The government sends out cash benefits through US Bank, and I’ve been using their ReliaCard for years. It’s a prepaid debit card I got for my unemployment benefits. This card has been a game-changer for me. I can do everything from checking my balance to getting cash from nearby ATMs, shopping at stores, and paying for meals. Plus, I’ve snagged some cool cashback using its popular feature. In the United States, more than 21.3% of the population benefits from government assistance programs every month. This money is disbursed to the appropriate recipients via ReliaCard. It comes in Visa and Mastercard forms, but I got the Visa version.

The best part? You can easily transfer money from the ReliaCard to your bank account. I’ve been doing it while saving up for my future plans. Some folks use it for bills, loans, and savings, but I’ve noticed people struggling with the transfer process. So, I thought I’d share my easy method.

The Working Process of ReliaCard to Transfer Money

The US Bank disburses the government benefits to the low-income people and ReliaCard is one of the tool US Bank uses to serve citizens. Through the ReliaCard, the US Bank disburses the unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, older benefits and many more to those beneficiaries. This Visa or Mastercard is totally administered by the US Bank and you can use it when there is amount in the prepaid debit card.

Fortunately, you can make a variety of transactions with this card. Either you can transfer money to a bank account, withdrawing money from an ATM or purchasing anything is possible with this ReliaCard. There are several remote areas I visited where cash was the only way to pay bills. But with ReliaCard, I made it possible to make payments at any place, even in rural areas. It allows you to manage your account online. You may check your account details, balance, send money, pay online, and more. You can withdraw money from the counter of the bank that accepts this card.

In addition, ReliaCard allows me to utilize payment options both online and in any local store. Many restaurants, local grocery shops, and other physical stores accept this card. The most important part is that you can take advantage of receiving cashback while purchasing from stores. But you can redeem it after accumulating the cashback.

Additionally, it allows you to withdraw money where other banks and credit unions accept withdrawal methods. After withdrawing, your account will be automatically updated with the new balance. ReliaCard is always coming with easy access, just follow the app or website. 

The Way You Transfer Money From ReliaCard to a Bank Account

I used many of the debit cards before but, was not that much satisfied with the transferring money option. Most of the prepaid debit cards I used had transfer money options but not directly. Most of the companies I dealt with doesn’t support direct transfer to bank accounts. In some cases, they require a third-party agent to activate the transferring process otherwise they deny it. Such as some debit cards require PayPal to transfer money. In that case, I found the ReliaCard to bank account money transferring process is so simple and easy that I never felt the hassle to do it. It’s just a one-stop service that needs no third-party support or permission. 

Let me simplify it for you. First, you have to link your ReliaCard to the bank account you want to transfer money to.

  •  Go to the cardholder website
  • Click on the “Transferring Funds” link on the left side of the website 
  • Go to the Card to Bank transfer page
  • Fill out the required information

You will get the transaction as an ACH withdrawal and the term will appear on your card transaction history and monthly statement.

But remember that there is a fee in this transaction process. This transaction will charge $2 for every transfer from the ReliaCard to the bank account. But the charge will not be applicable until the third transfer. It means good news that the first two transfers will be free and they will charge you for the third transfer in a month and onward.

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Are There Any Fees to Transfer Money from a ReliaCard to Bank Account

There are no fees required for using ReliaCard. But while you are using it for transferring money to a bank account, there will be a charge applied. Each transfer will charge $2. The good thing is that you will get the first two card to bank transfers for free within a month.

Are There Limits to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to a Bank Account

Fortunately, there is no limit to transfer money from ReliaCard to a bank account. You can transfer your money to any bank at any time. Transferring money option is unlimited. But, the program should allow card-to-Account transfer.

Times to Take to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to a Bank Account

The US Bank allows users to transfer money from ReliaCard to a bank account. Transferring money from your card to a bank account doesn’t take too long. The actual time of transferring money depends on the bank. Though Bank to bank varies transferring time, it usually takes 3 to 5 days to process and the amount appears in the bank account. It is possible to transfer money online via both the app and the website.  

3 Ways to Cash Out Money From ReliaCard

There are three ways you can cash out money from ReliaCard. I usually follow these three ways to cash out. It’s up to you to choose, which one is convenient for you. 

Withdraw From an ATM

The process of withdrawing cash from an ATM is simple and quite easy. Getting cash from an ATM requires minimal effort. Just insert or swipe the card to withdraw money. While using a PIN, make sure you put it secretly. You can get both ATMs either in-network or out networks. You can get a surcharge-free ATM near you with the help of the MoneyPass mobile app or by visiting online. If you can’t find any ATMs near you, use another ATM that accepts debit cards (Visa or VisaPlus). follow the steps below to withdraw money from ATM:

  • Insert card
  • Enter your 4-digit ReliaCard PIN (keep it secret)
  • Tap “withdrawal from checking”
  • Enter your amount to withdraw.

Withdraw Over the Counter

You must know your existing amount after all of the ReliaCard expenses. You can track your account easily via a mobile app or website. Reviewing your account is necessary because the teller has no access to your ReliaCard information. Ask for the exact amount you intend to withdraw. Remember, to identify, you need a few documents. In that case, you will need your ID. I usually provide my driving license for identification. You can also bring your passport or government ID to prove that you are the owner of ReliaCard. The fees for over-the-counter service are applicable and you must settle them before withdrawing cash.


Getting cashback by making a purchase is simple and easy. I suggest making purchases for participating merchants at grocery stores or retail stores where the cashback option is available with ReliaCard. Just follow these steps for cashback:

  • When the authorization machine asks for credit or debit – select Debit
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Press “Yes” to get the cashback
  • Enter exactly what amount you need
  • And, finally, press OK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Cancel a ReliaCard Transaction?

As a customer, you cannot cancel something you purchased as the law says. However, the merchant must provide a customer service agent with an approval code. The code will be a 6-digit number starting with zero. Then, the transaction must settle and you may dispute it.

Why Did Your ReliaCard Decline?

ReliaCard maintains a high-security feature to reduce unauthorized usage. Attempting three unsuccessful transactions can be the cause of rejection, the card will be blocked to reduce further use until you contact customer service to unblock ReliaCard. First, you should check your transaction history. Sometimes, it happens because of damaging magnetic strips. Even giving incorrect PINs causes problems. If you see any block of your account, take help from customer services.

How do I check the balance for my ReliaCard?

First, you may visit “” to check your balance. You must receive free email or text alerts when funds are deposited into your account or when the balance gets low. People are more flexible with mobile apps. Just go to the app store and get everything that you need. you may call customer service to know the balance, call at 855-279-1271 to know your queries. Additionally, check for a balance inquiry at an ATM.

How do I view my monthly statement?

Yes, you can view monthly statements. Visit the website” and give the 16-digit card number and log in to view your monthly statement. You can check via app or via the website. You will get mail details about the account. Besides, you can take help from customer service at 855-279-1271