balance. For example, the withdrawal exceeds the deposit. 
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee : Your account requires a minimum balance, the bank will charge a fee for less amount of funds. 
  • ATM fee : Understand what you need to pay to withdraw money from an out-of-network ATM. Sometimes, banks reimburse these fees. The average cost of using an out-of-network ATM is $4.59. Banking charges customers approximately $1.51 in bank fees, and ATM surcharges average $3.08.
  • Paper statement fee : You have to pay a fee if you are receiving your account statements by email. 
  • Foreign transaction fee : Typically, these fees are placed for foreign transactions. Those fees are percentage-based and more common for debit or credit users. 
  • Account closure fee : Few bank charges for closing a bank account. Though the fees are very little and only for early account closing. Usually, most banks don’t charge this fee except a few. 

Few common question & answer

How to open checking account online instantly with no deposit?

Several institutions offer online checking accounts without deposits. You have to research which companies offer the easiest online checking account with no fees. I have shared my experience in this article while I was looking for checking account platforms. You also may look at them before signing up for any online checking account institution. 

Does my free checking account come with a debit card?

Sure, if you want to spend cash and checks more easily, quickly, and securely, then your free checking account with a Visa debit card can help you. Obtaining this card makes your everyday spending simpler and safer rather than carrying cash. To get this debit card, Log in to Digital Banking.  

How do I manage my free checking account?

Manage your checking account with Digital Banking. With this Digital Banking, you can track all of your transactions, manage budgets, transfer funds, or online payments. Download First Citizen for checking or managing your fees. 

What if I overdraft my free checking account?

You can protect your free checking account against overdrafts in several ways. Make your overdraft protection more effective by linking it to a savings account or setting up a Checkline Reverse. Visit to know more about overdraft protection. 

Is my free checking account secure?

You will get high security to protect your free checking account with top-of-the-line including multi-factor authentication and data encryption. There is a facility of alarm to monitor your balances, transaction, and other settings in real-time.   

How long does it take to receive my debit card by mail after opening a checking account?

When the checking account is opened, and a debit card is requested, it typically takes three to five days to receive the debit card through email. 

Is this account good for students?

This account is great for students over the age of eighteen. It doesn’t require any balance, and it doesn’t charge a low balance fee, which is quite helpful for students. There are a variety of card designs available for students. University students also can take advantage of the Texas State Super Cat debit card that offers five free ATM transactions per month. The overdraft privilege program allows students to take advantage of overdraft protection. Greater Texas Credit union’s online checking account is helpful for students to maintain their social and academic life. Even students can deposit money through the mobile app. Texas A&M students also can enter the annual tuition Takedown Giveaway with the help of a debit card associated with their free checking account.