Cash App peer-to-peer payment platform has gained a ton of popularity because of its simplicity, versatility, and user-friendly interface. You can send money to friends and family for free using their phone number, email, or $Cashtag.

There are several types of prepaid cards work with the Cash App. Although Cash App supports many prepaid cards, some don’t. Such as, your cash app can only accept prepaid cards issued by the government for additional benefits. On the other hand, it’s impossible to add any other cash card issued by a private company. 

So, it’s not that you can choose whatever prepaid card you want to add to your Cash app account. That is why I am writing these details on the prepaid cards you can add to your Cash App account. So, keep reading. 

Best 4 Prepaid Cards That Work With The Cash App

While Cash App isn’t exactly clear on this, they do say they support most prepaid cards. But I found in my research that Cash App supports only a few prepaid cards, like Netspend Prepaid Visa, Brinks Prepaid Mastercard, and government-issued cards. Cash App accepts government prepaid cards because they pay for monetary relief, unemployment benefits, and other government-related payments. 

However, you can’t transfer funds from Cash App to these prepaid cards, even if you use them on Cash App. In other sense It’s possible to transfer money from prepaid cards to Cash App, but it’s tricky. Besides, using prepaid cards as a payment method is okay, but you can’t deposit money into them with Cash App. You should also understand what Cash App means when they say “prepaid cards.” Cash App work with prepaid debit cards, not cash gift cards. Here, I am mentioning some of the prepaid cards that work with the Cash App, and you can rely on them. 

1. NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card

If you want a prepaid card, Netspend is a good choice. Cash App lets you link this prepaid card without any hassle. You can also transfer money between Cash App and Netspend!

Since this isn’t a credit card, there are no late fees or interest charges. Getting paid with Netspend Direct Deposit is faster than getting a check. You don’t have to worry about overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. MetaBank®, a member of FDIC, issues the card. You can use it anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted. You can manage your account while traveling with the NetSpend Mobile App. 

The first thing you need to do is connect your Netspend account with your Cash App. If you want to link your Cash App account to Netspend, you have to link your bank account first. If you do this, you’ll also be able to use your Netspend card at any merchant that accepts PayPal. You need to enter your account number in the fields provided, just like when you link your bank account to Netspend.

You can start using the Cash App when you connect your bank account to Netspend. You’ll need to access your Cash App account from your phone. Then tap the banking icon. Add your Netspend account by tapping “Add Bank Account”. After that, you’ll have to confirm the transaction. You can also pay online with your Netspend account.

2. Playcard Prepaid MasterCard

With the Playcard, you can separate fun from necessary expenses with a debit or credit card. Connect it to your Cash App account, and have fun! Do you like online gaming? Then Playcard is the best option to keep yourself in the loop. It doesn’t charge late fees or interest because it isn’t a credit card. 

With the Playcard Mobile App, you can manage your Card Account on the go and sign up for text or email alerts (Message & data rates may apply). You must activate your card and verify your ID before using it. Terms and conditions apply. MetaBank®, N.A., a member of the FDIC, issues this card.

3. PayPal Prepaid MasterCard

You can use the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard directly with your PayPal account. You can link this card to your Cash App account to send money from PayPal to Cash App. Using it at certain stores can also earn you cash back and personalized offers when you use your card. 

The benefit of Direct Deposit is that you get paid faster than you would with a paper check. The Bancorp Bank issues this debit card, which you can use anywhere Debit MasterCards are accepted. For details about PayPal Prepaid Mastercard® and to request a card. 

4. Brinks Prepaid Mastercard

Having a Brink’s Money Prepaid Mastercard gives you the convenience of having a bank debit card, plus the peace of mind you deserve. Another reason for its popularity is the safety and security of your cash and valuables through its robust features. Brink’s Direct Deposit lets you get paid faster* than a paper check. You don’t have to keep a minimum balance. Since this isn’t a credit card, there are no late fees or interest charges. Once you activate your card and verify your identity, your money is FDIC-insured by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC.

Brink’s Money Prepaid Mobile App can get text messages or email alerts. You can use this card anywhere Mastercard Debit cards are accepted. To find out more, click “Apply Now” after visiting “”. You can also check out Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard® details on the website.

Can I Use A Prepaid Debit Card With Cash App

It works, but only for sending money. The Cash App accepts most prepaid cards from major companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover debit. The official Cash App website mentions this. Cash App will accept Your debit card information if the debit card is from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Additionally, government-enabled prepaid cards will work whenever you input the card details into your Cash App profile. You’re good to go if you have a government-issued prepaid card.

How Can I Add Prepaid Debit Cards With Cash App

The key feature of the Cash App is that you don’t need a bank account to use it, which makes it more popular. In addition, you can still use most features if you have a bank account but choose not to connect it to your Cash App account. The main thing you can do with it is you can send and receive money. To access the rest of Cash App’s features, most people link their debit or credit card to it.

If you have a debit card, you can also link your bank account. It’s also possible to add your credit card. Follow these steps to connect your debit card to your Cash app account:

  • Download and install the Cash App on your phone. It supports both Android and iOS.
  • Launch the app and then navigate to the “My Cash” option (icon of a building in the bottom left corner) and tap on it. 
  • Now, from the “Cash and Bitcoin” section, choose the “+Add Bank” option to find a pop-up screen that will appear instantly.
  • Then, type your debit card number in the box and tap “Add Card.”
  • Now, find your bank from the list and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can also do this through Cash App’s web portal. But, it’s super easy to set up the Cash App on your phone or tablet since most people use their phones or tablets.

Why Doesn’t Cash App Support My Prepaid Card

Your prepaid card must belong to one of the following networks: Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA. If you’re having problems adding a debit card, that means your card doesn’t belong to one of these networks. Cash App doesn’t support gift cards or cash cards from major suppliers like Visa or Mastercard. Aside from that, Cash App doesn’t support ATM cards or business credit cards. Cash App runs on its rules. If you violate the cash app norms, it’ll be taken away. 

What Happens When The Prepaid Card Linked To My Cash App Account Expires?

When your linked prepaid card expires or runs out of funds, you won’t be able to use it with Cash App. However, you can keep using your card once it’s renewed or reloaded. You’d better start renewing or reloading process your card immediately when it expires to avoid delays with money transfers.